‘Under God’ missing from Obama’s inaugural

For the very first time in presidential inaugural history, the invocation was delivered by a non-clergy member, and it showed.

The oft-heard words from the Pledge of Allegiance were included in the invocation as follows: “We now stand beneath the shadow of the nation’s capitol, who’s golden dome reflects the unity and democracy of one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Noticeably missing was the phrase, “under God.”

Welcome to Amerika, comrades.

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  • sunflower

    Thats about what I expected would happen . Its very important to pander to the heathens these days.

    I wonder what the Black Baptists have to say about that. I do believe Obama and his missus did trot over to Saint Johns Episcopal church this morning but he may have missed the God part cause he was too busy tweeting.

  • sunflower

    To the Obama water carriers….Mitt Romney was right about Jeep.

  • Mary Marshall

    Under God…Really why did he bother to go to church in the first place..his agenda and vision for America has nothing to do with God…Oh ,and it's beginning to show! Soon, very soon his demeaning of everything that made America great will be destroyed…Greece is coming sooner then you think! His character is totally dishonest, hypocrisy at its best , pretense and insincerity has divided America…destroying it from within…no foreign invaders could do more damage then he has done in the last 4 years to our great nation…The Obituary of the United States born 1776 and died 2012

    • Sandra Freeman

      Well said Mary I agree 100%

    • Daniel

      You might as well have added the fact that "Obama eats children at night, punches old people in face while they pray and pees on Bibles" to your ridiculously gross delusions about Obama's works in office. Name one single act of legislation or executive act Obama has done to "destroy" this country? Your fear based political preaching only serves to project an image of a crazy conspiracy obsessed hillbilly who is chronically misinformed by a lack of education and intellectual diligence and is manipulated by even more ignorant people than yourself. Luckily your ignorance doesn't represent what best represents America. America is best represented by people with reason and truth. Our forefathers came from the age of reason and did well to build a country based on reasonable principles of freedom. This last election was won by a reasonable candidate elected by a reasonable majority of respectable and reasonable Americans. I'm glad your candidate lost because he does not represent common sense tradition or integrity. Obama convinced us that with hard work and brains we can rebuild this country back from the shambles of a failed hillbilly administration that preceded it. God is Blessing Obama and America for electing Obama. God Bless Obama! God Bless The U.S.A

      • Annie

        We do not want a socialist country. This is a democracy. Barack is a red diaper baby, raised by socialists, hell bent on changing this country at its core. No we can not name one piece of legislation he had enacted – other than gun control – because he has covertly undermined our country from within. DO YOUR RESEARCH, understand how he was raised, where he came from, how he came to power in Chicago and then rose to the presidency. His agenda is not one of freedom, democracy, solvency or integrity in office. He is a socialist / Communist LIAR! This is not my dream for America, and half of this country is pissed off and ready for revolution. And I am not a "hillbilly". I am a physician, who has seen our health care system destroyed by welfare sucking liberals leaching off the system. I resent that I am taxed into oblivion for working hard and making money, I resent that the unemployment in this country has skyrocketed and his administration blames it on Bush. Bullshit! Look at the unemployment lines and tell me Hope and Change has made this country better! Look at how many small businesses have closed on Main Street all across this country! Four years of LIES! The people of this country are PISSED! And I for one am NOT going to put up with it any longer!

      • Amanda

        I too could spout off a few big words and promise you the moon but, would you believe me? I could claim to hold your definition of "common sense" and hold myself with integrity and use my confidence to persuade all of America that I will help them…that I will rebuild this country and bring it back to it's roots. I could do all of the that. However, none of the words mean anything without the actions to back it up. He convinced many hard-working Americans that have been out of work for more than a year now that with with hard work and "brains" we could rebuild. The four years he has been in office has been a nightmare for people out of work. His promise of hope turned into that of despair and he controlled the house. The American people need Jobs yet, he stopped the keystone pipeline? Is that going forward? Is it going forward to lie to Americans about Benghazi? Attacking the 2ND ammendment is certainly a step backwards. Issuing drone attack after drone that leaves innocent civilians dead (innocent children), is that what you call moving forward? When it was "Bush's War" liberals would be all over it. You can't let yourself be blinded by smooth talk "double talk". Leaving out under God, I can see where an atheist would feel like they have just won some sort prize, but the fact is, most people in America believe in God. We may not all worship him in the same way but, that is the glory of America.

    • Jim

      Well said

  • Tommy Fore

    The oft-heard words from the Pledge of Allegiance were included in the invocation as follows: “We now strand beneath the shadow of the nation’s capitol, who’s golden dome reflects the unity and democracy of one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” What a crock of unadulterated "crock". obama……suck my nose!

  • http://aol jo

    This woman disgraced our Flag & country today. How dare she omit Under God. It demeans our soldiers who carry our Flag into battles.Why do the Liberals have to take away everything from us? What a piece of crap she is. She better not call herself an American. This is our pledge and she had no right to change it . May God forgive her because I don't

  • Debbie Yowell

    This IS Exactly WHY horrible tragedies happen at schools. We have kicked GOD OUT of these places. And…This is exactly what is going to happen to this country if we continue on this road we are on!!! Until we allow GOD BACK into our schools, homes, and lives…we are going to keep having tragedies.

  • Angela

    St. John's Episcopal Church where the Obama's "worship" is one of the most liberal Episcopal churches around – they support and encourage gay and lesbian couples, they ordain and support gay and/or lesbian clergy and their "teaching" is far from what the Gospels preach…no surprise that the Obama's who in my humble opinion, really aren't Christians at all, go to this church – infrequently though they may attend. I thought it was sacreligious that he put his hand on the Bible and then left "under God" out of the inauguration ceremony – this man and his wife have their own agenda and it is NOT for the good of our nation; we need to watch carefully and be on our guard because severe changes are coming and America as we have known it and loved it will soon be a memory. God Help Us!

  • Ronald ,E.Bauerle

    They showed the beginning of their plan for this country today.Didn't they

  • Tim in Oregon

    This is deplorable! Wake up America!………… this kind of government must fail in the eyes of God. I shudder to think what will become of my children and grand children under this kind of brazen atheism.

  • Jeff

    It was not a word for word of the Pledge, get over it.

    Not everyone in America believes in God

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