Fla. lawmaker tries to extend Daylight Savings Time: Are you in?

Daylight Savings Time

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In “light” of the new Rasmussen poll showing 45 percent of Americans are tired of changing their clocks twice a year, Florida Sen. Darren Soto introduced the “Sunshine Protection Act” that would keep the state on Daylight Savings Time year ‘round. Floridians would never “fall back” and lose that hour of sunshine.

“Our government first switched to Daylight Saving Time during both world wars to save energy,” Fox 13 Orlando reported. “President Ronald Reagan moved up the start date to early April, then President George W. Bush moved it up to early March.”

“Floridians’ quality-of-life and, potentially, economics would be improved by having an hour more of sunshine in the afternoon,” Soto told the news station.

According to the article, critics of extending Daylight Savings Time say the energy savings isn’t really all that much. “A federal study put the savings at around a half of one percent,” Fox reported.

The main concern, though, is the confusion that would ensue with Florida being one hour ahead of the rest of the east coast for half of the year.

What are your thoughts?

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Read the Fox 13 Orlando report here.

Janeen Capizola

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  • dstdvl

    We folks in the majority of Arizona stay on MST year around

    and the rest of the world just has to learn how to deal with that as well as our traveling residents. If the whole country would just stop the silliness of going on DST we would all be a lot better off.


  • Susan

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick one or the other and leave it the heck alone!!! Prefer to not fall back in the fall!!!

  • Judy

    What about kids walking home from school in the dark. Does no one remember that Nixon tried that and it was pitch black at 4 pm. NG

  • JK

    Just what we need, 4 time zones in the US.

    DST Standard

    Eastern 6:00 5:00

    Florida 6:00 6:00

    Central 5:00 4:00

    Mountain 4:00 3:00

    Pacific 3:00 2:00

    West Coast would be 4 hrs BEHIND FLA Oct-March. Have fun with that.

    Sunrise in Fla on Christmas day would be at 8:07.

    Next loony idea…

  • KodysGrandma

    HA- even the author seems to forget that it would make the western part of FL on the same time as the East Coast. Of course we'd still be out of sync with the peninsula.

  • Boca Legend

    I'm an early sunrise, early dark kind of guy.

    For whatever benefits we might receive for that extra hour of sunlight in the evenings, we also lose the moral high ground by sending our childrens out into the ever-expanding darkness, and then wonder why they can't learn anything anymore.

  • Ladybluefire

    Half the year? Try only 4.5 months of being an hour ahead! Whether FL adopts this or not – we are going to in our family. It takes roughly 2 weeks to adjust our body clocks each time there is a change. Our house is picking EDT cause if we "mess" up we will always be early to things, never lat e:)

    • Ladybluefire

      Oh, and we home school so no worries there :)

  • http://AOL Jeanette Grayeb-Miha

    Change it for every state. Who doesn't want extended daylight?

  • http://yahoo Gerry Mander

    Get rid of DST altogether. If you want seasonal daylight, get the $%^& up an hour early. If your business suffers lack of daylight, start 1 @#$%^&* hour early. This is no different than proposed gun laws…'Let's make EVERYONE suffer for the actions of a few'. Why should ALL of us have to reset clocks TWICE a year so some sow-bellied businessmen can get an extra hour on the golf course contriving out how to screw the public.

  • http://mcbluefire.blogspot.com Marc

    No reason we cannot go to Atlantic Standard Time year round. Me personally? All my clocks are set to UTC -4 permanently. I will never change my clocks again. Florida can shift itself around me and my calendar will let me know when I have appointments without me becoming confused as to what time my associates think it is.

    No one has the right to use rule of law or threat of force to make me join in with an antiquated notion that I need to switch my clock twice a year. If DST provides any benefit, then stay on it year round. Most of the US is only on "Standard" time 4.5 months of the year (except Hawaii). Now that's the ridiculous part of all this.

    To further expand on the 4pm dark time presented by Judy, the sun sets the earliest at 4:29pm DST in late Nov, early Dec. It does not become pitch black for 30-40 (4:59 pm) minutes past sunset. The majority of kids went home before 3pm. Schools are out between 2 and 3:30pm so the majority of kids would be home long before dark.

    We currently have over 4 time zones in the US:

    Eastern, Central, Mountain-AZ, Mountain, Pacific, Alaska, and Hawaii. This would simply add Atlantic-FL. An argument against more time zones is interesting, but taking that argument further perhaps we should simply reduce the US to two time zones? 😉

    My personal time zone is GMT-04:00, Anguilla and I live happily here in Florida.

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