Bipartisan agreement to withhold senators’ salaries if they fail to pass budget

The following statement was released Friday on the House of Representatives Committee on the Budget website.

Earlier today, House Republicans announced a path forward on the nation’s near-term budget challenges. The 1974 Congressional Budget Act requires passage of a budget resolution by April 15 each year. Under Senator Harry Reid’s leadership, the Senate has refused to pass a budget for 1,360 days. As the Administration and Congress work through opportunities to cut government spending, there will be no consideration of a long-term debt-ceiling increase unless both the House and the Senate pass a long-term budget plan. The plan also includes a bipartisan proposal to withhold Senators’ salaries if they fail to pass a budget.

In response to the plan outlined by House Republican leaders, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan issued the following statement:

“I stand in strong support of the agreement reached by my colleagues today. Our conference has united around a common-sense proposal. It rests on the recognition that our challenge is twofold: We have to pay our bills today, and we have to make sure we can pay our bills tomorrow. To achieve both ends, we must cut spending and budget responsibly.

“Since taking the majority, House Republicans have done their job. We’ve passed a budget that promotes economic growth and gets spending under control. But for nearly four years, Senate Democrats have refused to pass a budget. Today’s agreement will hold the Senate accountable for this legal and moral failure. Just as April 15 is tax day for American families, it is budget day for Congress. Unless the Senate acts, there will be no consideration of a long-term debt-ceiling increase. I look forward to working with my colleagues—in both houses and in both parties—on this vital issue.”

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  • Kori Page

    Paul Ryan should be our president instead!!!!

  • Alan C

    Okay, thats all fine. Now, I if you would only stick to your guns. Fight back, kick some A, America supports you.

  • KB Cook

    Like the Chinese laundry-man says: "No tickey, no washy."

  • lawrence brown

    GO FOR IT PAUL don't back down while you are pass abil to hang harry if he don't i have a good rope will do the job for you at the white house lawn

  • Nancy Cuseo


  • Suzie-Q

    How about starting with all those useless programs, agencies, like public television. Big Bird can get the funding thru private funding, or how about a new concept… teach your own children their ABC's. No lobbyist ( didn't O promise that the first time around ? ) no special interest, no porks and so forth. Billions could be saved just by trimming. I would also cut all those over inflated wages, retirements, pensions, medical. If Obamacare is good enough for the rest of us,………. and no more free cell phones!!. Sitting on welfare with kids, you will now babysit the the kids of mothers that want to work and or get an education. To pay for your keep with the rest ( minus the elderly, truely disabled ) of the welfare people, you will work for the city, painting, trash pick-up and so on. See, easy.

    • Stephanie

      Suzie-Q–you sound a lot like Mitt Romney, lol. too bad he's not in charge now. people freaked out about Big Bird and free birth control–we can see where people's priorities were this last election.

  • willard

    no work no pay

  • Boca Legend

    It's about damned time.

  • Rich

    It's funny how we pay the GAO to find the waste and fraud in government but nobody acts on the findings. How many family members or political favorites of politicians work in Washington DC? Here is a GAO report from March 2011. I don't drink the R Koolaid nor the D Koolaid.

    • Ladyliberty

      Thank you, Rich! I keep referring back to that report for cuts…RIGHT NOW. The report is done, the waste identified, ready-made for immrediate implementation.The problem?…Each "cut" as a constituency attached to it. Our Congressional parliament of whores will tread on us, but give them a pass.

  • Daisy

    It's a fantastic idea that will never be passed in the Senate. Paul Ryan has wonderful ideas. Too bad not enough politicians have the guts to back him up.