Take our poll: If the government succeeds in passing a federal gun registry law, would you comply?

“Gun registration is gun confiscation.” Or so says the headline of an article published by blogger Dean Weingarten in 2000. It has been re-posted throughout the years, and has resurfaced to counter the recent demand for tougher gun laws.

Using  political leverage gained from the public’s horror over recent mass shootings, liberal lawmakers, Hollywood and others have banded together to push for stricter laws many fear will lead to the shredding of the Second Amendment.

Proposed legislation introduced by U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and others has produced significant backlash.

Joshua Boston, a former Marine, became famous recently for writing a poignant and polite letter to Feinstein refusing to comply with the new laws. In an interview with Fox News, Boston said that gun registration that leads to confiscation is what led to the Third Reich.

The hot-button issue seems to be Feinstein’s proposed federal gun registry. Some critics have speculated the move could start another civil war. What would you do if the legislation was passed?

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Gun registration is gun confiscation (excerpt)

The holy grail of the anti self defense and anti rights special interest groups is gun registration. This is because once your gun is required to be registered, it is in effect, already confiscated. Only a little thought will reveal to you why this is so. The Government will know who has legal possession of each firearm. They will know where the firearm is stored. When physical possession of the gun is desired, they can order you to turn it in. This has happened repeatedly. The historical examples include NAZI Germany, Soviet Russia, Red China, and Cambodia. Recent examples include Kosovo, Great Britian, Australia, New York, and California. Not having possession of the firearm registered to you can be grounds for criminal action. If you have reported the gun stolen, and it is then found in your possession, you can be charged with obstruction of justice.

It is a truism that once all guns are required to be registered, the only people who will legally possess guns will be those who have registered them. If you choose to follow the course of civil disobedience, and not register your firearms, mere possession of an unregistered gun can put you at grave legal risk.


  • torepedo

    Good luck to goverment. You think pro choicers are strong in their stance. Second Amendments people are like rabid dogs.

  • http://Bizpac Ted

    One thing to think about. If you get arrested and are a felon. You can't own a gun. Then you can be arrested again. Then, you can mean someone named Daryl and Mike, and Al and open yourself up to some brand new relationships. If you don't like any law, work to change it legally. If you don't, take your chances. I'd seriously think about how much you are determined to secretly hold on to that .22.

    • Carson

      Til they pry it from my cold dead hands….

    • Doug

      The opposite is what happened in Germany when only the Police & Military had GUNS?? Want that??

  • RUSerious

    The USA used to be respected as a civilized nation of law-respecting citizens – now it's considered a barbaric wild west.

    • Carson

      Well it is because of our crooked gov that causes 99% of these problem as they are intent on "taking care of us"… we vote these a holes into office then cry about what they do after their lies to get elected…

  • Ted Bishop

    This is beating a dead horse!! Honestly do you thank more gun laws control,, will control anything. 30 million guns out there, and any law change will have to be grand fathered in.How may DUI's a year, how many drug arrest a year?? The gov. is pizzin away how much?? on this debate, Tax money!!!More gov. control is not the answer!!! Obama care is an axample off gov. control,, and you want more!! get real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rich

    We should not be in a defensive posture where eventually you will lose more rights and freedoms. We should be going after some of the rights we lost with the Patriot Act and more. We need to attack the cause instead of trying to treat the symptoms. If this country were to sustain another terrorist attack can you imagine how fast people would be willing to give up more rights? Maybe even to the point where they would herd people into camps? The TARP agreement was executed as a completely knee jerk and ill informed reaction. We are giving up way too many rights to a government that has proven to be inept , divided and working for their own interests.

  • trey

    Under the Feinstein gun act we will be setting the ground work for gun confiscation. Once registered they must be forfeited upon the owners death. They may not be willed to anyone as in the past. This is the slow path to total gun confiscation by the government.

    Under the proposed act we will have to register and pay the tax of $200. Keeping in mind the total number of guns, (including simple .22 calibers that kids learn on) that would qualify, we are talking about Billions of dollars going to the ATF. That is one agency I don’t want to have unlimited funds. The CIA is already bad enough on their own. We don’t need another armed agency with unlimited funds and no one restraining them.

    I will not register my guns that qualify. I will not pay a tax on a weapon I already own legally. I will not condone my family allowing the government to take said weapons when I die.

    I am a professional, law abiding citizen and a Vet. Do not make me a criminal by your desire to take away my rights. I am not alone. Millions of Americans, many of them with combat experience feel the same way. We took an oath to protect the constitution and we know an illegal order when we wee one.

    The government had better consider this carefully before drawing the line in the sand. They do not want open war in the streets. Make no mistake that is where this is heading.

  • Allenhip

    Long over due Gun Control.

    The law is not going far enough.

    We need to have guns remove from unstable gun owners and their family members like the one that KILLED all those small children.

    It would not have happened IF HE DID NOT HAVE ACCESS to these weapons.

    We should require a mental health test to be included as part of any registration process and if they fail have ALL their weapons confiscated.


    For those who try to hide their weapons, by not registering should be sent to Federal Prison for a very long time.

    • Chicken Sock Puppet

      The owner had them legally and passed multiple background checks to obtain them.

      What we need to do is put into place speech controls. You've gone too far and need to be silenced.


      For those of you who think weapons should be confiscated, you are more than welcome to come to my house and try to take mine.

    • http://facebook Ralph

      You allow planed parenthood to kill 350, 000 childe a year funded by the government and you preach about some crazed killer killing 20 kids and try to blame if on law abiding people because they own the same items he stole from his mom who he killed makes you as big a hippocrat as the rest of the Brady bunch totally ignoring the real problem.

    • James Potter

      That's like saying that if a frog had wings, he wouldn't bump his butt when he jumps. That is the most stupid comment I believe I have read on an otherwise intelligent site, in a long time. What a retarded puss you are, Allenhip. You are a disgrace to the male species, to free men everywhere. Go to Europe where your kind roam.

  • Linda Hoskinson

    The Federal Government Has Been in Infringing on the Second Amendment of We The Peoples Right To Keep and Bear Arms. The Latest Exposure by A New York Newspaper in an Act to Expose Gun Owners was Meant to Disparage the Gun Owner. Instead, the Idiots Not Only Exposed Gun Owner, The NinComPoop also Exposed UnArmed Gun Free Zones. Understand why our Founding Fathers were genius in the Second Amendment. No Infringement and No Descript of The Arms.

  • Samantha

    Constitutionally speaking , No matter if the federal government passes the gun control law, There are laws in place in your own state and the government can not go against the states constitutional laws if any state or states who have it in place. Not to mention our constitution is void to any other country so if the gun ban is signed by obama and is from the UN the law signed is void of passing because it is not within "our"n Constitution for them to do so. Make sure that your state has this law in their constitution and speak to your senator and or governor about it.

  • fred muldoon

    I would register except I will need my guns for Civil War Dot Two.

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