Muslim beheads two Coptic Christians in Koranic ritual

Here we have another “silent” story about Islamic violence in our country with nary a word from the mainstream media about it. The country goes gaga over a beautiful model’s murder at the hands of an international legless sports hero, but the beheading of two Egyptian Coptic Christian men in New Jersey by a Muslim gets a pass. Why?

Simple. The gruesome beheading invokes the Muslim ritual, called for in the Koran. Koranic verse 8:12 reads: “I will instill terror into the hearts of unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their fingers off.”

Our media shuts its eyes, turns its head and stuffs its ears when anything negative about the primitive actions of Muslim occur.

Maj. Nidal Hasan, who brutally slaughtered 13 of his fellow troops at Fort Hood, Texas, and wounded 22 others, was said to have shouted, “Allahu Akhbar”  during his shooting spree. He was just following Koranic orders to kill infidels. By the way, “Allahu Akhbar” is Arabic for “God is great.” The Pentagon’s “thorough” investigation into Hasan’s murderous assault never mentioned Islam, the Koran or the major’s religion in its final report. It was considered a workplace act of violence.

We are giving Islamic radicals a free pass to ritually murder those considered infidels, or non-believers in “the religion of peace,” and Muslims considered violators of Islam. May God help us!

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Alan Bergstein

Alan Bergstein comes to our pages as a Brooklyn native. Father of four, retired NYC Principal, Korean War Veteran, patriot and Jewish and Israel activist.


  • proud kafir

    Thank you for exposing this even further…America is so dumbed down…Moslems have been killing Christians all over the world now it comes to AMERICA… I read these dead men were illegally here and may have been up to no good..but does that warrant beheading? not hardly….

  • Charles Queen

    This is one of the many reasons we do not need to allow thse people to come t our country,not to immagrate and or not to go to schoool with a visa.The majority of the illegals ones are all ones that had visa'a so they could go to school here which was never their main intent to begin with and once those visas ran out they ducked under the radar so now we have some that we know are terrorist mebers etc and where they are in the country but we also know there are a whole lot more that are in hiding and are also terrirst members etc that we do not know who they are or where in the country their at righ now,this apply's to sappers as well.We need to shut the borders down and stop allowing people from the mid east to either imagrate here or get visasas to use for false pretences until we can locate theillegals first and deport them.e also need to have a much better screening process when it pertains to people from the mideat as well.The current one is old,outdated and full of to many flaw's

  • Ken Adkins

    Wanna bet that this islamist whacko is on US taxpayer assistance? This is beyond disturbing!

  • MiddleMan

    This article seems to indict Islam as the perpetrator of this crime. No, this crime was committed by a person or persons who should be held responsible. Are you saying that the individual that has been apprehended is not going to be processed criminally? Apparently, they are! You claim that the media ignores these stories and include a film clip from ABC news? Really? This story is nothing more than an attempt to bad mouth the Muslim religion. Similar edicts can be found in the Bible and have been used over the centuries by zealous individuals to justify their madness. It does not mean that Christianity is to blame… or does it?

    • mike

      yeah and your the same person who thinks guns kill people.

    • charles

      MiddleMan, the problem with your analogy is that the deaths or acts you speak about involving Christianity happened hundreds of years ago…..many of them thousands of years ago. Christianity changed, evolved…….fundamental Islamists are carrying out the exact same practices they were thousands of years ago. If you're saying that this is an isolated incident, then you prove your own ignorance of the principals of the fundamental Islamic faith.

    • SassiG

      Yeah, you figure out the peaceful from the radicals, Mr. Middleman. Wear protective gear though, especially around the neck area. Me, I lived in the middle east a couple of years as a kid…I've seen hate in their eyes. I saw things no 12 year old girl should have to see. No matter though, it spoke volumes to me. Taught me that they really do grow up hating…generation after generation. And how thankful I was to come home to the U.S. because we really do live in a pretty good country. Thank God for the few pleasant ones. There's no stopping that kind of hate but if you'd like to try, I'll happily help pay for your ticket. And I'll be praying you come back safe and sound. I just literally shake my head in disbelief that we as a nation really think we know the mindset. Dependent upon one country you're talking about, there are some more friendly towards America. The gap between the two mindsets is narrowing though. You might want to hurry.

    • Adolph

      @middleman, you are f***ing idiot. All of the arab trash needs to be removed from my country. They get offended by the slightest thing. F**k them. They can all kiss my ass. And so can Allah and Muhamed. Go back to the shit holes you crawled out of.

  • Barry G

    So we have a member of the sect coming here claiming that Islam is not to blame, just people. UNFORTUNATELY FOR THE INFIDELS WHO KEEP LOSING THEIR HEADS TO THESE CRAZED FOLLOWERS OF ISLAM IT IS IN THE BOOK.

    Christians are not beheading Muslims because they are not converting to Christianity, Jews are not killing Muslims because it says it in some imaginary bible scum like you keep siting, no, the only people suffering globally are Christians, Jews and other Infidels at the hands of savages that are all worked up by the passages in the book written from "dreams received from a Father", sound familiar? Connect the dots and then you will understand why Obama is importing Sharia killers here.

  • Chuck Lehmann

    Nah, the teachings of the Koran had nothing to do with these grisly murders. All psycho murderers cut off the heads and hands of their victims. Just because it says to give credence to that kind of brutal killing in the Koran, doesn't mean it is a reaction on the teachings of this "theocratic political ideology" called Islam. Of course not. It is a kind and gentle "religion". Can you imagine a Christian or a Jew doing the same thing, it would be splashed all over the media and even some Democrats might even take offense (but don't bet on that). This story, as horrific as it is, should've been on all the networks and newspapers, but because the main street media is into the sinister "political correctness" mode, it wimps out for fear of being called racist or an Islamophobe. How sad we have to put up with this nonsense.

    Our website: "Chuck on the Right Side" (Google it up)

    Chuck Lehmann

    • MrTanaka

      Ya ad when the koran says to do that then as you pointed out , it's obviously written by a psycho murder, they freakin cited the verse you puke islamic apologist.

  • http://none BGH222

    And we are still sending them F-16 fighter jets, giving them another 16 Billion dollars and full support for the Brotherhood. I wonder if they made a video recording for Hussein Obama to enjoy at his leisure with Hagel, Brennan and Holder.

  • kateinmacclenny

    And FL democrats want shariah law in the FL courts. Support HB 351

  • Rifraffe

    At least on this issue, it is a notable silence I perceive from Seazen and RUSerius and some of the other misgided souls who sheepishly endorse everything that Obama and his administration is and does. Could it be that even they sense that there is something terribly wrong in America that this sort of heinous brutality is ignored by the mainstream media? Good for you two and the other dems who grace these pages with their liberal observations. Welcome to our world. Now lets go a step further guys and admit that this is what it is: grassroots islamic terrorism. They are here, on our soil, and we are in their jihadist sights..

  • Fred Flintstone

    @Middleman…..using your own words let's change this up some (parenthesis are my words)……"This article seems to indict (LEGAL GUN OWNERS) as the perpetrator of this crime (mass killings, rampage, school shooting, etc.). No, this crime was committed by a person or persons who should be held responsible (and not the millions of law abiding gun owners)."

    Christianity to blame? Always looking to blame someone else now, ehhh?

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