Video: Bill Whittle’s virtual State of the Union address on gun control

PJTV commentator Bill Whittle makes a brilliant virtual State of the Union address on the subject of gun control. It’s what we all wish we’d heard from the president, but didn’t.


  • BJ Jarrell

    …If only. I think I'll pass this around every time I think of it, which will be often.

    Thank you, BizPac.

  • Augie M.


  • Tara Lee Swenk

    Americans were not attacked on the mainland by Japan in World War II because they were an armed nation. The founding fathers knew that our government could turn tyranical. They wrote the 2nd ammendment to protect our freedom. They wrote the 2nd ammendment to unsure us that we could always defend our country and our freedom. It was not for hunting or protectiog private proerty from criminals, although those certainly are great benefits.There are many cultural problems that encourage gun violence. How about television, movies, video games? Why have we stopped treating and locking away from society the criimnally insane? How's that working for us????????

  • kerry vanderweyden

    This is what the goverment lacks Common sense!!!

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