U.S. taxpayers saddled with over one-fifth of United Nation’s budget

UN General Assembly

United Nations General Assembly

After another year of being condemned by its member-nations, the United States just got handed another huge bill by the United Nations, proving once again that the U.N. is a spoiled brat in sore need of a stiff shot of tough love.

Just in the last three months alone, the U.N. made Venezuela, controlled by the Hugo Chavez regime, a member of the Human Rights Council, granted Palestine statehood and gave Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a platform to spew his hatred toward Israel and the United States.

Then to top it off, on Christmas Eve the U.N. General Assembly told us that we would have the honor of paying for more than one-fifth of the U.N.’s operating costs — 22 percent — for the next three years so that all this nonsense can continue.

Patrick Goodenough, writing for CNSNews.com. noted, “Between them the U.S. and Japan contribute one-third of the total budget – and roughly the same as the next seven countries combined.”

When he was handed the bill, the U.S. representative for U.N. management and reform, Joseph Torsella, sounded like a college fraternity plebe shouting “Thank you sir, may I have another!” after being whacked with a paddle.

“The United States is very pleased to have maintained the critical 22 percent ceiling for U.S. contributions to the U.N. regular budget, protecting U.S. taxpayers from the additional bills – estimated to be at least $300 million annually in both the regular and peacekeeping budgets – that would have resulted from an increase in the U.S. ceiling level,” he said.

Every time Susan Rice, our ambassador to the U.N., casts a vote, hers is but one vote out of 193. If we’re going to be footing 22 percent of its costs, maybe we should be granted 22 percent of the votes — that would be 42.46 votes.

Under the theory that it makes little sense to continue throwing good money after bad, others suggest getting out of the United Nations altogether. Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer has favored this for decades, calling the U.N. “inherently corrupt” and a “sandbox of dictators.”

I say being stabbed in the back by the United Nations wouldn’t hurt quite as much if they didn’t turn around and bill us for the knives.

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  • Sireta Neighbors

    Any chance we can cut off the money and get out. They aren't interested in human rights or doing the job the UN was set up to do.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kathy.bennett.507 Kathy Bennett

    Tell them to go straight to Hell! The United States isn't funding them anything!

  • willard

    don't give the UN a dime if you want to spend money spend it here

  • Phil

    Uh, shouldn't the USA get one vote per state and/or territory?

    And shouldn't each of those have their own representatives?

    If not, why should we pay so much of the cost?

  • Bumpkin

    "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony………", get it ,the one worlders in Washington keep these low-lifes funded.

  • Jan Porter

    Perfect timing for a New Year's resolution….exit stage left….

    reminisce: So long it's been good to know you…bye bye blackbird…Hit the Road Jack…Leavin' on a jet plane….So long, farewell…..

  • http://Bizpac Ted

    From the urge reflect, I'd agree. Let'em do without us. While your at it, vacate all things that the UN has had a part in doing because we have always had to pay most of the bill. That would be intervention in Rwanda, the Balkans, Congo, Sudan and Korea. Also the creation of Israel and the solution of many conflict problems in the Middle East and throughout the world. We have always paid the majority of the Bill for our world leadership. Check out WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. Many of the times, when world problems happen, all the UN can do is talk about it. The UN can vote, like the recent Palistianian question, and we, as a member of the Security Council can veto it. We can look at it like being the uncle that always gets stuck with the bill when taking the entire family out to dinner. Or not having the dinner at all. So far, we all want out. How do you get this unruly bunch to at least talk without the UN? The UN stinks, but its still better than a sharp stick in the eye politically.

  • http://BIZPAC Paul Schwartz

    Nothing is going to change. We have become a country that finds it hard to make changes

  • http://BIZPAC Paul Schwartz

    Why is it that people in Govt. can not and will not make changes.

    They know how to make small talk but do nothing to make changes.

  • Rich

    Any type of treaty or resolutions the UN comes up with will work against the United States. Already we see the hostility from Russia, the alliance between Russia and China building along with other nations that are anything but democratic. Why are we wasting our time and our money? The information and goods giving highway is a one way street.

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