The latest on Florida’s 2014 governor’s race

Gov. Scott

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The latest on Florida’s 2014 governor’s race includes polling information released by the Republican Party of Florida yesterday suggesting Gov. Rick Scott starts out tied with former Gov. Charlie Crist, should Crist be the Democratic gubernatorial nominee in 2014.

The results show Crist’s personal image is 49 percent favorable, 31 percent unfavorable and that he would start out tied with Scott at 41 percent in a general election match-up, with 18 percent of voters undecided.

The survey was conducted by the firm Hamilton Campaigns and also shows Scott is modestly ahead of other Democratic candidates. The poll was taken from Jan. 30 to Feb. 4, testing 600 registered voters.

The poll tested other potential Democratic candidates, including former state CFO Alex Sink, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former Miami Mayor Manny Diaz, former Orlando police chief Val Demings and Rep. Kathy Castor.

In other news, the Orlando Sentinel reports that a web site has been set up — — that has a link for a signature for an on-line petition. The web page states: “Republicans are tired of Rick Scott. We need a real Florida leader. Everyday Floridians are asking today for Adam Putnam to declare his candidacy for Governor of Florida.”

This coming on the heels of an email sent out Monday “touting Putnam’s disagreement with Scott over expanding Medicaid coverage in Florida,” as noted by the Tampa Bay Times. The e-mail cited news reports that call Putnam a “potential candidate for governor.”

Apparently, there was some confusion over who sent the email, which had a disclaimer that said it was paid for by the RPOF. A party spokesman stressed that no one at the party had anything to do with it.

And after some early speculation, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer noted in his “State of the City” address on Wednesday that he will not run in the Democratic primary for governor next year, which may be further indication of the success Charlie Crist is having in clearing the field.

Also, look for a Florida Insider poll out soon from Tampa Bay Times political editor Adam Smith that’s sure to offer some interesting perspective on the race.

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


  • Rich

    I don't know if it is a favorable Charlie Crist vote or more of an anti Scott vote. I would lean more towards the latter.

  • Karl Dickey

    The latest? You have left out Libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie and potential Libertarian candidate Roger Stone.

  • Allenhip

    The Republican Party is in deep trouble regardless of who finally gets nominated for governor.

    As I see it the sequester issues and cuts will now play a major part in Florida State elections as most seniors will blame the GOP and will take their anger out at the ballot box. Simply put, the Republican agenda is to ensure that the super wealthy pay less.

    It is time for these privileged individuals to pay their fare share.

    So long as millionaires and billionaires continue keeping money in foreign countries to avoid paying lawful taxes and the wealthy use loopholes in the tax code to enrich themselves at the expense of the middle classes.

    We will see a major shift here in Florida and the Democrats will take full advantage of these facts. The Tea Party Republicans now has become the Democrats greatest asset.

    There is only one poll that counts and that’s Election Day….

    • JJ

      Allen, you are really drinking the Kool-Aid, bro…exactly what IS their "fair" share? If the top .2% (that's point 2 percent, the people earning over $1MM a year) pay 10% of total U.S. tax revenues, my math says that's 50 times their "fair" share…and the top 10% of earners are paying over 70% of total tax revenues…..exactly what IS their "fair" share? I'd like to hear from a progressive….how about the 47% that pay nothing and continually moan and complain about what a crappy lot they have in life? How about if they paid just 1% of their income for the privilege of living here? Or, even simpler, how about a simple "thanks" to the 10%'ers who are carrying their whiny asses? Like most progressives need, you should take a page out of Rachel Maddow's book and do a little Googling and research the facts…it's a liberating experience from the terminal angst resulting from the relentless chase of an economic philosophy that is so intellectually bankrupt it defies comprehension…and the half-truths progressives keep propagating as "fact". Just wait four years, my friend, until the debt rollovers hit a brick wall – the "Gumpian" state of mind ("…stupid is as stupid does…) so permeates the progressive movement that it scares anyone that knows how to balance a checkbook. You'll see. I'm not a republican and I do not understand progressive's problem with the Tea Partiers…seems like balancing the budget and living within your means are good things, right?? Isn't that what you progressives keep shoving down conservatives' throats about the alleged Clinton/Gore miracle years?? Captain Obozo's path to ruin is simply unsustainable, and the day of reckoning is not far off…..can we survive four more years of our sentence in the form of his second term? One can only hope…oops., wasn't that his mantra??? So how IS that hopey changey thing working out so far??

