Sean Hannity’s guest gives shooting demo

Friday night, Sean Hannity featured national and world Champion pistol shooter Jessie Duff who demonstrated differences in characteristics among various rifles, handguns and a shotgun.

She starts out with a .223 cal. AR15, the primary focus of many gun control advocates. She then moves on to a Browning 30-06 hunting rifle, Beretta 12 ga. shotgun firing both slug and #2 shot. She finally moves on to semi-automatic handguns — a Browning Hi Power 9 mm and a Colt 1911 .45 cal. ACP.

Note the difference in sizes of the holes left by each of the rounds. The scary AR15 left the smallest holes.

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8 thoughts on “Sean Hannity’s guest gives shooting demo

  1. JPG says:

    You know, this video's premise is spot on. The pro gun control people are either ignorant and/or encourage ignorance in order to generate the fear they need to advance their agenda. I find it amusing that they're using cosmetic features to generate the fear, when the hard cold facts would be better. But that probably comes from their target audience: the ignorant and stupid. That said, I'm as pro-gun as it gets, so keep that in mind when you read the following.

    This video is bitterly disappointing. Your alleged motive to educate is admirable, but this video commits the same sin you claim to be correcting. It's factually inaccurate to the point that I can't help but wonder if you too are lying to advance your agenda. Which would make you a hypocrite. It's definitely possible that Sean doesn't know better, but Jessie Duff should, and any technical advisers I would have hoped you'd have hired should know better too. The video makes a big deal that the gun they're trying the hardest to ban is the least dangerous because "it makes smaller holes". I'd laugh at the absurdity, but this isn't a joke, it's deadly serious. Of the guns Ms. Duff demonstrated, the two most dangerous are unequivocally the two that generated the smallest holes in the target.

    The actual size of the holes only matters with low velocity weapons, like those handguns or shotguns. The AR-15 and the Browning .30-06 are high velocity, and the rules change. Above a certain velocity (which those two guns are well beyond), the bullets do damage to a body well outside their actual path. In short, those two rifles will do equal or greater damage to a person than that shotgun, and they can do it from a far greater range, and even through body armor.

    If you're going to get on a high horse about ignorance and education, you could at least get your facts straight. Otherwise, you're only harming your cause.

    1. JMF says:

      Well said JPG.

  2. glenda jackson says:

    I admit to being extremely ignorant about the operation of guns. Recent mass shootings have resulted in multiple deaths and critical injuries which occurred very quickly as a result of the shooters using a weapons like an AR-15. Was the young woman who demonstrated the guns trying to tell us that a shotgun can fire as many bullets as quickly as did these AR-15 type weapons? I think the point could have been better made if the young woman who demonstrated the guns would have shown the results of very rapid fire from all four guns.

    All of the talk about "taking away" 2nd Amendment rights may very well bring about new scrutiny of that Amendment. The framers of our Constitution were wise enough to provide for changes (and changes to changes) in that document. Section 2 of Article IV was changed by the 13th Amendment. The 18th Amendment (dealing with Prohibition) was repealed by the 21st Amendment. Thankfully our Constitution is a living document and remains (and may always be) a work in progress. JMHO.

  3. Did you even bother to consider the range at which the demonstration took place? If you had and then compared this to the ranges involved in mass shootings you would have understood the point. Your premise is only valid in a battlefield situation with engagement ranges in excess of 75 meters – it is you who needs to get your facts straight!

  4. stu redish says:

    I want to comment on the bogus gun demonstration on last nights show. The size of the entry hole from the 223 bullet is the smallest yes but this bullet tumbles and makes a lot of internal damage and a larger exit wound. It is also a lot easier to shoot and aim multiple shots quickly because of the lower recoil compared to 30 cal and shot gun. There is a reason our arm forces use it almost exclusively, They want to kill lots of people quickly. I was disgusted by this diseptive demonstration.

  5. Gary says:

    The demo and you're all a bit off. It's not a simple question or answer about which is more dangerous. They're all dangerous and they can all kill you. Heck even a .22LR can kill you.

    At close range the shotgun in most conditions is probably going to cause the worst injuries. A one ounce slug hitting you at 1500fps is a devastating impact. Especially if it a expansion slug. Also, you certainly can fire a semi auto shotgun as past as an AR, watch an action shotgun comp, people are shooting .12 second interval shots. Recoil on a 30cal is not what it use to be. many of the new designs with muzzle breaks on them can be shot as fast as an AR.

    On top of that 5.56 and 7.62 rounds are less effective at very close ranges some types of ammo are very ineffective.

    The point they were trying to make I think if that a 5.56 is not this evil super bullet of death. It's not even designed to be more lethal, it was found to cause massive injuries that take a long time to heal, and close to medium range.

    The long short is any gun pointed at you is bad.

  6. Robin says:

    Hannity is a fool. He gets paid to stir up hate against President Obama. To me that is shameful.

  7. stu redish says:

    Yeah and tonight Sean said that he knows all about weapons has been a marksman since he was 11. Shame on him

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