Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: I am a freed slave


“Freed slave” Sheila Jackson Lee
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On Feb. 13, U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, announced on the House floor, “I stand here as a freed slave.”

I hate to break it to her, but she was never a slave, and moreover, I was never a slave owner.

I first became aware of Lee when I watched a Houston town hall meeting she’d conducted in 2009. The issue of the day then was Obamacare.

A young woman, later identified as cancer survivor Tracy Miller, expressed her concern over the revamping of America’s health care system and attempted to ask the congresswoman a question.

But while Miller was talking, Lee took a cellphone call and ignored the cancer survivor.

I’ve often thought that if worse came to worse, I can always move to Texas. I’ll just have to make a note to avoid Houston.

Lee on the House floor: ”I am a freed slave.”

Lee ignoring a concerned constituent.

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  • Bob77021

    She's an embarrassment to her district and the entire City of Houston.

    • Joanne Long

      She use to have a limosine pick her up and take her 2 blocks to the capitol for (work I guess). This cost the tax payers thousand a year, untill she was told not to do that anymore. So this so called victium slave was being chauffeured around town on our dime!

    • patriot1742

      Look up her response to the video of the rover on Mars – she requested that they point the camera where we planted a flag when we walked on Mars. I swear it is the truth – she wanted to see the footprints.

  • Aaron

    I didn't realize that she was a "slave". She must of just watched Django Unchained lol

    • Olivia

      I would have put her back on the first boat if she had landed on my plantation.

  • RonSr

    Even though one of her ancestors may have been one of my ancestors slaves she is still in slavery, she is a slave to the kool aid of Barack Obama the Muslim that wishes to control all women.

  • Jax

    The greatest shame that this nation bears is not that slavery occurred at all or that the descendants of slaves such as this psychopathic mammy exist. The great shame is that Lincoln did not have the balls or the direction to place africans on boats and send them back to their mother land or to Europe. His failure to repatriate them has literally wrecked this country.

    • Bob77021

      @ Jax. The Emancipation Proclamation was issued on January 1, 1863. Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865. In between those dates, the War Between The States was being waged.

      It's almost beyond belief that you are suggesting that he could have placed 'africans on boats etc..' during that time. The greatest shame appears to be that the educational system , especially the teaching of history, abandoned you during your formative years.

      • Elvis Garibaldi

        I find it hard to believe so many people voice their views without doing research.Bob your exactly correct.Who knows given enough time and possible being re-elected to another term or two what our greatest President would have done.I think he would have given those who wanted to go back passage back to Africa.And I'm so sick of the white man bearing all the blame for slavery.It was your own people who captured you and sold you to slavers.And without white peoples help back in the 1800's and still today everyone black in the south would still be slaves.So lets get off the whitey's to blame.Theres enough blame to go around.Quit beating it in our heads that your selling drugs or out of work because theres nothing for you.BULLSHIT.Get off the cross I need the wood.

      • Jax

        Well there Baab, if you knew your history you would know that Lincoln seriously contemplated repatriation. Please consider the following and notice that Lincoln wanted to prevent "racial strife"……

        The Washington Times

        February 9, 2011

        The Great Emancipator was almost the Great Colonizer: Newly released documents show that to a greater degree than historians had previously known, President Lincoln laid the groundwork to ship freed slaves overseas to help prevent racial strife in the U.S.

        Just after he issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, Lincoln authorized plans to pursue a freedmen’s settlement in present-day Belize and another in Guyana, both colonial possessions of Great Britain at the time, said Phillip W. Magness, one of the researchers who uncovered the new documents.

        Historians have debated how seriously Lincoln took colonization efforts, but Mr. Magness said the story he uncovered, to be published next week in a book, “Colonization After Emancipation: Lincoln and the Movement for Black Resettlement,” shows the president didn’t just flirt with the idea, as historians had previously known, but that he personally pursued it for some time.

        “The way that Lincoln historians have grappled with colonization has always been troublesome. It doesn’t mesh with the whole ‘emancipator,’ ” Mr. Magness said. “The revelation of this story changes the picture on that because a lot of historians have tended to downplay colonization. … What we know now is he did continue the effort for at least a year after the proclamation was signed.”

        So, there ya go there baaaab.

  • Jim Hegarty

    Freed slave.So she got a divorce. Who hasn't?

  • Armond "Si&quot

    She's a lucky liberated destitute African !

  • KB Cook

    Malarkey … lies and malarkey! Who needs it!

  • Rich

    George W Bush created Barack Obama.

    • margaret

      REALLY? lol……..What role do you think Bill Ayers and Frank Davis played? What role do you think the ever bulging, bloated government created by those people in Washington with an insatiable thirst for power played? And, then there were his mother and father….both anti freedom personalities……….maybe they could have played a part?????? And, let's not forget Georgio Soros, that person who helped the Nazis as a teenager…..lets remember his avid interest and finanical support for this person, obama….think maybe these may be factors?

      Bet not….God Bless America.

  • Ian

    Dear Rep.Sheila Jackson Lee,

    I am confused. So basically, what you are trying to say (according to you) only African-Americans have been slaves. What about all the people of mixed races, are they in constant struggle with themselves? According to you we are. Especially me, since I am mainly Caucasian and have Cherokee blood in me. Should I cut out the Caucasian side, which is partially Irish since my Irish ancestors had to go through slavery via the Arabic slave traders that came to Ireland OR the Native American side which had to go through internment camps and genocide via the Trail of Tears at the hands of a corrupt government? Obviously, my body has been in conflict with itself for the whole 28 years of my life since your the expert, obviously my Native American side, Irish side and other Caucasian ethnicity haven't gotten along for all this time. You know more than I do about slavery, and I want you opinion of which side of me is the slave and which side is the oppressor? Please tell me which side I need to destroy, so the other can be freed! It truly is a tragedy what the African-Americans had to go through in this country, but that issue has long been resolved. You are not entitled to anything like I am not entitled to any money coming in from the government or an Indian reservation- sponsored Casinos but to freedom and the pursuit of the American Dream. Now the race card has been overplayed again, maybe you can take all the responsibility of all the good, bad and ugly of every African-American that was, is now and will be, and I will do the same, if it makes you feel better (I honestly doubt this will happen.) Since we are over that, please stop complaining about it! Your ignorance is truly humorous and disturbing at the same time. Maybe you are just waking up to the fact that slavery ended after the Civil War which was only in the 1800's! Please stop race-baiting, it's dumb and shows your true hypocrisy. I believe Herman Cain would have made a better President than Obama. If I did vote for Cain over Obama (which I would have if he would have made it to the final leg of the race!), all I would hear from the left would be…..wait for it……."RACIST!" Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream, Obama was not it, Dr. Benjamin Carson was! Your entitlement attitude and the promotion of it, is the problem with this country, not you skin color! Now get off you victimizing high-horse and try to solve some real problems, because you are coming off as a bigoted, crying-baby worthless hack!

    • Ian

      I meant I will take the responsibility of all the good, bad and ugly things done by every Cherokee Indian, Irish and other Caucasian person that was, is now and will be, as well , and we can call it even*^

    • jrkirk

      Ian expressed my feelings better than I could have myself. The race card has been played to the point that no one's listening anymore! Get off the damn pity pot! Like Ian, I am a mixture of nationalities as are most people in this country. Ms. Jackson-Lee, stop hating! Our country has been divided enough by people like you. You are the 1 perpetuating prejudice and it is plain wrong. You have no pride.

  • Big Dem

    What an imbecile.

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