Thursday’s most awkward moment on Capitol Hill

After the magnificent 13-hour filibuster lasting until the wee hours of Thursday morning by U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky, his Republican colleague, Arizona’s John McCain, made the following remarks:

The country needs more senators who care about liberty, but if Mr. Paul wants to be taken seriously he needs to do more than pull political stunts that fire up impressionable libertarian kids in their college dorms. He needs to know what he’s talking about.

Notwithstanding anything McCain had to say, most people thought Paul knew exactly what he was talking about. He received kudos from such diverse groups as the Heritage Foundation, the American Civil Liberties Union and even Code Pink. Moreover, senators from both sides of the isle came to his aid by asking lengthy questions to allow Paul to gather his strength.

Be that as it may, after McCain’s rebuke of his younger colleague, New York Times photographer Stephen Crowley posted the following shots on Twitter, along with the following tweet:

“Stephen Crowley @Stcrow
ANATOMY OF AN AWKWARD MOMENT-.McCain and Paul share an unplanned, post-rebuke, elevator ride. #randstand #filibuster”

Awkward moment” indeed. McCain is staring intently at the floor, Paul is looking away and everyone else just plain looks uncomfortable.

H/T to the Twitchy team.

Awkward moment

Awkward elevator ride


  • KB Cook

    I think it's time for some of the "old guard GOPs" to step aside and retire. They have shown a lost grip on present reality, a less-than-consistent Constitutional conservancy and the persistent ability to fold like a napkin under pressure from the other side of the aisle and/or the West Wing. They should consider retiring gracefully, with the thanks of a grateful nation for their service to country, and enjoy a retired status as everyday citizens of our nation. May Almighty God grant them the wisdom and courage to do so – and SOON!

  • Allenhip

    What if a group of Terrorist here in the US had a Nuclear weapon and was planning to blow up thousands people at a super bowl game and the only way to stop them in time was to use a drone would you?

    To save American lives YES. If there are no other options the choice is clear. Drones are like any other weapon we use to defend our selves with should protect American Lives.

    Thank you John McCain

    • Mark Matis

      Bullshit. And you damn well know it. Shove it up your McCain sideways. And then read "Enemies Foreign and Domestic" to understand why.

    • MaeBelle Barger

      Are you an idiot or just plain stupid!! It was VERY CLEARLY stated…Drones will not be used to kill Americns UNLESS there is imminent danger…example after example was given of this…Did you just choose to ignore what was really said. WAKE UP AND PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT HE SAID!!!

    • BCcappy

      You state this satement as the leftist you must be to distract,distort, obfuscate. Tactics of Alinsky and Marx. Amazing they find their way here other than the plants supposedly conservatives that watch every article to distort and change the attention away from the intent of the article poster: about an old, defunct individual that has sold his vote and soul so many times due to trickery by the left, or sheer stupidity that he no longer know what is good for America, OR what his constituents desire.BCcappy

    • Uselogic

      Clueless troll.

  • Grieg Mayberry

    Rand Paul is a winner. John McCain is a loser. It's that simple!

  • MaeBelle Barger

    McCain and Graham are idiots…I used to respect them but no more after this! The people are hungering for someone to stand up for them and the Constitution..Rand Paul gsve them that hope in his stand!! I think maybe Obama paid these two off at dinner…or at the very least tossed them a cookie to turn on Rand Paul!!! Jealousy probably enters here too…these two are accustomed to the limelight and Rand Paul stole their thunder. GET OFF YOUR DUFFS nd DO something to stop the TYRANT IN THE WHITE HOUSE, or else RETIRE! You are becoming irrelevant!!!

    • Tammy Hitchcock

      AMEN & AMEN!!!!!

  • June Lamson

    After such a strong presentation, McCain only brings DIShonor to America with statements like he made. The groundswell of support for Rand Paul is unprecedented as we look for someone to help make sense of this mess! As we listened to those hours of information in the filibuster, hope rose in the hearts of soooo many Americans who think the government has all but lost its mind and given away our freedom! For the first time in a long time, we heard, from the podium, words which made perfect sense and expressed the way the majority of Americans feel! Do NOT give up Sen. Paul! We need MORE words of wisdom to encourage America to get out of the weeds! STAND WITH RAND!

    • Tammy Hitchcock

      YES, YES, YES, I will vote for Senator Rand if he runs for POTUS~ AND ~I wholeheartedly THANK HIM for standing up for the CONSTITUTION of the USA!

  • jc

    Mccain showed himself to be an old fart who is part of the problem in DC. He need to resign and join Rove in the insignificant to young conservatives role

  • http://facebook karen barr

    I see him as trying to defend and protect our country. I'm very proud that he stood up to them. I wish others would follow his lead.

  • pat

    Mr. Paul had his head up, he is not ashamed.

    The lady in the back sees the

  • Bill

    McCain may want to consider that if he had the backbone that Paul has shown, in defending the Constitution, he might have been elected President. It's about time we have a few elected officials that actually represent the American people.

  • Ken Juen

    McCain needs to go away quietly, his time is over.

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