    • Anne

      Well unfortunately for us, it is also the wealthy that keeps the economy going, offers jobs, contributes to organizations for the poor, offers scholarships, and so on and so forth. You mess with the republicans you are shooting yourself in the foot

  • Paula Helton

    "It is time for these privileged individuals to pay their fare share."

    "So long as millionaires and billionaires continue keeping money in foreign countries to avoid paying lawful taxes and the wealthy use loopholes in the tax code to enrich themselves at the expense of the middle classes."

    Looks like we have one of the paid OFA talking parrots commenting here. Apparently he's only capable of memorizing those two lines. Where's the "war on women" "the tea party is racist" etc.?

    Get with the program Allen.

    • Anne

      it's not privileged, it's either working and saving hard for what we have, or what our ancestors worked hard for. It's a pity for someone to be jealous over such silly things

  • Allenhip

    So you want more real facts go to:

    It gets better on 29 issues the GOP wished never got documented.

    • JJ

      You can't be serious…

    • Anne

      yeah more issues who can't even use proper grammar, I have all the facts I need. IT's called Obama changes his story every other day to make sense of the shit he talks that he doesn't know anything about. We can see at least his math is pretty poor

  • Slade

    I notice this poll was taken before Scott's flip flop on Medicaid Expansion, be very interesting to see how much of his base is now gone.

  • Anne

    That's also Obama playing head games like he's cutting someone a deal. Just like he told the Republicans raising taxes would raise more revenue and Romney said "No, closing loopholes will". Well, he raised taxes on EVERYONE and NOW he wants to close the loopholes as well. Well, he already made his decision and now he has to stick with it. He should fire his economic advisor for sure, and take up a few economics classes himself.

    Without a doubt, Crist has been kissing Obama's ass as far back as 2007 and probably even before that. But that's only because of Obama's gay right agenda. No reason is good enough though

  • Anne

    It's also a pity for someone who's a felon to impregnate a young girl so she can collect welfare, food stamps, medical, now phone, child care so he can live for free and deal drugs. That's what I've had enough of. Tell me something, who's paying for that?

    In case you haven't noticed, tourism is a huge ecomonic driver, and the one who's doing the most of that is our president at the EXPENSE of the taxpayers

  • johno

    I agree with Rich – it's more of an anti-Scott vote. And it'll get worse when Floridians find out how Scott is now for Obamacare, the way he's spending our money, and catering to the law-breakers (illegals).

  • mike

    Well I can sue tell you this, we do not need to back track to Charlie crist, Crist was a failure from the start last time around, then flipfloped on his republican patriotisim to democrat, then from being a hetro to a gay. I think that pretty much covers that. Val demmings is another piece of work from a crime ridden Orlando. They stole her service weapon and she let it go until she got caught, while crime in Orange county climbed higher and higher, even with her husband being the sheriff in orlando the crime with both in charge went up and up. She has no qualifications whatsoever for her to run for Gov. Debbie Waserman is no good because she is only left side of the asile, and can she tell lies, I mean she has no guilt for it either.Alex Sink, well she is another total lefty and pretty much a has been with the Florida people. One thing that I can say is when you want a job done right and with respect for both sides, and the state, A new person may be just the ticket. Manny from miami is another no go, I mean look at that city, another crime ridden area taking up space. We all must keep in mind that we need to go with things and people that work, not someone that brings the same old ideas to the table that don't work in their own towns or citys but want to use the same for the state. When these people start with telling you they want and will work for gun control, they blow it right there, because thats their way of saying they want TOTAL CONTROL. ….not a good thing my fellow Americans and FLORIDIANS

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