Dem. lawmaker: Women too impulsive, should use rape whistles, not guns

Ladies, put down your weapon and blow your rape whistle because you’re too emotional a creature to properly determine if you are about to be raped or if you just feel like you’re about to be raped.

That’s the asinine thinking of Colorado Democrat Rep. Joe Salazar, who argued Friday against concealed carry on college campuses.

RedState’s Dana Loesch wrote a scathing article Monday on Salazar’s idiotic statement saying, “This is the real ‘war on women’ I’ve talked about: the progressive insistence that women disarm.”

Salazar spoke on the floor of the state House Friday and said:

It’s why we have call boxes, it’s why we have safe zones, it’s why we have the whistles. Because you just don’t know who you’re gonna be shooting at. And you don’t know if you feel like you’re gonna be raped, or if you feel like someone’s been following you around or if you feel like you’re in trouble when you may actually not be, that you pop out that gun and you pop … pop around at somebody.

Uh-huh. Joe wants you to run to a safe zone, blow your whistle, and maybe the feeling of imminent danger will go away. Why doesn’t a woman just click her heels three times and say, “There’s no place like home”? Ridiculous. And dangerous.

Loesch and others took to Twitter to share their thoughts on whistleblowing vs. pulling out a legal firearm for self-defense. From Twtichy:

‪”@DLoesch: Honestly, ‪#COLeg, can Salazar define what “feel like you’re going to be raped” means? #waronwomen”

‪”@DLoesch: Rapists can’t enter “safe zones.” Didn’t you know? Just like werewolves can’t enter holy ground. ‪#Salazar ‪#COLeg ‪#waronwomen”

‪”@kyleraccio: Dear Rep. Joe Salazar of Colorado: You owe the women of your state an apology for your insane, insensitive wacky views.”

“‪@SHannitysHair: Earlier today I “felt like I was going to be raped” found a call box and the feeling went away. ‪#COLeg ‪#Salazar”

According to the Fox News affiliate in Denver, Salazar issued an apology, if that’s what you want to call it, for his remarks:

I’m sorry if I offended anyone. That was absolutely not my intention. We were having a public policy debate on whether or not guns makes people safer on campus. I don’t believe they do. That was the point I was trying to make. If anyone thinks I’m not sensitive to the dangers women face, they’re wrong.

I am a husband and father of two beautiful girls, and I’ve spent the last decade defending women’s rights as a civil rights attorney. Again, I’m deeply sorry if I offended anyone with my comments.

The comments don’t offend me. It’s the brain that thinks women are safer with whistles that offends me.

Read more from RedState.

Watch the Reveal Politics video of Salazar’s comments:

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  • Chris Smith

    I hear that rapists, like vampires in the sun, begin to sparkle when they enter a safe zone. That's how you can tell they are rapists.

    Salazar's statement has to go down as one of the all time stupidest things ever said by any politician, and stupid SHOULD hurt if for no other reason than it's part of the darwinian process which weeds out the unfit……but I have no faith that it will be covered by any of the Lamestream Media……..maybe Fox News excepted.

  • Mick

    Here's an idea. Let's put Salazar into the general population of the nearest prison with only a rape whistle and let's see how that works out for him.

  • Bossyred

    Men are idiots and it seems Rep. Salazar is their current spokesperson.

    Men need to stay out of women's heads – it's too crowded and fast-paced for you to follow along. They need to stay out of women's emotional barometer – it's too emotional for them to follow along. Men need to stay out of women's issues (Salazar turned this from a guns and safety issue into a women's issue) – they are too complicated for you to follow along. Men need to stay out of woman's fears (or lack thereof) – they are too ethereal and instinctive for them to follow along.

    I'd like to give credit to the good men out there, supporting and understanding women – but I'm not in the mood.

    • Brian

      Just as Salazar gave (democrat) men a bad name, you just did a stellar job giving women a bad name with your insults.

      • gw111

        Brian, unless i am totally wrong this was great satrical statement. The first 2 statements are are true in that many issues about women men should just stay away from, (expecially the issue of rape).

        After those statements Bossy gives us clue of how Salazar has missed the point with her remark in the parenthesis. From there she makes it quite clear that Salazar stepped into territory he should of just stayed out of. As for all men being idiots, well i think any many who doesn't see her point might take offence to this statement.

      • Jim Read

        Personally I don't think she did anywhere near the job that Salazar did….

    • GW

      Think about the ramifications of what he said.

      Smart girls don't go to college.

      Girls in military is emotionally unfit to have gun!

