Sarah Palin brings down the house at CPAC 2013

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin lit up Conservative Political Action Conference 2013 Saturday like only she can.

Easily receiving the loudest and most frequent ovations from CPAC 2013 attendees over the three-day period, Palin came out swinging at President Obama. Starting with remarks about gun control and her opposition to background checks, Palin drew a thunderous applause when she said:

“More background checks? Dandy idea, Mr. President — should’ve started with yours.”

Palin said Obama may have won re-election but his “campaign never stopped at a time when our country is desperate for leadership.” She continued:

“Leaders take risks for the good of our country. Campaigners make promises they can’t keep. Leaders reach across political differences, campaigners double-down on those differences. Leaders seek to bring Americans together to confront our challenges and campaigners seek to divide and to conquer and to orchestrate crisis after crisis after crisis to exploit. Mr. President, we admit it, you won. Accept it. Now step away from the teleprompter and do your job.”

Palin brought down the house when she told the crowd that for Christmas, her husband had bought her a gun rack for the back of her truck and she had to buy him something to put in the rack, following with the sexy punch line: “He’s got the rifle, I’ve got the rack!”

Widening her focus on more than Obama, Palin also targeted “The Architect” Karl Rove and mocked New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg as she took a drink from a Super Big Gulp with “low-calorie ice cubes.”

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


  • Marian Dujsik

    God, I love this woman! I admire her for her backbone, and

    her humor. She's great!

  • http://msn margaret

    sarah is a great egg i am so mad i really dislike obozoe

  • Barry G.

    Sarah Palin is the biggest threat to the Progressives continuing agenda and they fear her possible return into Politics, the loons of the left that continually post here like, Ted, seazen etc. will certainly make their usual comments such as, "she is in showbiz now and is an entertainer", "she lost the election for McCain", "she is the one living off of reality tv", "she is dumb", "she is a quitter", "no one listens to her" and on and on or posts even more of a vulgar bent. One thing is for sure, she is electrifying and always at these events draws the biggest crowd and the most media, which she addressed. For me, all I can say is…RUN SARAH RUN, with Dr.Ben Carson on the ticket and it will be a landslide.

    • betty salmon

      get off.

  • Leanne Hoagland-Smit

    Love the comment about background checks should have started with the President.

    Still cannot understand why so many even though not liberal dislike her.

    • Barry G.

      The Republicans that dislike her do so because she stood up against the establishment Republicans in Alaska and some went to jail, they are all RINO's and are one of the biggest reasons we are saddled with the nightmare we now have. Sarah Palin is a threat still to the establishment Republicans and the Demoncraps still think that Tina Fey is Sarah Palin. After it was Tina Fey who said, "I can see Russia from my porch" on SNL and they believed it!

      Total moronic fools.

  • http://[email protected] Daniel W. Franke

    Go For it Sarah you are good for the country. I am a pastor and I am very happy that you are speaking out. God Bless you.

    • Barry G.

      Amen Pastor,and she had her Star of David necklace on which I always love to see.

      Good Conservative Jews have been on her side for good reason, she loves Israel and she walks the walk.

      God Bless Sarah Palin.

  • http://Facebook Susan Doty

    Hit the nail on the head about,"Women…don't need this President to tell us who we are….we know who we are and we don't need HIM to tell us that we need birth control and help paying for it…If we want it, we KNOW how to get it…no thanks to Him! Yes we approve of the 2nd Amendment and we WANT to protect ourselves,and with guns yes! We aren't stupid…you think we don't know there was a cover-up and the GOVERNMENT didn't want any of the people that survived Ben Gazi to speak…Big COVERUP! NO budget for 4 years>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>refusing to pass the budget shows us that you have OTHER PLANS with our money!!!And they haven't been good! NO MR. PRESIDENT, that IS NOT LEADING our Country FORWARD… that's swishing us right down the old Drano tube!

  • jim

    Gotta love it. We need more of this common sense.

  • James PF

    Obama won by fraud both in rigged voting machines, multiple voting by same people, parasite people who live on other people's money. That is fraud, Obama did not earn it he stole the 2012 election.

    Sarah did a very good job speaking the truth. Sarah said background checks should have started with Obama, too bad she did not call a spade a spade. He is a Kenyan, not an American which makes him not legal. Her jokes were very funny especially think Sam Adams not drink Sam Adams then laughing so a beer company would not attach her :-) The only thing I did not agree with is her reference to reaching out to liberals as our brothers and sisters, that never will work. Their mind is seared and warped.

    • Barry G.

      There is a method to Sarah Palins madness with regards to "reaching out to Liberals", she is not done with Politics and there is a future for her, she earned votes from Democrats in Alaska when she won the Governorship in a literal landslide. Wait and watch. And the Liberal attack machine is still fully active against her because they know she can win, her record of wins with candidates she endorses freaks out the left and the RINO's.

  • San west

    Wish this woman could be our president but she's to pretty for the far left woman. Seriously look at women on the left and women on the right.

  • betty salmon

    dam se have balls i love her .u go girl===============================================================================================================================================

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