Take our poll: Did the tea party force the GOP too far to the right, resulting in a 2012 Democratic victory?

Last weekend, tea party leaders and other conservative activists from around the state assembled in Orlando for the first time since the November election.

BizPac Review writer Tom Tillison reported on the “Florida Summit,” adding his own insight and opinion.

He had this to say when describing the less-than-peachy relationship between the tea party and the Republican Party:

There were also no representatives of the Republican Party present — a stark reality that should resonate with everyone sitting in that room, although I sense many are still unsure about whether they’re conservative or Republican. These days, it’s hard to be both.

I suspect the GOP has moved on from the tea party. The “smartest guys in the room” are in need of a scapegoat for yet another dismal election performance, and the “yahoos” in the tea party make for a rather convenient scapegoat.

And you know what? The movement is all the better for it.

In a later comment, Tillison said, “it’s critical to the success of the conservative cause that the tea party and the GOP find common ground and cause for mutual respect, the alternative is a continuation of the ongoing advantage Democrats currently have.”

We want to know what you think.

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Read Tillison’s entire post : Statewide tea party gathering looks to the future


  • Julie

    It's not the values or policies – although I think we need to ease up on gay marriage… It's the identification with "swag" and the sheer number of voters for a president dressed in black skin (along with some voter fraud, I believe)…and FREE STUFF and now it will be AMNESTY. The Tea Party and GOP need to work very hard to get a younger face out there selling our values and policies…. selling the fact that we're the rebels, we're the reason that blacks and women can vote and are treated equally, and that they're better than welfare! So much of it is the "package" today!

  • Ken Roberts

    Barack Obama was re-elected in 2012 due to an abysmal lack of discipline on the part of center-right registered voters who lost site of the "big picture", which was to remove the most far left liberal president in history from office. Millions of center – right voters stayed away from the polls or voted 3d party, enabling Obama's re-election. It is mind-boggling that these voters would ignore this number one objective and, instead, enable the re-election; but that is exactly what happened. In doing so, these voters insured that the result would be the outcome that was the most distant from their own position. Was "making a stateement" worth that? I think not!

    • ms moommist

      You are absolutely right Ken Roberts. I say many saying that Romney & Ryan were the same as Obama & Biden arbeit false to say the very least. "The word on the street is that all polititians are just the same, liars and theives.

  • Quan

    Actually the best candidate turned out to be the worst. Any of the other candidates in the running, shooting from their hip, would have fared better than a milquetoast I-love-everyone&everything pretender. The choice of Paul Ryan was even worse than the choice of Sarah Palin because while Sarah had little substance, Ryan has none. Republicans cannot pretend to be something they are not. Learn from Al Gore.

  • ms moommist

    Actually, if the GOP would have listened more to the Tea Party, and been real conservatives, the Republican would have won. Especially on pushing against the real agenda. While Obama is such a blow-hard, Romney needed to push the buttons and apparently, there isn't anyone in the GOP who know how to do that. There are brighter people out there that could if they got the stars out of their eyes, and bring out Country back to where it belongs back to the Republic it was meant to be.

  • Chuck Lehmann

    The G.O.P.got suckered in into answering questions about social issues when they should have been talking about the economy. The two senate candidates, Akin and Mourdock didn't help the situation by making really stupid comments about abortion and women, and the rest of the party was painted by these comments, as being extreme. .Romney dropped the ball after the first debate when he didn't go after Obama on Benghazi and the inconsistencies that the Obama Administation was spewing out. It seems the G.O.P. wants to fight their opponent by using the Marquis of Queensbury rules while the Democrats are kicking them in the cajones.

    When will we ever learn our lesson that you can't fight a battle against an opponent that uses Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals", by trying to be the good guy and being above the fray. We lose every time. Let's fight fire with fire and don't try to kiss the butt of voters we 'll never get to vote for us. We must motivate all those voters who stayed home and didn't vote because their candidate lost in the primary, or because they didn't like the religion of the candidate. Look where it got us, 4 more years of this Marxist/Socialist pretender to the throne. Wake up conservatives and smell the coffee.

