Republicans need leaders with strength, courage and brilliance

allen west muricaOutgoing Congressman Allen West released a statement Tuesday on the recent “compromise” tax plan approved by the U.S. House. He did what he promised he would do: He voted a resounding “No!” Unfortunately, he was one of fourteen Florida Republican House members to take this unpopular stance. Eighty-five testicular-challenged Republicans, led by Speaker John Boehner, went along with Obama’s bill. In short, House Republicans leadership is in doubt. Bear in mind, however, that Majority Leader Eric Cantor joined with West and other true conservatives to oppose this economically destructive bill.

We now have an appeasement party masquerading as an opposition party, to the detriment of the entire country. My suggestion is to have us sit down with leaders like West and Adam Hasner to ask them to commit to running again for Congress and lead us out of this situation. We need leaders with strength, courage and brilliance.

Here is West’s Jan. 1 letter to his constituents:

 January 1, 2013

I wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

As I did my 7-mile run along the DC mall this morning I pondered where we are fiscally as a nation. We continue to have unserious band-aid type solutions to a very serious problem. I reviewed the Senate-passed legislation, and as it stands I will not support it if brought to the House floor.

Raising taxes in order to increase federal government spending is illogical, and disrespectful to all hard-working American families. Sure, I support the “doc fix” and AMT solution, but again the DC way is to make a pot of gumbo and believe that it will taste good to enough people. The American people deserve better.

No one’s taxes need increase and this Senate legislation does not promote economic growth, debt/deficit reduction, or spending discipline, which should be our main goals. The House has sent countless pieces of legislation, good policy, to the Senate which sits idly on Harry Reid’s desk. For the Democrat-led Senate to disregard its most basic Constitutional responsibility and then jam a last-hour cobbled-together 100 pages of nonsense to the House of Representatives is offensive. The future of our children and the promise to our next generation suffers due to extreme incompetence. The liberal progressive rhetoric sounds sweet to the ear but we continue to witness failure. The day is coming when principled pragmatic Constitutional Conservatives will be sought after to restore the American Republic, and we will answer the call.

Steadfast and loyal,

Allen B. West

Alan Bergstein

Alan Bergstein comes to our pages as a Brooklyn native. Father of four, retired NYC Principal, Korean War Veteran, patriot and Jewish and Israel activist.


  • barbara

    Bravo what a novel idea. I,ll back them 1000 per cent so will other Patriot in Palm Beach county. Maybe this time we can get the vote right, not be stolen from us.

    • Theresa

      I'm with you, Barbara. Supv of Elections is a democrat and I believe there was something fishy with the count.

  • A-nanomouse

    At the very top of the Republican Party (the brain trust) we need people of vision and courage who understand and truly believe omnipotent knowledge does not reside the North East United States. Romney is a capable leader and a decent human being who was totaly mismatched in a battle with brain-stained hardened liberals whose base consisted mostly of people on the take – both rich and poor. The opposition needed to be savaged just like Gingrich savaged Romney in South Carolina. It was obvious even to the dumb, blind, and ignorant Romney could not win against a cartel headed by Axelrod. Now, the orver-arching question: have we learned anything from this? As for Boehner, what in hell is he supposed to or can he do when he is not holding the cards? How much moronic diatribe can we issue to demean him when we have 4 more years with the jackasses in the whitehouse and the senate? Wakeup fellow patriots. re-cast a new strategy to increase our numbers because that is how the geme is scored. That is, if you really want to win in the dirty game of politics.

    • Dmitry

      100% agree with the call to re-cast new strategy to increase our numbers – by no means by becoming even more "dumbocrat-lite", but becoming as vicious in our tactics than alinsky/axelrod scorched earth operations. 100% disagree about not blaming Boehner for the same very reason: there is no glory in licking obama/reid butts. Even Cantor's "dissent" is nothing more than an attempt to salvage despised and impotent GOP: look, we're so independent and open-minded, that two top dogs have their own ideas and positions. BS – both are marching to the same old drum: cling to DC trough by all means necessary.

  • GoodBusiness send this idea to Col. West he can head our fight to take our Rights, Freedoms and Liberties back from Washington DC and the usurping Political class. The Article V State Amendment can end DC for ti takes all the money, powers and returns them to the many States. Leaving DC back under the limits of Article I section 8 enumerated powers which are few and sends the rest not limited to the States and the people. The courts would be forced back under the Article III limited powers – no more laws from the bench no more taxes form the air. Join the fight for it is spreading across the nation like wild fire . . . we the people will win.

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  • http://Yahoo Dmdja

    Allen West literally got screwed this past election by the media and the brain dead democrats who will rue the day they re elected our fraud president and this new kid that couldn't even tie Allen West s shoes. Allen will be back and we support him

  • David Bergstein

    Allen West would be wasting his time in Congress. Is there anyone else who comes close to him, in regards to being our next presidential candidate? I noticed quite a bit of passion for him to run as president though he wasn't even running. There is literally no one else. On either side.

    In fact, since Republicans are basically leaderless, and the country is looking more like Greece everyday (and we have no doubt that this is Obama's goal), we need his leadership skills right now.

    But if he lost as Congressman, how could he win as president? Anyone who has met Allen knows that the country would fall in love with him if they knew him more. And by 2016, his 'Communist' comment will be widely believed.

    Republicans need new life, today.

  • Rich

    Refusing to come on media shows that would have given him good exposure is a sure fire way to lose an election. Allen ran against a virtually unknown with an arrest. Allen also had 5 times the war chest of his opponent. Having talked to Allen before I found him to be a decent human being. I hope he learned something from this last election period.

  • Florida Republican

    I was SHOCKED that you didn't win Allen, and SADENED. You ae the most Patriotic, Qualified man that I felt was on the whole Ballot!! We needed you! I question the validity of the votes in the whole country, and especialy in your District..pease hang in there with us Brains do Reign, but maybe youare intended to serve us in another way. Happy New Yr. to you and your lovely wife.

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  • Natty Bumpo

    The fix was in in from the beginning,anyone notice how Tallahassee gave him virtually no support in his challenge for a recount? Does anyone truely believe the redistricting of him out of his base was a coincidence? Many in the Repuub party in Washington hate anyone who supports constitutional government as much as the Democommunist do: all their loyalty lies in the Washington onclave powerbase. Allen West was railroaded out of Washington by his own big government party—-we have no representation in Washington, or Tallahassee.

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