‘No whites allowed’ tutoring policy rocks Colo. school


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A Colorado elementary school tutoring program has posted a sign on its door: No whites allowed — and parents are infuriated.

Mission Viejo Elementary School in Aurora, Colo., recently set up an after-hours tutoring program for students who need a little extra help, but according to a letter to parents announcing the program, the program is only for students of color.

During the early 20th century, “Help Wanted” signs in Boston often included the notation, “Irish Need Not Apply.” During the Jim Crow days, those signs were replaced with “Whites Only.”

The goal of the civil rights movement of the 1960s was a world where a person is judged by the “content of his character” rather than “the color of his skin.”

It seems we’ve regressed — or maybe the school principal didn’t get the memo.

Parents who received the letter were shocked.

“I was infuriated. I didn’t understand why they would include or exclude certain groups,” parent Nicole Cox, who is white, told CBS-4, a Denver affiliate. “We have come so far in all of these years to show everybody that everyone is equal, that everyone should be treated equally … this is a form of bullying.”

School Principal Andre Pearson contacted Cox when no one was home.

“This is Andre Pearson,” he said on a voicemail message. “It’s focused for and designed for children of color, but certainly, if we have space for other kids who have needs, we can definitely meet those needs.”

After CBS-4 investigated, the school clarified its tutoring policy.

“I think what the answer is, is that he [Pearson] made a mistake,” Tustin Amole, of the Cherry Creek School District, told CBS-4. “But we have had lots of students sign up for the tutoring. Many of them are white, and we will be accepting all of them.”

Crisis averted. But the question remains, why was the “no whites allowed” policy instituted in the first place?

Read more at CBS-4 Denver.

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  • Big Dem

    This concept is too idiotic for comment.

  • Ladyliberty

    When this is done by government entities, it's more than "bullying", it's TYRANNY.

  • firecracker


  • Pam H

    What is this world coming to? Reverse racism is still racism?

    • Daniel

      There is no such thing as reverse racism. It's racism regardless of the race targeted.

      • Tony W.

        The term "reverse racism" has been around for almost 50 years. And you want to tell us there, "is no such thing..". You are splitting hairs and being a jackass.

        • Nancy A.

          It's " reverse dicrimination" Not "reverse racism"

          • Nancy A.

            Oops Discrimination…….left out the S sorry!

        • Micky

          There isn't any such thing as reverse racism. Thee is racism and blacks, latinos, whites, etc call be racists. Of course, some on the left only think a majority race can be. That is probably why this principal doesn't think he is a racist, while he is a racist. Not a reverse racist, A RACIST!

        • Ken

          Only the ignorant call it "reverse" racism/discrimination. The rest of us understand that racism is racism.

          Regardless of usage, it's still a misnomer. True reverse racism would be if you supported and loved a race rather than hated it.

  • tim c.

    FIRE his But if he was white he would all ready b gone

    • Kim J.

      You are absolutely correct. This man should loose his job. PERIOD>

  • dozer

    I'm white American & have been discriminated against f/over 30 yrs.. government has been doing it f/yrs! When are you going to wake up Americans?

  • Ron

    Racist sobs

  • Daniel

    Worst kind of racism. A type of racism never before seen, yet still the worst type of racism.

  • http://msn Larry

    just the same ol crap, blacks say what ever they want and the media doesnt go on a feeding frenzie, but if a white had said no blacks allowed it would be national news

  • Maggie

    No logical pattern of thinking from people who seem to miss what Dr ML King was aiming for. Yep let's just make a pathway for citizenship for more folks who are racist and love entitlements. We need more of them for sure. Cheap lettuce is more important than this entire country and what it stands for.

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