Navy too broke to refuel USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier

USS Abraham Lincoln

USS Abraham Lincoln
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The U.S. Navy announced Friday it will delay refueling the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln due to military budget cuts and the “uncertain fiscal environment due to the ongoing legislative struggle.”

The U.S. Naval Institute News quoted the Navy as saying the Lincoln was to begin a “4-year refueling and complex overhaul” but had to delay the work “due to uncertainty in the Fiscal Year 2013 appropriations bill, both in the timing and funding level available for the first full year of the contract.”

U.S. Rep. J. Randy Forbes, the chairman of the House Armed Services Seapower subcommittee, issued a statement saying the delay was “another example of how these reckless and irresponsible defense cuts in Washington will have a long-term impact on the Navy’s ability to perform its missions. Not only will the Lincoln be delayed in returning to the Fleet, but this decision will also affect the USS Enterprise (CVN-65) defueling, the USS George Washington (CVN-73) RCOH, and future carrier readiness.”

“Canceling and deferring maintenance creates a significant backlog of deferred maintenance and affects future year schedules and cost, as well as future readiness,” Navy spokesman Lt. Courtney Hillson told the institute news service. “The fiscal uncertainty created by not having an appropriations bill — and the measures we are forced to take as a result, place significant stress on an already strained force and undermines the stability of a fragile industrial base.”

According to the article, Navy documents showed that “under the current Continuing Resolution (CR), the Navy is $1.5 billion short on its accounts. Combined with coming sequestration in March the number grows to $9 billon for [Fiscal Year] 2013.”

For now, the Navy said, the Lincoln “will remain at Norfolk Naval Base where the ships force personnel will continue to conduct routine maintenance until sufficient funding is received for the initial execution of the [refueling and complex overhaul].”

Read more from U.S. Naval Institute News Online here.


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  • John carr

    So goes the country. It all falls right into Obummer's plans to destroy this once great nation. We better wake up before it's too late.

  • steve harper

    maybe it's time for obama to come up with a workable budjet plan instead of blaming others

  • robertr

    Who cares? I could read this story from a number of sources. It's not original. Two nuclear carriers are currently under construction: USS Gerald Ford and USS John Kennedy, both exceeding billions of $$. Lack of appropriation is whistles and bells. There's plenty of money. There are always underlying reasons, ask your Congress. If you're afraid that the US doesn't have enough fire power, we have several Trident FBM submarines circling the globe 24/7 with enough nuclear weaponry to destroy the planet. Who are we defending ourselves from.

  • Bill Jackson III

    I think we need to spend more time defending the county from paranoid fear mongers.

    I'm sure the Navy can "take care of business" if need be.

  • Joe Wilson

    At this moment, Obama is probably sitting in front of his computer, personally flying a drone though the bedroom window of the Taliban.

  • Mike Podella

    But today Obama just "found" $50 million in the DoD budget to give to France for their operations in Mali – which is caused by the NATO/US bombing of Libya that deposed Qaddafi and destabilized Libya. Algeria, and Mali.

    So Obama says we have NO money to refuel out aircraft carrier, but we have money to give to the French. What utter nonsense.

    There is plenty to cut from the DoD budget, but first to be cut should be stuff like all this spending for other countries' military and defense. And not giving $50 million to the French while our Navy is being mothballed.

  • cheedah

    This is sad…I work at Newport News shipbuilding the only place that can refuel & overhaul this great ship & I'm ashamed that I voted for a man that now has my job on the back burner. This move will not help my city or state in any way….more jobs down the drain

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  • Military is killing

    Russia blew apart when they could no longer keep up with the arms race.. why do we even need aircraft carriers anymore at a cost of 23.8 billion?

    It is time to limit the military spending to the same rate that other countries have.

    Rank County Billions % of GDP World Share %

    1 United States 711.0 4.7 41

    2 China 143.0 2.0 8.2

    3 Russia Russiay 71.9 3.9 4.1

    4 United Kingdom United Kingdom 62.7 2.6 3.6

    5 France France 62.5 2.3 3.6

    6 Japan Japan 59.3 1.0 3.4

    7 India India 48.9 2.6 2.8

    8 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabiaz 48.5 8.7 2.8

    9 Germany Germanyy 46.7 1.3 2.7

    10 Brazil Brazil 35.4 1.5 2.0

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