Allen West announces his next career move

Former Republican Congressman, Retired Army Lt. Col. and Tea Party favorite Allen West went “On The Record” Tuesday night with Greta Van Susteren. The number one topic was his future plans after a narrow, disappointing defeat for re-election in Florida’s 18th Congressional district.

The Dylan Thomas line, “Do not go gentle into that good night” is something that applies to West in spades. He has strong opinions and has never been reticent to let them be known. Tuesday night was no exception.

He announced that he’d recently joined PJ Media as a director and co-host of shows aimed specifically toward the next generation — ages 18 to 25. The show “will look at the news — the current news through the lens of young Americans.” It’s called “Next Generation.”

“One of the programs I’ll have starting on the fourth of February,” he added, “will be ‘Next Generation Today.”

As expected, West will “not go gentle into the good night,” but will always make his presence known and his voice heard. Godspeed, Colonel.

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  • Donna

    Thanks for the update – I can't bring myself to watch anything political on TV since early November, glad there's so many people that'll do it for me and keep me updated. It'll be interesting to see what West does on PJTV.

  • Dmitry

    Whoever can contact Allen please, let him know that we expect him to run for an office – of his choice and desire. And on his way to it he should ignore GOP "establishment" and not listen to all those PoliSci "gurus". How well all of them worked lately for himself, Romney, Hasner, and dozens of others who lost miserably last November?!

  • Jim Mapes

    PJ Media, awesome. I hope to see him on PJTV along with some of my favorites there: Bill Whittle, Alfonzo Rachel, Scott Ott, Steve Green and Andrew Klavan (who really needs to produce more of his "Klavan on the Culture" pieces, they were gold).

    West is a natural leader, I am sure he will be involved in great things to come.

  • Ken Adkins

    Fantastic, however, we do expect Mr. West to return to Washington sooner rather than later…

  • Dick Kinkead

    Yesss! Go West, young man… and woman. I want Col. West either as top dog or SecDef .

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  • MDE440

    It will be very interesting particularly if he address the topic of the "Greatest Generation". A recent poll came out saying the "current generation" thinks that they are the greatest generation. I guess US History is no longer taught in schools.

  • Daisy

    What a great move on the part of Allen West. To reach young minds is brilliant. They are open to discuss what they think and

    feel. They dearly want someone to LISTEN to their thoughts and ideas, not lecture them on what they SHOULD think.

  • Cassandra

    Congressman/Colonel West has always served his country with honor and distinction, without regard for his own career. We pray for his success in every endeavor he undertakes. Also, we wait to see which office he runs for, and will support him 100%.

  • gerald

    mr. west may be our best chance to retake this country…..he is a natural leader who doesn't let politics control his path….we need him to run for office (preferably president)…….best of luck allen west in ur future….thank u for ur service to this country,,,,,

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