Mitt Romney right again, Bill Mahr says ‘dirt bags’ don’t pay their share

In a strange turn of events, Bill Mahr said on his show Friday that there are people who are not contributing, but that society is picking up the tab. After taking a jab at Mitt Romney for not attending the inauguration, he labeled those who do not pay into the system as “dirt bags.”

Mitt Romney during the campaign talked about the 47 percent. And of course to get to that number of 47 percent who don’t pay federal taxes, that’s what he was talking about, you have to include veterans and retirees,” said Mahr in a Newsbusters report. “But it’s not really 47 percent.”

“It’s not zero percent either, takers. I mean, there are a lot of dirt bags in this country, and I think it’s somewhere in between 47 and zero,” Mahr continued. “I think we should split the difference and say we have 23.5 percent dirt bags in America. I do. Like the Octomom. California pays. We pay to, you know, feed and clothe and spay and neuter her children. And she’s not giving back to society.”

Mahr also went on to comment about the number of people on disability now compared to the past. He said in 1968 it was 51 people on disability for every one who is paying, but that ratio is now 13 to one.

“You know, it just seems like there’s less people pulling the wagon and more people in the wagon, and at some point the wagon is going to break,” said Mahr.

See Mahr’s remarks from the Media Research Center here:


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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.


  • KodysGrandma

    I do believe that the first sensbile thing this jack— has ever said.

  • http://att Linda Mitchell

    Now the people are realizing Mitt was right-Chrysler sending jobs to Japan and RUssia, Mitt mentioned Milay –

    and the 47% not paying taxes-hope everyone likes Obama's next 4 years-just remember Mitt's statements they

    are all coming true! Everyone says they won -but actually what did you win-four more years of debt!!!!

  • David Ramos

    I don't believe Romney was including veterans and retirees. In any event, I am sure that it is more than 23.5 percent of americans who do not pay any taxes, are perfectly healthy, and waste the benefits that we pay for on cigarette, porn, booze and are not actively seeking employment.

  • LastGirl

    Romney is a tax felon so he's one of the dirt bags Bill Maher was talking about. Why was Romney the only candidate in history to have a problem with revealing tax returns? What was he hiding. Amnesty? You only get amnesty if you are guilty of a crime. If there was no guilt, why the reluctance?

    • Jake

      I can't believe an educated American would say something like that. Romney is not a tax felon. The reason he is taxed at such a low rate is because his money has already been taxed, which means this "low" tax rate he pays is the second tax on it. The reason is that the majority of his income Is made off of investments he made with his money that was already taxed. So people like you must feel that even though he is the one assuming the risk with his own money if his investment is successful then he must pay a success penalty aka "tax". And by the way did the government give him stock tips? Or tell him about a good stock broker? What did the government do to deserve any of that already taxed money in the first place? But we all know what they'll do with it. They'll take his money and give it to some "dirtbag", (Maher's words mot mine) who feels they don't need to work because guys like mitt are out there making wise investments.

  • cs

    Wow now he's getting it!

  • LastGirl

    Bill Maher is a comedian of sorts who gave his opinion. Does an opinion mean it is a fact? No.

    Before the election, Bill Maher said that Romney is full of sh*t. So is he right about that?

  • Jose Martinez

    Blah, blah, blah, everyone knows the reason Romney pays such low tax rates is because of loopholes he pays big bucks for his accountants to find and use. For example, paying paying the lower capital gains tax on wages he is paid for investing OTHER peoples money.

  • Jose Martinez

    The problem with comedians getting involved in politics is that we laugh at their half-truths when it suits us, but cringe at their half-lies when they don't. Obviously Maher is in the exalted 1 % of givers, and as a 1%er is justifiably riled at the 'dirt bag 23%' takers. I wonder how he feels about taxpayer subsidies that paid the majority of the cost to finance Citi Field for the Mets, Maher being a minority owner.

  • JC

    Investing ain't working

  • GOP

    It's almost funny how liberal and idiotic your comment was … ALMOST. Jake hit it right on the dot with his comment. But liberals and Democrats seem to not be able to understand that extremely simple concept; it's been explained time and time again … countless times over the course of the campaign … but people are STILL accusing him of this, over TWO MONTHS after the election!!! It's … sad, really. And as Jose said it, EVERYONE KNOWS THE REASON ROMNEY PAYS SUCH LOW TAX RATES!!!

    I mean, you could have looked it up and found the answer easily. Everyone here could have. It's not a mystery. Get your head out of your a*s.

    "Why was Romney the only candidate in history to have a problem with revealing tax returns?"

    Why was Barack Obama the only candidate in history to have a problem with revealing his BIRTH CERTIFICATE?!

    • jcm52

      "Why was Barack Obama the only candidate in history to have a problem with revealing his BIRTH CERTIFICATE?!"

      It'll take 30 seconds to find a copy of Obama's "short form" birth certificate online. Another 30 seconds finds his "long form" birth certificate. Please, find me a copy of George Bush's birth certificate (either of them). A copy of Romney's? A copy of Clinton's (again, either of them)? Dole's? McCain's? Ross Perot? John Kerry? Al Gore's?

      More interestingly, why was Barack Obama the only candidate in history to have to reveal his birth certificate?

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