Rubio wins first straw poll of 2016 presidential race and Newt’s praise

Marco RubioMarco Rubio is a potential 2016 presidential contender for the Republican Party, and his popularity continues to quietly build, just as it did in the early stages of his improbable run for the U.S. Senate.

In a glimpse of this growing popularity, Rubio came out on top as the early choice for his party’s nomination in one of the first straw polls of the 2016 presidential race.

It was held in Washington state — 3,000 miles from Florida.

Rubio earned 37.4 percent of the vote, organizers at this year’s Roanoke Conference announced, according to the Seattle Times.

“Former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, who won the straw poll in 2011, was second with 9.9 percent, while Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (who last week urged the GOP to stop being “the stupid party”) got 8.2 percent,” the Times reported.

Another sign of Rubio’s blooming acclaim is that his name is being mentioned more and more on the Sunday morning talk shows, and this week was no exception.

While appearing on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” former House speaker and GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich had some advice for Republicans: Listen to Sen. Marco Rubio.

Gingrich said Republicans have to reach out to a broader base to stay competitive in future elections.

“Republicans ought to listen very carefully to Marco Rubio,” he said. “You can’t lose Asians, Latinos, African Americans and young people and think you’re going to be competitive.”

Rubio detailed his vision on immigration reform in mid-January during an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

And with President Obama set to debut his own plans for comprehensive immigration reform at an event Tuesday in Las Vegas, Rubio can expect his name to come up a lot in the media as the inevitable comparisons take place.

While the road to the White House is long and difficult, and Rubio has yet to declare an interest, this son of hard-working Cuban immigrants who toiled as a bartender and a maid has already covered a lot of ground.


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Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


  • Matt Nye

    Where is the poll located online? Who was included?

  • Citizen

    Yes, a sample poll of 1000 illegals, of the estimated 30,000,000. It appears Mr. Rubio has more in common with our glorious president than the 70% of American CITIZENS who oppose any form of amnesty. He is nothing more than another self serving Republicrat living 2000 miles away, living in a government enclave, with the other jackels. Look what happened to Allen West, a true patriot: both Democan, and Republicrat parties in Florida made sure he was defeated. Question, where was the Florida Repuub party when the phony election results were contested—sitting on their hands—-thats where.

  • seazen

    If he already has the yoke of Gingrich around his neck, just wait until he has the praises of Palin, Rove, Coulter, Limbaugh, Hannity and the Kochs. Then he can charge forward with confidence and we all can look forward to another grand GOP nomination campaign in just three short years.

  • Quan

    Senator Rubio is the rabbit in the race. Some good ideas, and good press, but hardly the stuff Presidents are made up, and definitely not ready for prime time. He is clearing brush for another Floridian, who is busy preparing in the background, and strengthening his conservative and faith-based credentials by hosting Bill O'Reilly. His only roadblock is his last name.

    • seazen

      Like that assessment. Probably spot on.

  • Steve Phillips

    Rubio,is not constitutionally eligible to be president or VP,he is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN,parents were not US citizens at his time of birth,he is a naturalized citizen,he was born 1974,parents did become citizens until 1976,so that makes an ineligible according to constitution,article 2,section 1,clause 5.Must have citizen parents at time of birth,SR 511 for latest info.

  • Junior

    You ppl who comment in this forums are so damn stupid you up here criticizing Rubio for what again? For actually having some damn common sense to know that this is a diverse country and what to help and be there for ALL AMERICANS . You criticize him for actually having the balls to reach across the aisle and work with others and not buckle to the dumba**es on the right who bark for no reason. Like Newt said if the GOP wants to live then they better line up and stand behind the future and that's MARCO RUBIO!!! —-> NEWSFLASH idiots on the right if you think you on the extreme right gonna prop up a Rand Paul and the just plain ignorant right prop up another Mitt Romney wuss then trust and believe 2016 will go to Hillary if she run or which ever other dem takes the nod!!

  • Junior

    Pardon the typos!

  • Junior

    Everytime it's an article about someone why is it always some jackass ( Steve Phillips ) that just gotta comment with the birther bs you know nothing about Rubio's citizenship just leaving blatant ignorance in the forum the man stated many times he is a citizen !! Ok !! The birther crap aint work for ya in 08 10 or 12 so give it a freaking break!

  • JohnnyAngel Advocacy

    At least you know the Constitution. Strong point that most likely will be "skirted" again by GOP money.

  • Leroy Whitby

    Uh, not with this amnesty crap. No thanks.

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