Rubio gets last laugh on ‘water bottle-gate’

With millions of people watching his response to President Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday night, Sen. Marco Rubio became dry-mouthed and made an awkward reach for a bottle of water that had been placed off-camera.

The National Journal was quick to put out an animated graphic  that captured the moment, and the left pounced for all it was worth, mocking Rubio for becoming his own State of the Union drinking game.

It didn’t take long for the incident to become a sensation on Twitter, with a #ThirstyRubio hashtag quickly appearing and fake Twitter feeds such as @Water4Rubio. “Stay thirsty my friends,” was among the more clever responses — and it came from Rubio.

Rubio also put out a Twitter photo immediately after his speech that poked fun at the incident:


Taking a bottle of water to some of his morning show interviews Wednesday, Rubio continued to play along with the joke. While appearing on “Good Morning America,” Rubio said, “I needed water, what am I going to do? God has a funny way of reminding us we’re human.”

Rubio explained on “CBS This Morning” that before giving his speech live in English, he also taped his remarks in Spanish, according to USA Today.

“I had already taped an 18-minute speech in Spanish,” the senator said. “So I’m just glad the water was nearby. I don’t know what I would have done without it.”

The far-left group Florida Watch Action, responsible for the “Pink Slip Rick” campaign, created a website ( that made a weak attempt at poking fun at Rubio.

Of course, the photo below may explain why the junior senator from Florida was feeling parched. He was standing directly under a lighting kit while giving the speech.

Rubio under lights

Photo via YFrog

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


  • Donnie Diggs Ream

    Nice to see someone giving a speech in that town that acts human. Love Rubio!

    • Colleen Easton

      Good for you, Marco! Love your good natured humor and your ability to make it fun! Nice to have a "human" leader in Congress with cheer and good will! America loves you! Keep up the great work! You are in our prayers!

  • Beeta

    It was a great rebutul you made to Obama's attempt to once again fool all americans. Unfortunately there are those that fall for anything he says. With Obama you don't listen to what he says but watch what he is doing. Rubio is a very smart man. He can see through this fraud in the whiteHouse. And everyone would do well to listen to every word he says… He tells it like it is…

    Also the left are such shallow brained thinkers they make a big deal out of absolutely nothing while obama is Raping them. The are all brain dead. When nature tells us of our bodies needs it is necessary to take care of those needs. We all do it.. Obama is not different . When he is thirsty he pulls out his water bottle and gets a drink.. What a novel Idea that is… Shall we all laugh and be stupid over something that is just normal.??? The left tries so hard to find error in all the Republicans do that if that is all they can find we are doing everything right…

    Keep up the good work Rubio.. WE need more in Washington like you… Seems everyone in Washington is on the left now.. No standing up for what is right!!!! now if it is wrong it is right and if it was right it is now wrong.. That is because of the evil that is lurking everywhere today trying to kill and destroy that which is good.. So SAD to see our country fall to such evil .

    • http://Firefox/Facebook Barbara Holmes

      Beeta I agree with every word you posted. and i would like to add that Rubio is a patriot who believes in and supports the CONSTITUTION. That means EVERYTHING to ME.

  • Bev

    I thought Marco Rubio gave a very good response last night, the media and people know what he said was truth and the only thing they could do was laugh about his drinking water. I admire and respect Rubio.

  • Luther Henry

    For God's sake the man is human, not an alien clone like the "Great Hussein". Mr. Rubio's message was the important thing to note and it was terrific, articulate, thoughtful, logical and sincere, is what I saw. He is a bright star on the horizon and gives me hope that we will get through this insane current administration, scarred but able to return to full strength again in the future under leadership such as Marco Rubio is capable of providing.

  • Octavio Carbonell

    He is the most humber and most Human Senator in Washington, Keep up the Good Work and do not let Obama of the hook on anything.

  • Harry Fassett

    When the left focuses on the trivial of those speaking the truth on the right, it just shows how little substance they have, and they are afraid of the truth, because the truth is their enemy.

  • Original Pechanga

    Compare the two senior Cuban American Senators, Rubio and Menendez: One is a parched water drinker, the other, a teenage whore cheater.

    I'll take Rubio

  • Grizzled Gringo

    Well done Rubio, I hope He plays Himself on SNL when they make fun of this!

  • Frustrated Voter

    If Governor Romney would've been smart and had picked Senator Rubio as his running mate, Romany would've been the one giving the speech last night. Marco Rubio is articulate, passionate, intelligent, charismatic, young & attractive. I think he has the ability to connect with more people than Paul Ryan ever could. He would've torn Joe Biden a new one during their debate. He would've attracted the independents and undecided people to the Republican ticket in much greater numbers. I don't know who or what committee decided on Paul Ryan (who is a terrific man) VP pick but they made a big mistake in my opinion. Now we're stuck with another 3 years, 10 months & 2 weeks with a man hell bent on destroying America.

  • Ken Juen

    Liberals have no argument so they fixate on meaningless crap like this. I am sure they did not listen to the message which had a lot more substance than anything the Pres said. Geez, give me a break!

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