Take our poll: Has Obama violated his oath of office?

Earlier this week, Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) said he would file articles of impeachment against President Barack Obama if executive orders were used to establish future gun control measures. On Wednesday 23 executive orders were published by the White House in conjunction with a press conference about pushing gun control. What do think about the president’s bold actions?

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  • KB Cook

    When has he not violated his oath of office? Can someone tell me that?

    • http://PIZPACREVIEW.com Mary Grace Freeman

      Amen to that

    • Sandy

      Obama has openly said the constitution limits government control and should be eliminated.As he once again takes the oath of office swearing to uphold the constitution is actively violating it. OBAMA SHOULD BE IMPEACHED

    • James

      When he was actually taking it?

  • http://PIZPACREVIEW.com Mary Grace Freeman

    Rep. Stockman, I commend you in what you have put out here for us to read what your intentions are as to IMPEACHMENT of THE WORSE PRESIDENT THAT EVER HELD OFFICE. I think it is high time The Body that helps the people get together and get this tyrant out of office. I do not want someone like him in there legislating bills that will infringe on my right to have as many bullets as I want in a magazine. That is not his call. We have a right to bear arms, foreign or domestic… domestic meaning taking up arms against those you come against you and try to harm you. My goodness the way the things are going here, I wouldnt put it past people to start stock piling for another civil war. This mad man of a President has to be gotten out of office. NOW…NOT LATER….NOW

    • http://Yahoo.com lawrence brown

      Anyone that votes against the Impeachment should be voted out office come2014 and 2016

    • Virgnia Miller

      I agree!!!!!. As a African American, I did not voted for this president this time because I knew that he would resort to his own form "stupidity" to start more chaos in which innocent lives can be lost because what comes out of his mouth.

      • yvonne

        good for you Virgina.

    • MaeBelle Barger


  • Frank J Alcorn

    I really hope Steve Stockman stands by his word. I can't understand how Obama has gotten away with all he has up to this piont in tme. Why don't more elected leaders call him out for what he is doing to AMERICA?

    • http://PIZPACREVIEW.com Mary Grace Freeman

      I agree with you. It is almost as tho they are afraid. Like Hitler … the people were afraid of him. GOD HELP US.

  • http://PIZPACREVIEW.com Mary Grace Freeman

    The real problem is this: This massacre that took place in Dec, killing those precious kids could have been avoided. The GUN OWNER is responsible for the act her son did. She was not a responsible person, or she would have had gun locks on all those guns, and or a gun safe. This is the problem. There does not need to be anymore legislation in regards to guns. We have a right to purchase any type gun we want. It doe not say anywhere in the second amendment… oh by the way , you can only have 7 or ten in a clip… give me a break. THE PROBLEM IS WITH THE GUN OWNER WHO WAS ALSO SHOT AND KILLED BY HER SON, She was not a responsible gun owner. SHE IS THE ONE LIABLE, NOT OUR GUN RIGHTS, I am sick of these people in Washington DC sitting around thinking up stupid legislation when that is not needed. MAKE GUN OWNERS ACCOUNTABLE. SIMPLE.

    • http://Yahoo.com lawrence brown

      Those High price Idoits can't even balance the buget but showing their stupid ass way of running this country Vote them out office 2014 2016

  • Linda Hoskinson

    Will Senator Mitch McConnell Sell We The People Out by striking up a deal with Senator Reid? On the Fillibuster? Thus Giving the Democrats carte blanche (simple vote) to pass anything they want. Can We The People Trust John Boehner to Stand His Ground on Our Second Amendment Rights? Or On Anything Else For That Matter.?

  • Russell Bennett

    How far is he going to be allowed to go. The longer we wait the harder it will be to repair. I can't believe all the democrats agree with him 100 percent.

    • http://PIZPACREVIEW.com Mary Grace Freeman

      I dont believe they do. Silently they are probably wondering what is going to happen now …. what they thought they were getting is not exactly what they are getting.

  • glad44

    Actually, they are not stupid. They are cunning and manipulative. They know exactly what they are doing. Power has made them addicted to dictating their agenda to all weaker than they.

  • Virgnia Miller

    I did not vote for a Democrat because there are a bunch of insults to our democracy. Sadly,they are trying to set back America 400 years or more to the Dark Ages. They are taking away our rights to protect ourselves from harm and that is not

    right. Also, what is so hypocritical is that so-called Black leaders are telling a Black person like me that gun control will —

    solve our crime-related problems. Now, that is the "dumbest lie" that I have ever heard. And worse, predominately Black cities has the worse horrific crime rates in the world. Why? because some Black community leaders tell the Blacks that if they just give-up their guns in a so-called gun buy back problem and their crime problems will be solved. But these so-called Black leaders they have guns to protect their families and their properties. How Hypocriitcal. I was a Democrat and that was the fatal mistake I made, has since corrected it. If any violence happen because of gun control measures that he signed, Blame Barack Obama and the Deomcrats.

  • Dale

    Obama is a criminal against the Constitution and the people of the United States. He needs to be brought to justice…and of course Holder too. They are treasonous and should be hanged in a public setting for all to see.

    • yvonne

      when, where, i pray soon. & it's npt all Talk… Somebody left in congress must still have some balls….

  • Annie

    What part of " I swear to up hold the Constitution of the United States of America" is not clear?

    My question is when are the American people going to say "ENOUGH!" and start protesting in the streets? I've had it! I believe the majority of americans have had it too! When are we going to DO something about it????

    • http://none Pat

      Executive decision–a way to get your way when you know you won't get it by going through the conventional methods specified by the law of the country, A spoiled child taking advantage of the power handed to him by the uneducated voters. Just think, this is the beginning. We have 4 more years of this kind of thing to look forward to. The government has forced us to forsake God. Now God is forsaking us.

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