    Our website: http://chuckontherightside.blogspot.com/

    Chuck Lehmann

  • John

    Republicans lost due to low information voters and handouts from the Obama admin. JFK's famous "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country" has been reversed. Now it's all about how much "my government" can give me. Romney was a great candidate but how does one explain the benefits of bankruptcy in a 2 minute sound bite? The real problem was Romney was too smart for the low information, gimme voter! As Howard Cosell said "The problem Mr. Meredith is the education of the masses".

  • seazen

    I continue to see a lot of denial here. Mitt Romney was a perfect standard bearer for the GOP as he consistently showed zero understanding of those struggling to exist as part of the 47% while he, his prime supporters, and friends flitted around in their private jets, drank champagne at fund raisers, and believed that there was no way this inept, black, Muslim could ever win another election. Today, they think the answer is "Better Marketing!" and massive redistricting or Electoral College rigging. They are uniformly clueless because they spent no time within the reality that the vast majority of Americans really live in and are simply concerned about keeping their preferred status. Barack Obama won because he and his team were better prepared, were smarter, and actually care about the majority of our citizens – not just the few.

  • Mo Better

    Interestingly, it appears to some that when MAObama and his prime supporters and friends "flit around in their private (and public) jets,and drink champagne at fundraisers" that this is quite alright, however, the opposition is to be roundly and repeatedly criticized for the very same behavior.

    The problems for decent Americans who still believe in self-sufficiency, personal responsibility, liberty, freedom and the Constitution are 1) that the media is in the tank for the Fraud-In-Chief currently defiling the Awful/Offa/Oaf-full Office, and they have been for years, 2) the Senate is totally corrupt, self-serving, self-aggrandizing, and committed to subjugating the people of this Constitutional Republic, 3) the "low information voters" (read mindless, know-nothing morons) embrace the notion that they are owed, entitled to whatever the government will give them, at the expense of those who are actually productive, 4) the Manufactured Fabrication that is Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Obama, Barry Obama, Barack Hussein Obama, Barack Maybe Obama, Frank Marshal Davis, Jr., Harrison J. Bounel, or whatever other aliases he may use, is trampling the Constitution at every opportunity and the neutered Congress is complicit, 5) the Supreme Court is stacked with leftist traitors, and on and on into every aspect of American life. The worst America-hater in the history of the Republic sits upon his self-annointed throne in the District of Corruption and enacts Executive Orders to bypass the will of the people and destroy the country. Yes indeed, the useful idiots actually believe that MAObama is better prepared, smarter and actually cares about the majority of our citizens – that lunacy is, in fact, precisely what is wrong with America today.

  • Frank Livingston

    The Democrat Party is the flying carpet for the communists, Fabian socialists, Marxists, progressives, liberals, Islamists, left-wing radicals, anti-capitalists, un-American union thugs and cultural Marxism is also the glue that holds them all together?.

    Keep in mind the RINO leaders/followers in the Republican Party are hell-bent to help Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood add America to their list of nations they are moving towards a global caliphate. And, the media is their public relations group helping to destroy us.

    In fact, they BOTH are a party to our destruction however, for different reasons; it all revolves around our Constitution, National/Homeland Security and they placed Cultural Marxism above each one.

    Ask a RINO about Shariah/Islamic law in the United States of America and you will get a “deer in the headlight look like Sen. Graham has when asked about Islamic Doctrine. Go to YouTube and watch Sen. Graham publically admit his ignorance when he states, “I Don’t Know What The Islamic Threat Doctrine Is”… which is the title of the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zw-hDOlPZQ
    Why is this important? Sen. Graham sits on the Armed Services Committee and has failed to do his job or he would know all about the Islamic Threat Doctrine, Muslim Brotherhood, global Caliphate, and the extent the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our government in the White House, agencies, congress and our judicial system.


    If you think Republican strategy should be formulated by Bill Ayers, NBC, CBS, then you might think the Big R combine needs to embrace more illegal immigration, freebies, abortion, gun control, Common core Education, and get right with the left. Personally, I think registered republicans are so fed up with the Washington D.C. leadership's constant compromising away of our rights and resources that it is too late to hope they will ever win another presidency. But even when three million stayed at home in the last election, they couldn't beat the twelve million liberals who stayed away. Stop chasing the Progressive constituency and just try to get your own conservative base to vote with you….Don't follow the Rick Scott model of pandering desperation.

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