Bill O’Reilly flips out on Alan Colmes: ‘You’re lying! You’re lying!’

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Fox News host Bill O’Reilly flew off the handle Tuesday night at Alan Colmes while discussing President Obama’s refusal to address meaningful budget cuts.

O’Reilly suggested Obama is willing to harm the country to get Congress back in the hands of the Democrats in 2014 and asked the liberal commentator to name “one damn program he said he’d cut.”

Eventually losing his temper, O’Reilly screams, “You’re lying! You’re lying!”

The outburst visible upset Colmes, who responds by telling the “bold and fresh” host not to call him a liar as fellow guest Monica Crowley looks on haplessly.

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


  • http://BillO'Reilly Dottie

    Finally you let the lib have it. We need more never be afraid to speak your mind. As Dr. Carson, would say "You have a brain use it"

    • Anita G

      Finally…..a little of the Old Bill shows up!!!! Way to go! I miss those days when you would get angry enough to cut someones min….

  • Roger

    AMEN!!! You Can't Handle The Truth! Get'em!!!!!

  • Janet Brown

    right, The president has said he would cut reimbursements to hospitals and doctors..thats all he could come up with. This just fits right in with obamacare where we will end up with more patients per doctor who will get paid less. How many doctors are we going to lose over this and the democrats have the nerve to say that the republicans want to harm the elderly…give me a break. How about eliminating the expensive program of providing expensive cell phone programs for individuals receiving govt assistance…all that should be FREE is a cellphone that can call 911. How about cutting his generous vacations, how about cutting congressional benefits, how about cutting generous travel expenses for Eric Holder

  • KB Cook

    the sad truth about truth is that those who suffer from Liberal Derangement Syndrome are most often those who are inoculated against the truth.

  • Lynne

    I got a program he's cutting…. white house tours ummm they're free right? Been a while since I've seen Bill lose it like that Go Bill!!!!

  • http://BizPac Norma

    Wow Bill!…..Finally someone actually called a liberal a "liar" to their face. What so many do not seem to realize is……Obama gives general answers to questions all the time. He is the most profoundly evasive President I believe we have ever had, and that includes Clinton, and Nixon, and the President "WANT A BE," Hillary Clinton. Basically what it amounts to is…..He lies by omission. Pres. Obama speaks in lofty terms and makes lofty statements about cutting the budget (by the way, what budget) all the time. For instance, by just saying we will have to cut Medicare, etc., he tries to scare everybody into giving in. However, if you were to pin him down, and ask, "what part of Medicare," he has no answer. Actually all he is doing is trying to scare everyone who is on Medicare into thinking that it is THEIR MEDICARE that will be lost.

    I often wonder if Pres. Obama has a book….and the only things listed are: Scare tactics, and how to use them to get your way… Saul Alinski.

  • Rush

    You DO understand that Colmes was right be Billo is wrong? Colmes himself pointed out the cuts the President has offered. You've got to be pretty one-sided to think Bill did Conservatives any favors.

    • Jrock

      Oh yeah, he said how much was being cut? Oh right, HE DIDNT. Because he couldnt. Becuase NO CUT HAS BEEN PROPOSED. NO CUT ANYWHERE AT ALL. Just talk. Lies at that. You gotta pretty one sided to think Colmes did Liberals any favors.

      • Rush

        Wrong and wrong. The President offered 200-300 BILLION in entitlement cuts. Deal with it. He also offered 10-1 spending cuts to tax increases…the GOP said no.

        • http://yahoo janice west

          most of those intitlement cuts is money that hard working citizens paid in that should not have been touched by the government so when you retire or become disable i'm sure you want to hear that your (intitlements)are going to be cut

    • David

      Clomes was asked what has Obama done to cut a program. Obama has said many things about what he was going to do, but he has NEVER given a single detail about them. Clomes was wrong in his attempt to say that Obama has cut reinbursements to Doctors, it never happened. He also has never cut any programs within Social Security. Obama , like Colmes, talks a good bit but really they say nothing.

    • jim

      "Rush": Colmes could NOT name specific cuts that would be made. Can you? Name the specific areas of the programs, name the amounts and name the exact date(s) the cuts will take effect. You CANNOT because Obama has never named any such specifics.

  • Rush

    Not true, again. He also offered to cut entitlements. So….now what you got? He would have saved $200-$300 BILLION! But Congress wants to pretend the POTUS has offered up nothing…and the Right-wing media just passes that along to you sheep.

    • Jrock

      Please give us the link where the president has put this in writing. Oh right….you cant. NEXT!

    • Rich

      You have a lot of nerve! Limbs are the biggest flock of sheep since the bible!

    • dee

      Just what are you considering to be "entitlements"?

  • LouGene Wolz

    Thank you Bill O'Reilly! It was totally refreshing to watch the exchange between you and Mr. Colmes. Obviously Alan can only do spin-speak and couldn't give a direct answer to your question. Mr. Colmes, and the people he represents, simply can't handle the truth!

  • Bob Schleicher

    Great job Bill !!! Now if only we could get the spineless Republicans to do the same in Congress maybe we could get something done and wake up the American people.

    • jim


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