Is it disrespectful to say ‘Obama’ without saying ‘President?’

Ever since I can remember, we’ve referred to our presidents by their last name — Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and so on. Whether we liked the guy or not, there was never any disrespect intended in doing so, and everyone knew who we were talking about.

The only time this became a problem was in 2000 when George W. Bush was elected into office. Then we had to make a distinction. It was “Bush-41” vs. “Bush-43,” “Bush the Elder” vs. “Bush the Younger” or just plain “H.W.” vs. “W.:”

But with the elevation of Barack Obama into the White House, it’s not simply a matter of identity — according to the Left, it’s now become a matter of respect.

A panel on MSNBC’s “The Cycle” discusses whether it’s disrespectful to identify the president as just “Obama.”

My personal opinion? Don’t we have bigger problems?

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  • KB Cook

    What is truly disrespectful is this poser-POTUS himself. Sorry – go sit on an egg, if you think he deserves more than an impeachment trial!

    • JA Coleman

      Well said, KB, Well said!!

  • http://none BGH222

    Count me among the dis-respectful. After reading about the voter turn out in critical district's in Florida , Ohio, and Philadelphia He and his party seem to be a bunch of cheating crooks.

    Now He wants to destroy our country, and is doing a very good job so far.

  • http://yahoo carol jiru

    We definitely have more serious problems to discuss rather than whether it's proper to call Obama Mr. President!

    We could start with what Obama has done to our National debt!

  • Robbie Mock

    I live in Florida. I stood in line for 4 hours in the HOT sun to vote. There was a group of us, since where the early voting was held was NOT a nice neighborhood.. one that we do NOT go into.. daytime or nightime.. Yes, it was a the city hall, but out of about 1500 people there to vote, we were the only white voters. The place was surrounded with obama signs and it seemed everyone but us wore an obama t- shirt.. We were shoved, pushed, our feet stepped on and were being asked to move back in line.. they would rearrange the line so there were more lines for more people and our group kept getting moved farther away from the door. volunteers would come by with coolers filled with bottles of ice water.. we were never offered any. street side cooks came around with small plates/bowls of food.. again, we were ignored. They were NOT hiding the fact that they wanted us to leave. we were NOT welcome and they did NOT want us voting. we finally got there.. into an airconditioned room, while everyone else was voting, we were asked to wait.. they assumed we were voting for Romney ( we were, but how did they know?) while sitting and waiting, at least it was cool.. I can NOT tell you how many times I heard an election volunteer say, "Don't forget to mail in your absentee ballot"….

    SO.. when people bitch about the voting in Florida,,and the voters in Florida ,,, do NOT blame us, the legal voter.. we did our best!! we did what was right, and we did it legally!!

  • http://None Dorothy

    What enrages me about this presidential imposter is that everyone calls him black when he is half white – a half breed!!

  • Peter

    Respect is earned, and I have not seen this so called president earn any respect from the American people. His character is flawed, he steals, cheats and lies on a daily basis. He accepts awards to which he is not entitled, he breaks his promises and has no real moral values. I have many names for him but President is not one of them.

  • http://fb jerry

    nah i call him ovomit all the time

  • JA Coleman

    ha ha ha!!! Jerry! I call him Ovomit also!!!!


  • Vicki

    In order to get respect you have to give respect.He has no respect for anyone.Not the Amerian people.the constitution or God.So this so called man will get no respect from me.

  • Maxine Funk

    This has nothing to do with respect for the POTUS, but everything to do with those 'brainless" MSNBC idiots. Stop watching those jerks. Don't forget Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and of course all the "Bush Bashing" even the POTUS has done.

    contact the sponsors of this station and get these jokers off the air for good they are so riducous

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