The Clydesdales: ‘Brotherhood,’ more than a Super Bowl ad

There’s been a lot of great Super Bowl ads over the years, but no matter how clever some are, very few connect emotionally with the American people over the long term like Budweiser’s Clydesdale  ads.

Intellectually, I know they’re just beer commercials, and I’ve designed and written my share of political ads intended to elicit emotion, so I know exactly what the creative team is trying to accomplish. And you know what? I don’t care. I can’t watch a Clydesdale ad without feeling exactly what it wants me to feel. That, dear readers, is how to brand a product.


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Jack Furnari

President at BizPac Review
Jack Furnari is a founding partner, writer and CEO of BizPac Review.


  • bocabarbara

    wow, great ad thanks for sharing that Jack it was fantastic.

  • Janeen

    Crying my eyes out over here. That was so awesome!

  • jeanne

    I Believe the horse should be named endlessly–for I saw a endless love between Human, and animal. I cry every time I see it or think of it. thanks bud

  • Mary

    I LOVED it !!

  • Ron

    Name the horse "Beautiful". Name the beer "The Deceiver".

  • Nancy

    The colt should be named "Buddy" for Budweiser

  • cheryl

    (sniff) Loved it! You know it's not the SuperBowl without a Budweiser/Clydesdale commercial, nor is it a county fair without them!

  • Margi

    What a beautiful commercial, it brought tears to my eyes!

    • Martha Berry

      Ditto! loved it and brought tears to my eyes… The song was perfect too.

  • JohnnyAngel Advocacy

    Sorry my bantering friends… Brotherhood belongs to the Beer and not to the Horse,unless it's that other horse. Where does parts of that comraderie lean? To unknown alcoholism and known functioning alcoholism! Since all libtards want to ban guns which will result in more death, try the same logic on beer and see where any voting bloc gets today. Even the 30's demonstration of controlling beer didn't work then and won't work now! Drugs also is an issue that mostly is shunned by respectable hardworking people ,on the whole. The ones that do get caught in this web of spiraling self-worth and bodily disfunction are usually not the hard workers. Though this can happen,it mostly does not. So,what are we left with? An open door policy on drugs and booze and a closed door policy on guns and self protection. Sure sounds like what they do in communist countries. First the SPIRIT goes and then the hopeless drinking & drugging inclination of a beaten society, left with its mid-numbing stimulants and finally death! Clydesdales,my ass!!

  • Paula Helton

    So, Johnny Angel, are you a closet alcoholic crying out for help?

    What a ridiculous argument you make over this ad. Get a grip!

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