Outrage in NJ: Mother arrested, guns taken, for speaking at public meeting

Homeowner Eileen Hart

Homeowner Eileen Hart: Is this the image of a domestic terrorist?

The Bill of Rights is comprised of the first 10 amendments to the Constitution, and the town of Newfield, N.J., appears hell-bent on repealing every single one of them.

Newfield homeowner Eileen Hart attended an informal meeting Saturday to discuss property “revaluations” in light of the findings by Appraisal System’s Inc., a firm hired by New Jersey to assess the fair market value of properties in each county.

According to the Examiner’s Harriet Baldwin:

There has been much derision caused by these “revaluations” by homeowners, because property values have fallen dramatically- and the real estate market has been hit very hard . There is nothing “fair” about the market or the home values that have been assessed, according to many New Jersey families.

Ms. Hart attended the meeting, armed with- as she said, “her Constitution and the facts.”

“I tried to express my opinion and tell them that my Constitutional rights had been violated. I began quoting the Constitution, line by line,” Hart said.

Ms. Hart tried to explain that Appraisal Systems, Inc. was attempting to inspect her property without her husband being present. As an Orthodox Jew, this is against the tenets of her religion. Her husband had to be present. According to Ms. Hart, she was unable to express this concern.

“She also wouldn’t let me speak and told me to sit down and shut up and listen as well. That’s when the young man came toward me,” Hart said. “I knew he was going to put his hands on me. I saw him out of the corner of my eye. I said to him, ‘Don’t you dare touch me.’ Then they threw us out of the auditorium. The young man from Appraisal Systems, Inc. was the one going postal, and I believe if he had a gun, he would have shot me, Keith and Khloe on the spot. I was calm the entire time.”

When Hart arrived home, she was greeted by five squad cars. She accompanied the police to the station, where she was eventually arrested. The complaint said: “The Defendant was yelling and screaming and making the threatening comment. ‘If the door is locked. I’ll be back with a gun.’”

Hart denied ever making such a statement, or ever raising her voice at the meeting. Nonetheless, the police confiscated the two firearms the family kept at home for private protection.

Rather than asking the meeting’s other participants, the police proceeded with the arrest.

BizPac Review spoke to fellow New Jersey resident Joseph M. Ryan, who said he was “outraged” by the circumstances.

Ryan said that Hart “has never made crazy statements or said anything that I know of that would be considered threatening. To think the mere act of going to a town hall meeting to show your displeasure about government policy can now get you arrested and have your legally owned guns confiscated by the government should be a concern to all Americans.”

“To add to this outrage she is the daughter of Holocaust survivors,” he said.  “The thought of this happening all over again must be devastating to her and her family.”

Read more at The Examiner.


  • Jerry W. Price

    I hope she sues and wins big time!

  • Joe Ryan

    This is an ongoing contentious issue in NJ. First the property taxes in my town were re-evaluated in 2007 at the peak of the housing market. Since that time we have seen as much as a 50% loss in value.

    Second Gun rights in this state have been seriously curtailed for decades and are getting worse. Our assembly has passed 22 new laws pertaining to gun ownership just this year. The state is making criminals out of law abiding citizens. Now a mere complaint without trial can have your 2ndAmendment revoked!!!

  • RonSr

    The lack of upholding our constitutional rights and those constitutional rights that are being violated is a trickle down effect from the highest office in the land our Elected President and Congress have no respect for our constitutional rights or we the people.

  • snuffy

    New Jersey is full of takers and carpetbaggers spreading thier will accross this country, I think it's time for tar and feathers…..


    When is this madness going to end ? I hope the people of New Jersey stand up for her rights and tell those IDIOTS that did this to go away and quit haressing people. ALL LAW ABIDING AMERICANS SHOULD read this and know that they to are in danger of having guns confiscated.

  • Vic

    Next election vote them out. Show them the power of the people. Talk is cheap. Action on election day WILL send a powerful message to the newly elected.

    • Tanner W

      That's easier said than done. I'm sure that in this case, those that have been voted in don't worry much for being voted out, since NJ is a Navy Blue state.

  • NoCommies

    Honestly, I pity her, but not a lot. She lives in a liberal cesspool, and that is her poor choice.

    • Jacqueline

      This is your cesspool too! Do not for one second think this will not extend across the entire united States. Other atrocities have already happened. There is no seclusion to the attempts to destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights. You are just as likely to be subject to these injustices as any of us. Time to wake up and smell the socialism folks !

  • http://www.allenwestrepublic.com Tanya


    • Jack Furnari

      Go get em Tanya!

      • Eileen Hart

        Jack, I cannot thank you enough for picking up my story, and you're right No Commie, it was our choice, but property taxes here in my small town were very low at the time we purchased house. Thank you for all your support everyone. Joe, words of gratitude for your kind comments in the article were amazing, thank you so much.

  • Jack Furnari

    So do I!

  • jack

    I don't know the facts here. Hopefully this account is wrong and there is more to this… meaning.. that this woman did more than just speak out because if she did not her 4th and 2nd amendment rights have both been violated.

    That and the fact this 'contractor' came on her property without permission… there is no authority for any government contractor… be it local, county, or Federal to come on your property with your permission unless they have a warrent…

    I would contact Fox and O'Rielly and see if they will take up the hue and cry… sad but no one else will.


    • Eileen Hart

      Jack, I came armed with my Constitution and specifically told them that my 1st, 4th, 9th and 16th amendments were violated, that's when THEY freaked out at me and called 911 on us and falsely stated the accusation, I have witnesses that know I would never risk saying threats to anyone. I don't even have criminal record as I cherish my 2nd amendment rights too much, leaving a Jewish family utterly defenseless in these dangerous times is the worst thing that has happened to us.

      • Nanette


        all Jews are on your side. Fight the machine. FIGHT!

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