Hagel completes Obama’s three stooges

Chuck HagelFormer U.S. Sen. Chuck Hagel is the perfect choice to serve as President Obama’s defense secretary, for the same reason John Kerry will be his perfect secretary of state and Eric Holder has been the ideal attorney general in this administration. They all share something in common — events have elevated them to a level of incompetence.

From the day of Hagel’s nomination to the moment the gavel announced the start of his confirmation hearings, reams have been written about his questionable statements and opinions on Israel, Iran, Syria, America’s role in the world and its prosecution of the Iraq War. Given all those questions, he should have been the most supremely prepared nominee in the world — but he wasn’t.

The hearings were almost painful to watch. Hagel’s testimony was often muddled, contradictory and lacked any understanding of foreign policy, world events or even the demands of the job he is seeking.

Hagel’s demeanor was sometimes marked by a deer-in-the-headlights look and it seemed as though he was almost surprised at the questions. One exchange, with Arizona’s U.S. Sen. John McCain, prompted this tweet from Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume:

“It’s probably dawning on Sens. who didn’t serve w/Hagel that he’s just not very bright. Exchange w/McCain unresponsive & bumbling.”

Hume’s thoughts were almost universally shared.

Hagel “will embolden our enemies, endanger our allies,” U.S. Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla. said. He judged Hagel “the wrong person to lead the Pentagon at this perilous and consequential time.”

Although neither the attorney general nor the future secretary of state appear as incapable and embarrassing as Hagel, they have their own displays of incompetence. Holder’s is rooted in lack of courage, Kerry’s in lack of allegiance.

Holder matter-of-factly referred to America as a “nation of cowards.” Several years later, he played the coward himself when he hid behind the president’s phony claim of “executive privilege” after U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa turned up the heat on Operation Fast and Furious.

The moment Kerry sailed through his own confirmation, his thoughts turned to promoting the interests of the United Nations over those of the United States — global warming, the Kyoto Protocol, the whole ball of wax. As much as he coveted the head job at State, he may have been better suited for the Environmental Protection Agency.

At least Hagel is nominally a Republican, and hails from the common-sense agricultural state of Nebraska. All of which proves that incompetence, and yes, even stupidity, aren’t limited to any one political party, ideology or geography. We’re surrounded by it. We should recognize it and deal with it. We shouldn’t, however, reward it.

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  • seazen

    I love the way this guy throws around such adjectives as "incompetent, "stupid", "coward", etc. and then uses Brit "rocket scientist" Hume as verification. Jeez. It is mind-numbing what it being generated here.

    • Terry Poupart

      I'm sure he would rather use different adjectives unfortunately he was talking about Kerry, Hagel and Holder so those are the only ones that applied.

  • Bern

    Mr. Dorstewitz,

    Please gave me a list of better qualified candidates for Defense Secretary.

  • KB Cook

    This must be at the core of the "more-flexibility-after-re-election" plan — Curly, Moe and Larry will help implement our complete downfall as a Constitutional Republic. This is a huge, extra-deluxe cr@p-sandwich!

    • seazen

      That's right. You really nailed it. The "complete downfall" is coming. No wonder; with a Muslim, socialist, foreign-born, community organizer President who wants to take all of our guns and implement Sharia law plus these three super villains, we are doomed!! Dang. If only we had gotten behind Sarah Palin when she was available to lead us, or maybe Allen West! Then we would be saved.

  • Quan

    Seazen, Michael is working from a Faux News Dolch list of epithets. Please do not disturb his brain activity. It is a difficult job, but someone has to rise to the level of Al Jazeera propaganda. It really is too bad that BizPac would accept this as writing.

  • Quan

    And in that scenario, may be even Michael can become the Iraqui Minister of Information, and grumpily announces to us the dawning of a Gingrich rewritten chapter of history. Sarah Palin the illiterate President, in the tradition of the first, George W. I can see rejoicing in the streets … of Cairo and Jerusalem!

  • tony d.

    Did anybody notice that the Hagelites never said a word about their guy's performance at the Senate hearing? They only

    attacked those who criticized that woeful demonstration of his incompetence, muddled thinking, bumbling monologues

    and overall lack of qualifications. Hagel certainly fits the mold of those in the Obama Administration starting at the top.

  • rifraffe

    Obama is just thumbing his nose once again at the American people. This nomination really illustrates the hatred Obama must have for this country. Why, otherwise, would he nominate Chuck Hagel?? Hagel is anti-military more so than any US Senator from either side; refuses to even utter the word "terrorist", as if he is afraid to offend them; and who joins obama in his belief that the world would be better off if Israel would somehow just vaporize. There is no WORSE candidate for this vitally important position than Hagel. If successful, he will join Obama and Kerry as the prime movers toward eventually subjugating America's autonomy to UN oversight and control. Where do you think Obama is moving on to after this gig? That is why he will continue to shift as much power and control to the UN as he can. Emasculating our military is part of the plan. Hagel will be perfect for THAT job.

  • kateinmacclenny


  • http://www.posterchildrenfortermlimits.com George Blumel

    Those are three Stooges, alright! That hardly scratches the surface tho –there are thousands of stooges in the Obama regime plus their uninformed voter base as evidenced by a few of the comments from them, above.

  • Schulz

    Is this The Onion? I'm reading The Onion right?….Holy shit, I'm not!

    This is a strange and dystopian world you people live in.

    Wake the fuck up, already.

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