Ann Coulter fired up on Hannity: ‘Your little friend Marco Rubio better be paying attention’

Ann Coulter didn’t need much prodding to get fired up in Thursday’s interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News.

After calling the liberal media “hothouse flowers” because of their reaction to one of their own,  Bob Woodward’s war with the White House, Coulter ripped into Marco Rubio, reminding him of the perceived flaws in his immigration plan.

“Your little friend Marco Rubio better be paying attention here because his plan of legalization first and then we are going to trust the Obama administration,” is a problem,  Coulter said after expressing shock at the recent release of criminal illegals by Obama and the administration. Coulter was particularly disgusted by the potential future crimes that could occur because of Obama’s political move and suggested conservatives track the released criminals.

In what she called the “fireman first rule,” Coulter pointed out that the scare tactics used by Obama are outrageous, but tried and true.

“I will say that I am going to an end of the world orgy tonight in anticipation of the world ending when the sequester kicks in,” she said with her signature sarcasm. “For the next ten years, federal spending will only increase by 2.4 trillion instead of 2.5 trillion.”

“Those are the actual numbers.”

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  • KB Cook

    Some days Ann Coulter makes more sense than the whole lot of the lame-stream media. I wholly agree with her perception of the flaw in the plan of Marco Rubio! The naked emperor is NOT TO BE TRUSTED to keep any/all promise(s).

  • Sandi Trusso

    At one time I really liked Ann Coulter, until I discovered that she backed Gov. Christie, a RINO, whose only credit is that he can out-rude, and out-crude Union thugs. Other than that, he stands for very little of the Republican Platform. I'm thinking he's a Librtarian posing as a Republican. Thus, Ann Coulter now falls in this same category as far as I'm concerned. Who wants some loud mouth with vulgar oratory as President. Does anyone think that our Int'l enemies will put up with that? NOT! The bottom line here, is that I no longer trust Ann Coulter!

    • Sandi Trusso

      Rubio's plan is not amnesty. He proposes a method by which illegals can legally work (which enables them to pay taxes… sort of like a green card). The method he proposes which would enable citizenship, is to get in line behind those who have been waiting and doing things legally.

      • mobilebay

        Sandi – Where is the end of the line of those doing things legally? There is no end because most of the world would like to come to Santa Land. I'm sure however the adminstration, with their love of cheap labor and votes, will suddenly say, "Okay, folks, everyone's here who's come legally, so let's start handing our citizenship to those who broke into our country. We just know they're going to magically turn into upstanding citizens." Citizenship means nothing anymore. Anyone who sneaks in can have it. It's like Halloween candy, just ask and you shall receive. I predict that no one will ever bother to do it right again. Hey, when you can walk in and get the goodies while you're waiting, why bother?

      • quercus

        Sandi Trusso – The ability to stay and work is the amnesty. The citizenship part is nothing but a smokescreen. Hispanic illegal aliens, of which the largest portion are from Mexico, do not care as a whole about US citizenship. They are nationalistic and do not want to renounce their Mexican birthright. So the promise of going to the back of the line is worthless. From day one they get what they want-legality.

        When one considers that most legal immigration takes years, are all of these newly amnestied illegal aliens going to stand in limbo waiting? No because another group of Senators or Congressmen will say their waiting is too much of a hardship. They will want to expedite their status. Besides any one with an ounce of integrity would say the back of the line starts in their birth country.

        The part about paying back taxes and fines is also a scam. First the government has not the will or the financial means to adequately do a back ground check on illegal aliens. There also will be waivers and sob story loopholes. The promise of back taxes and a fine are worthless.

        Paying current taxes, sounds good, but what makes anyone think that illegal hiring employers will not continue to run two sets of books or pay them under the table?

        Even if they were paying taxes, most illegal aliens fall into low income brackets and will not actually be paying anything. In fact legalization will make it easier for them to claim earned income and additional child credits. Also once legal they will more then likely qualify for more social services.

        The only real solution to this problem is enforcement of all current immigration laws without exception. Something which really hasn't been tried since Eisenhower. It is insane to believe that the same people who facilitated and enabled the current situation, now have the heart and will to solve it.

    • cc

      I think she has backed off of Christie…

      Just look at the good she does.

  • ms moommist

    As well intended Ms Coulter is her rants are beginning to sound as intelligent as the Liberal. My God, Lady, get a grip! United we stand, divided we fall. PC is one thing, but pushing the bomb is nearly as bad.

  • Armando S. Fernandez

    Dear Miss Coulter; Mr. Rubio is a US Senator, not a little friend of anybody, just an honest and honorable US Senator, we can judge your from were you are coming from, it never changes, is the American syndrome of equality, and you are one of them. You are no longer in my corner. Period, CASE CLOSED!!!!!!

  • Marion Collins

    When are the Republicans going to do the right thing and run a Ann Coulter and Hannity ticket? The first woman President and the wisest Vice-President in a long time. The two of you could put these idiots where they belong. Nobody thinks on their feet any better or has God, truth, fact and the better Americans on their side.


    I like Rubio,I live in Florida and he is always responsive on letters I've sent.

    His childlike trust in Obama's promise will make a fool of this bright happens all the time in Quid-pro-Quo deals with Zero..

    • Dane

      Ya but Ann is right. Remember Ronald Reagan made the same mistake and we know how histroy can repeat itself. You cannot get in bed with Obama on anything because he will use it against you even if it is good for the country. He does not card.

  • Fanfaron

    To refer to ANYONE as "little" is demeaning. Although I generally admire Ms. Coulter and her sharp analytic mind… this was a completely disrespectful comment. Wise up, Ann.

  • Berry Oakley

    Coulter's perjorative " little friend " was a female superiority attitude vs Hannity's strong male persona aimed at Hannity's obvious affection for Rubio. Not a slanderous remark aimed ar Rubio other than to say he better chng his policy/ trust of Obama

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  • Bobby

    Sean Hannity is the typical worthless RINO FLAKE, a second cousin to people like Senators, Lindsay, "Americans and south carolinians are bigots,(because they don't like illegal immigration), Graham, and Senator, John, "Americans wouldn't pick lettuce for fifty dollars and hour", McClown, I mean McCain. Hannity not a year ago went to the southern border and expressed his, ahem, "CONCERN",and NOW THIS RINO million dollar moron, is for AMNESTY. God, wake up folks and put these people out of business by either not listening to them, or voting their sorry butts out of office. NONE OF THEM REPRESENT AMERICAN CITIZENS, ESPECIALLY EUROPEAN-AMERICANS. Ann, is dead on right. Rubio is a Repubican mole for hispanics, as is Linday(say it with a southern drawl) Graham, and John, (say it with stupid sounding McCain voice) McClown.

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