Shocking email: Dems threaten Colo. sheriffs’ salaries over gun control

Terry Maketa, Jeff Nohr, Charlie Hess

Sheriff Terry Maketa: “I was absolutely outraged… I made it very clear that I felt it was almost bordering extortion, attempted influence of a public official.”
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The Colorado gun debate is heating up. Companies are threatening to move, rape victims are ridiculed for testifying in committee hearings that they desire guns for self-protection, and potential victims are instructed to rely on rape whistles and call boxes.

Now the state’s sheriffs have entered the fray, expressing support for the Second Amendment, and according to El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa, the officers are getting some blowback from the Democratic Party.

In an interview Saturday morning with Jeff Crank on 740 AM KVOR radio, Maketa said 30 Colorado sheriffs went to the state capitol to speak out against restrictive gun control legislation.

Only one sheriff of the 30 present was allowed to speak against the rule-change bill, Maketa told KVOR, adding that typically all those present would have been allowed to speak.

Maketa then referred to an email he’d received Wednesday saying “that the Senate Dem Leadership is very upset with the Sheriffs and their opposition to the gun control bills.”

Sheriffs’ salaries are set by state lawmakers upon the recommendation of a salary commission’s findings, he explained. “But the Dems have been dangling [the salary bill] out there and refusing to follow their own created commissions’ recommendations. They’ve put it off now for two years.”

The Senate Democrats, Maketa told Crank, were “very upset” with his “testimony in opposition on the gun bills. And they are stating that, basically, we should reconsider our position to gain a more favorable light for salary support from the Dems.”

The sheriff said he was “absolutely outraged by that. Number one, the salary bill for elected officials is a mandate of the legislature. Creating gun control is not a mandate, and in this case, there is no factual basis for it. And I made it very clear that I felt it was almost bordering extortion, attempted influence of a public official, but more so that we would be sacrificing our morals and principles in what we know is the right thing to do.”

The email is not being released so it can be preserved as evidence in a likely investigation, according to


  • Linda Smotherman

    Don't back done. If they win at this game. What will be the next move.

  • Patriot1742

    I really would like to say that I am surprised – but I am not – the actions of the democrats in Colorado as well across this nation is nothing short of criminal. We had planned a move to Colorado – but not going to happen now – have pulled all our business out – why support a bunch who does not want to support the constitution of the USA – today it is the 2nd amendment – tomorrow who knows – but it appears that they do not believe in the 1st amendment.

  • connie ford

    This form of intimidation and borderline extortion is total BULLSHIT!!! It is time to get rid of all legislators and politicians that are using these scare tactics to try to control people. There were 100s of people that went to testify and it was manipulated by the legislators to make sure that only one? person was allowed to speak??!!! All of our politicians have become a bunch of big bully scare tactic cronies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marc

    Again, it's all about people control, not guns, not violence, and not safety.

  • Bud Hallman

    Certainly sounds like blackmail to me!!! The Democrats seem to have lost the ideal of democracy!!!

  • Sheree Gardner

    GOOD FOR THE COLO SHERIFF'S! They are tough and they will not allow the dems to threaten them. Stand tough, prayers are with you all!

  • John Bryan

    We have to continue to expose these crooked politicians for what they are. Our freedom is being challenged. We must continue to shine the light on all these liberals that will lie steal and extort to geet their way. Our constitution has never been in peril anymore than it is right now. We citizens need to use all the media we can to stop this tyranny of our freedom and Constitution. Don;t back down.

  • http://[email protected] Donna

    You can leave your child/children with anyone you want. No background check, no trip to the local sex offender website…But you can't leave your own weapon in your own home with someone who already lives there….There are far to many politicians that have gotten way to big for their britches!

    • http://[email protected] Donna

      I forgot, but need to mention that I applaude this Sheriff and all law enforcement that that takes the time to actually look at the numbers and have the heart and guts to speak the truth.

  • Mike

    Democrats are over reaching with this gun-congrol BS. They think that they will never lose another election but events like this have always swung the political pendulum back and forth throughout the history of our country.

    What are the Democrats trying to do start Civil War II?

  • Mary

    What Ignorance by the legislators// Doesnt surprise me. They are not for the people

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