Video: Chastity message deemed ‘inappropriate’ in Fla. middle school

A Florida eighth-grader was ordered to change out of a t-shirt that had the pro-abstinence message, “Don’t drink and park. Accidents cause kids.” The girl told reporters she received the shirt at a Christian conference as part of a “no sex until marriage” campaign.

Clearlake Middle School authorities in Cocoa said the shirt’s message was “inappropriate,” and the 15-year-old was made to change into a shirt that said, “Tomorrow I will dress for success.”

The Fox News report:

FOX 35 News Orlando


  • Sue

    Thank GOD I homeschool, if that is inappropriate, nothing is sacred anymore.

  • KB Cook

    And we wonder why our educational system is turning out dumb asses by the cattle-car-load! If you think for yourself and live by God's principles, you just can't qualify as a dumb ass, right?

  • a

    What they did was stupid. They don't let a girl weara fully covered shirt with a true message, but they let girls with shorts showing their a**! The school district is getting out of control.

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