Take our poll: Has Marco Rubio sold out conservatives on immigration?

In a respectful exchange of opinions, both sides of the “Marco Rubio immigration plan debate” were explored in an op-ed written by Erick Erickson, editor of RedState, and in a rebuttal that quickly followed from Rubio himself.

After making his case, Erickson concluded with the following:

Immigration is an issue that keeps hispanic voters from trusting the GOP. Many call it a “gateway” issue. I get that. But pandering in the name of a solution does not actually fix the problem. This is just another policy debate the Democrats can use to get the GOP to fight itself. The GOP should pivot to actually fixing the immigration problem, not just addressing the here and now.

Rubio countered with a lengthy response, including this about the conservative movement:

Before diving into the details of the plan, I want to take a moment to point out how the debate about immigration reflects positively on the conservative movement in general. Unlike the left, whose default tactic is to attack and destroy the personal character of those who disagree with their views, the conservative movement is capable of accommodating a vibrant internal debate on important issues solely on the merits. 

For the complete editorials from both men, read Rubio responds to RedState critique on immigration . Tell us what  you think.

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27 thoughts on “Take our poll: Has Marco Rubio sold out conservatives on immigration?

  1. Ted Bishop says:

    I wanna hear or see Rubio's stance on gun control, I thank he's avoiding the issue.

    1. CapnJack says:

      The topic is immigration.

      1. Ralph says:

        Yes and I do not think they should be working on the little guy at this time when we have a thing in the white house that is not American, that is building up our enemies, is surrounding Israel with his war force to try and take them out, is killing our military and our kids, taking God out of the world, and working to bankrupt America.

        1. Ralph says:

          And we should be looking at all the law makers manly the senate that they are also mass murders in support of the non American in office that is destroying the world. They have all the proof and are covering it up Americans now are disrespecting all of the men and women that have died and is fighting for this country now

        2. Dora says:

          There you go Ralph!! Of course Rubio is selling out because he is looking at the carrot! He's looking to seek out his presidential seat in 2016! With all that you have mentioned above Ralph, we will not even make it to 2014 to vote!

          Have you even heard on anything in regards to economy? NOPE, just as you've stated…take the eye off the problems that do matter and what have we got? A MESS & alot of confused, uninformed people! But now is the time to gather these confused, vulnerable AMERICAN's…..Black, White & American Hispanics & start grouping! Not the immigrants because they are all now celebrating Cinco De Mayo in Jan.

  2. Linda Hoskinson says:

    Rubio is Just Finding Out What BiPartisanship Really Means to the Democrats and RINOS like John McCain. A Lot of Bad with Little Good.

  3. CapnJack says:

    The plan that Rubio is currently presenting is a sound plan. As long as we secure the border before it becomes law.

  4. Kristine Vanderford says:

    It's like Hillary says "What difference does it make?" The majority Hispanics are going to vote for the party of suppression, the Democrats, no matter what the Republicans do. They haven' t voted for Republican proponents of reform/amnesty EVER. It's historical. Rubio needs to look it up. This is not true of immigrants from other countries I believe. I think nothing should be on the table until the borders are secure. That should be non-negotiable.

  5. KB Cook says:

    I'm losing respect for Rubio by the day … not upholding and supporting the constitution is an oath-denying offense and he's breaching the line in this amnesty deal. Sorry, Mr. Rubio – you'll have to do better to recover my respect for you.

  6. Rich says:

    Both parties created this problem but one of the parties is supposed to be more fiscally conservative than the other. The same people who created this problem have been in office for over a decade and get raises for their lack of leadership. Rubio on a talk show before he became Senator said he would push everify and secure the borders none of which materialized. My question is: How do you know when Rubio is lying?

  7. Linda Hoskinson says:

    Obama's Call for BiPartisanship on Illegal Immigration is a Ruse. Much Like Simpson-Bowles or JOBS czar. Its Obama's Campaign of Distraction. He is making fools of Republicans.

  8. Joe M., R.P.B., FL. says:

    Too bad Rubio is NOT a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, CONSTITUTIONALLY INELIGIBLE. for POTUS. If he acknowledged this he wouldn't need to pander to the Demoncrats or RINOS. He could do the job the TP'ers elected him to do & fulfill his oath of office, to SUPPORT. &DEFEND. THE CONSTITUTION. OF THE UNITED STSTES.

    He's being "groomed " for the GOP's 2016 candidate even though THEY KNOW he's. NOT eligible. THEY SAID & DID NOTHING ABOUT OBA-MAO's ineligibility. & think they can do it again. with Marco…WE SHALL SEE!!!

    GOD, bless the GOOD guys, & CRUSH the bad guys… YOU ALONE KNOW THE HEART OF A MAN.

  9. Marine68 says:

    As far as Immigration is concerned, he was for Amnesty when he was the leader of the Florida Senate, and refused to bring 5 Bills that were to deal with illegal labor; and could have relieved Florida Taxpayers of the burden put on them, by Big agriculture and the service sector that enjoyed the benefits of cheap labor while putting the onus of Medical and economic benefits to the illegals on the backs of the Taxpayers and the displaced Workers whose jobs were lost to them. especially in the Construction and Hotel sectors. Rubio would not advance those Bills for a Vote.

    1. zoner says:

      you have it right!!

  10. thebuckdude says:

    border enforcement first, then legalization. Put enforcement 1st, nothing else can happen until enforcement, on the backs of the democrats & Rinos and finish building the fence. Make it a "legal" domino effect if you will.

    Since this is just an outline at this point, I'm going to follow the young Mr. Rubio's final ability to get enforcement first policy into law.

    If he sells us out from that, then we'll know for sure he was or is a puke like most of the rest of the sleaze back there in Wa-DC.

    How many of you folks feel comfortable with 500t members of our congress having essentially complete conntrol over the lives of the 300 million people living here? Scares the hell out of me…

    Especially when they don't or refuse to listen to the concensus of the people.

    I'm sick of politicians saying this or that is not good for "the" party they represent.

    The HELL with party, what about America…

    border enforcement first, then legalization.

    1. RUSerious says:

      Bucky – it seems you don't know that most illegal immigrants come to the US by air from Asia. 'Enforcement' of immigration laws via the southern border is really a distraction and an excuse to stop immigration reform while at the same time speaking out of the other side of Rubio's mouth purporting to support reform.

      1. uselogic says:

        Bull hockey! Doing the same ol' trolling, Prog talking points and prevaricating. Or is it just ignorance?.

        75% of the estimated number of illegal aliens are from Mexico and Central & South America. Estimated 61% from Mexico alone. Just one example of many similar sources. http://immigration.procon.org/view.resource.php?r

      2. thebuckdude says:

        Go back and read my post again you Dipstick.

        Border enforcement FIRST! East, West, North & SOUTH.

        Border Enforcement.

        Something the progressives are scared to death of…..

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