      All the women police officers are to emotional to carry a gun but they can have whistle!

      God forbid that anything would happen to the women on college or anywhere – but bad people do bad things to all people.

      You do not have 20 minutes [national average] for the police to show up and then be drug thru their questions.

      Self defense with a gun, a club, or anything is better than nothing but a gun works the best especially with a laser so they can see their end is in sight!

      Women call all your friends and demand the Governor not to sign these stupid bills.

      Men call all your friends and demand the Governor protect the women by allowing them their guns onm campus if they want.

      Our representatives should be welcoming new busines rather than forcing them to leave the state along with CO citizens.

    • Mike Carter

      Bossy, are you really as big a fool as you make yourself out to be?

  • KB Cook

    I wonder how he would handle a gang-rape, man-style? Whenever I feel afraid, I whistle a happy tune …. good musical piece but lousy self-defense. MORONS!

  • TK

    HOW DARE YOU!!!! How dare you insult women like this. Just exactly who do you think you are Mr. Salazar? What makes you think you are capable and equipped enough to pass judgement about an entire gender.. And make SUPID ASSHAT comments about what we should do for our safety. How about this Mr. Salazar… If you are your family is being attacked… YOU BLOW A WHISTLE… Okay?! That should be good enough… right!

    The problem with men is that they think they are strong, superior, smart and more competent… Guess again boys!

    Stupid comments like this should be illegal! Suspend them from their position when they speak from their ass without thinking! No paycheck, no Insurance… That should keep them from speaking nonsense without first thinking about it!

    • Jim Read

      The problem is people forget by the next election. Maybe you'll remember and help whoever runs against Salazar.

    • Bill

      The lawmaker is unreasonably judgmental about women ability to handle guns. Be that as it may, who says rapists dont carry guns. If they escaped who says the perverts dont return to revenge. Trained policemen shoot in error. who determines the point when a woman brings out the gun? Let's think about a thousand and one scenarios of man and woman interaction/conflict. If a woman could project rape then a man could die just for anything. Bearing that in mind, i doubt if women are anysafer in the world of random/beserk guns!

      • Jim Read

        You must be Salazar's son….

  • Maggie

    How about I shoot first then blow the whistle for someone to remove the body! Somebody elected this fool?

    • http://BZPACREViEW Jack

      Maggie, that is the problem…fools electing fools. Bossyred, relax, there are a few good men out there that would enjoy seeing this elected buffoon escaping from a gang rape while blowing on a whistle. Ladies, use your basic survival instincts, if in doubt…shoot, when in doubt…empty the magazine. Jack.

  • Dan

    Rep. Salazar gives a sorry and weak argument for how women should defend themselves, A gun beats a whistle every time, and if you can make it to a call box, how long do you or can you fight until help comes. I believe these are dangerous Politicians who attacks the Liberties of Law Abiding citizens. They don't know how to stop criminals from committing heinous acts, their only solution, attack the Liberties of Law Abiding citizens. These Politicians are dangerous and We The People need to vote them out of office. I believe our Founding Fathers would have jailed these gutless Politicians for attacking Law Abiding citizens and the Liberties and Freedoms that they put in place. God Bless America, the NRA and all Real Freedom Fighting Patriots.

  • leslie jahnke

    How about instead of whistles and 'safe zones' don't men teach their sons and other men that rape is wrong and a crime, that NO means NO and that it is manly to call out the guy who brags up 'nailing' an unwilling woman telling him what he did was a crime. Men rape and men can stop rape by making it social unacceptable to rape. Let's have men really understand and believe that rape is a crime. Nothing will change until men change…until men WANT that change.

  • http://facebook brenda

    How in the heck do these idiots get elected? Oh wait, I know. I can just see me running down 495 looking for a call box. Oh and the whistle, in this weather it would stick to your lips like the kid in a Christmas Story. Let him get a whistle and hope he has a chance to use it when big Bubba gets a hold of him. I put him in the same class as Sen Johnson who said that Guam would tip over if any more people were to to be on it, or idiot Shirley Jackson who said she stood there as a freed slave. Good grief, how old is this woman and who in their right mind would want her. What an embarrassment to this country to have elected these liberal idiots.

  • http://facebook John B.

    Sounds like this noble represenative on the people harbors fear of what might have befallen him at other times in his life had the girl he was dating been carrying ?

    • whisperatnight

      Don't you get it yet? There is NO middle of the road. You either are for Constitutional rights or against them. Don't believe one minute that that sap Mitt Romney would not have NEGOTIATED away your rights just to say, "Hey, I am the middle of the road type of guy."

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