Another brutal Islamist activity at FAU condoned by officials

Florida Atlantic UniversityUnbeknownst to 99 percent of the Boca Raton community, our own Florida Atlantic University campus has been taken over again by radical Islamists — and with the strong-armed support of the Boca Raton Police Department. For good measure, throw in the FAU administration, which displayed its lack of backbone last year when it caved in to the Students for Justice in Palestine’s taping of hate messages on student dorm doors.   FAU’s Hillel chapter blew it off as merely “unacceptable.”

Anything to placate the administration of that school and to hide the encroachment of Islam on the campus. But when Islamists are given an inch, they go for the mile.

On Feb. 6, the Tom Trento TV/radio crew attempted to sit in on a public meeting at FAU, where Greta Berlin, a noted Jew/Israeli hater, was to speak.

The crew was denied entry into this advertised, public, taxpayer-supported event and threatened with arrest by a Boca police officer, who claimed he was taking his orders from “the building manager.” Enough said about constitutional rights when up against ignorant, civil service employees.

So where was Hillel during this evening of school-supported Jew-hatred?  A student who witnessed a discussion between Scott Brockman, the campus’ Hillel director, and Trento, told me that Brockman admonished Trento for his “aggressive” tactics and said it reflected badly on the few Hillel students who were actually in the room during Berlin’s rant. Trento politely disagreed with Brockman and said he and his team were there to confront and expose these cultural jihadists who hate Jews and Christians so that all of Boca Raton and the world could see what is truly behind the leftist propaganda movement named “Israeli Apartheid Week.”

The TrentoVision video team was not allowed to record what Berlin and the other speakers were telling their audience, mostly made up Muslim students and non-students. But, as so often happens, the light of truth finds its way out through the cracks in the walls of hate censorship. Apparently, a student who sat in on this hate session called me to report that Berlin, to the enthusiastic response of her audience, denounced the Holocaust as a fabrication of worldwide Jewry. She said Jews were complicit with the Nazi regime in controlling financial institutions around the world. She called the Rothchilds and “Jewish-controlled” Wall Street firms such as Goldman Sachs, Salomon Brothers and Lehmann Brothers “war mongers” for profit.

We are entering an age when sixth-century Islam has been resurrected to achieve Mohammed’s goal of worldwide Caliphate. This “new world” would be run by Islam, the Koran and its Sharia laws to govern every individual and each inch of soil on this planet.  We are on the way.

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Alan Bergstein

Alan Bergstein comes to our pages as a Brooklyn native. Father of four, retired NYC Principal, Korean War Veteran, patriot and Jewish and Israel activist.


  • Carl Caruso

    Thank you, Alan. Your voice is welcome!

  • Jax

    I have no problem at all with someone or some group taking these "students" out. Their demise would be a civic enrichment act and hey would make great gator grub.

  • Jim Hegarty

    And Jesus wept.

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  • Ruth Field Beck

    Thank you for your article. I live and work in Palm Beach county Florida, the same county as FAU. I will email your article to friends. Your article is the first I've heard of any of this. I'm for free speech as long as everyone gets to speak and listen. We on the side of Truth need to continue to speak in truth and love. The One with compassion and facts will win.

  • jansuzanne

    Follow the money…The 'Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is a well-funded, well-orchestrated, globally organized group that gets its support through the Muslim Brotherhood and their network of Islamic charities and community outreach groups. I had the 'fortune' of meeting up with this group outside the front gate of NYC's Columbia University when they quickly organized a counter-rally to our demonstration. Mind you, we were rallying against a weekend seminar being given to Pro-Palestinian students to be prepared for 'Israel is Apartheid' week that the SJP sponsors across the world, not just in the U.S. These Pro-Palestinian students, many with Visas just to attend U.S. colleges and universities, but are fully committed to infiltrate the campus with a strong, INTIMIDATING, influential Muslim population, including several of the professors.

    Please also note what happened last week at Brooklyn College…same organization, the SJP. And they use our freedom of speech in the Constitution to empower their right to tell half-truths and outright lies. We may not be able to stop them, but I know we better keep trying. On campus, there must be a student base that organizes activities to inform and counter attack the lies. However, most students are not there for that and prefer to walk around it all. They need to know how their rights and freedoms will be destroyed if they remain silent. Our enemy is silence…

  • John carr

    What can one expect? Just in case you haven't noticed we have one in the White House that is hell bent on destroying this once great nation. What is it going to take to wake up america before it's too late?

  • seazen

    Don't you think this hyperbolic nonsense might be a tad harmful to any real effort at calm, adult, meaningful conversations about the full context of free speech and its role in helping resolve differences between and among different peoples. "Unbeknownst to 99 percent of the Boca Raton community, our own Florida Atlantic University campus has been taken over again by radical Islamists"!!! The campus has been "taken over"? Really? "Brutal Islamist Activity"? I gather you are taking advantage of your own right to free speech but positioning it as some type of "news" that one might hope was factual, it does seem designed to seriously over inflate a minor event on a college campus. Now, if FAU were to declare that no one was allowed to speak if they had any sympathy for Palestine, Islam, or those who disagree with Netanyahu – that would be new that 100% of us should know about.

    • Barry G

      And here comes the Dihmmi seazen again, your "religion of peace" is responsible for massive beheadings of innocent men women and children the globe over. Jews and Christians alike are being persecuted in all the Arab Countries that have what is known as the "Arab Spring" with Church's being fire bombed and followers being murdered for not converting to Islam. The Pastor in Iran is a good example, he just received 8 years for being Christian. And here you come along supporting the very Ideology that is behind the worst crimes in global history, you are an evil fool!

      WE MUST FIGHT THESE ANIMALS AND EXPOSE THERE FINANCIER, GEORGE SOROS, who is using this as a means to an end, Global dominance. STAND WITH ISRAEL-DENOUNCE EVIL……………………..

      • seazen

        George Soros is seeking Global Dominance! Head for the hills!! And people being murdered and persecuted in the name of some religion rings a bell. Any other religions ever been involved in that? Do they still exist today?

    • Allen Konis

      Freedom of speech allows them to express their views. It MUST be countered with the truth showing Israel is not an occupying force in the Palestinian territories. Indeed, these territories have their own government, money, schools, police.

      They are allowed to express whatever hateful views they may possess without fear of reprisal. And the reason for their political position is the failure to accept the arrangement declared in 1948, because their forefathers felt Israel stood no chance against her surrounding Arab neighbors. Acts of intimidation against other students like the eviction notices should not be allowed by FAU. It should be met with strict condemnation and disciplenary action. Failure to do so should envoke a strong responce by the Jewish community.

  • Alan K

    Excellent article Mr. Bergstein – keep up the good work

  • Taddle

    Your hypocrisy knows no ends. As abhorant as anti-semitism (anti-jewish really, arabs are semites) is, this is America and Ms. Berlin has a right to express her views regardless of how awful they may be. It seems Mr. Bergstein you only support the constitution rights of people who agree with you.

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