Freshman Rep. Ron DeSantis rejects congressional perks

Congressman Ron DeSantisIn an effort to keep his promise to shun congressional perks, U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., announced Monday that he is rejecting the taxpayer-subsidized benefits offered to members of Congress. DeSantis is one of only a few turning down congressional pension and federal health insurance benefits.

DeSantis released the following statement:

“I didn’t run for Congress for the perks,” said Rep. DeSantis. “I ran for office to be the type of citizen legislator our Founding Fathers envisioned and to change the prevailing culture in Washington.”

The National Journal recently reported that Members of Congress are entitled to a pension program that costs roughly $28 million annually and which enables some lawmakers to pull down six-figure pensions on an annual basis. Additionally, Members of Congress receive federally funded health insurance benefits that exceed the health insurance benefits possessed by many Americans, especially those who have been or will be negatively affected by the 2010 health care law. Rep. DeSantis and his wife have purchased health insurance that is both less generous and more costly than the congressional health plan subsidized by taxpayers.

“I do not believe that elected officials should be provided pensions at taxpayer expense,” Rep. DeSantis added. “I have co-sponsored a bill in Congress to end taxpayer-funded pensions for politicians, but until that becomes law I think it is important to lead by example.”

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  • Rita Robbins

    could we actually have found a HONEST person? More of our elected leaders should follow your example..

    Thank you…

    Rita Robbins

    New Port Richey, Fl.

  • keith bailey

    Thank You Sir.

  • KB Cook

    Amazing – a man who came to serve his constituency, not to be served!

  • Ellie

    We need 500 more like him THANK YOU SIR

  • Carolyn A. Shank

    Makes me proud that a Florida Rep. is showing he's in it for us. Very proud of his decision,we need to keep him in prayer for strength.

  • Carol Ryan

    Thank you for co-sponsoring the bill. We need many more like you in office to help our country back on the road to recovery.

  • http://bizpac Tom Jpnes

    Excellent man! Run for President, Please!!!!

  • Steve Phillips

    Now that's a true patriot.we 534 more just like him.

  • http://Bizpac Ted

    I think this is flash. Check back on this guy in a year or two and see what he is doing with the benefits. I think you'll see that his turning down these benefits could actually cost more than just accepting them and getting on with business. He can always give away any extra monies he receives to a good charity. His telling us he is not accepting the perks means nada, if he doesn't just do his job. Put up, or shut up. Get the job done. That's all that counts. Just saying.

    • Bob

      Your liberai logic holds good thoughts like a sieve.

  • Catherine

    Refreshing. Lead by example, what a concept.

    Thank You

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