Take our poll: Who’s most at fault if the nation tumbles over the fiscal cliff and crashes?

John R. Smith, chairman of  BIZPAC, a highly respected business and political force in Palm Beach County since 1992, tackled the fiscal cliff issue skillfully in his article, Plunge off fiscal cliff may turn into a bungee jump.

He writes:

Increased borrowing will cause the U.S. debt limit to be violated again, and very soon. And, without action, it is likely that the United States will enter another recession in 2013. Why? Spending cuts hurt economic activity, and tax hikes hit businesses and individuals, negatively affecting disposable income, business investment and hiring.

Smith asks:

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  • KB Cook

    All of the Above! In reality and truth, the weight of the situation falls on we-the-people for generations of laziness and disinterest in maintaining with our own effort and with properly vetted candidates the maintenance of our Constitutional form of government. No one walks away guiltless in this situation.

  • Janeen Capizola

    ALL of Congress and the President!

  • Big Dem

    This is not about tax rates, the national debt, or government spending. This is the manifestation of Obama’s vow to “transform America” into European-styled socialism. Obama is a totaliarian who believes an inherent evil, greed and lust for power resides in each individual that must be controlled by government. I believe exactly the opposite, which by sheer happenstance is the same political philosophy that led our founders to write the Constitution limiting power of government. Obama does not “hate” America; he sees it as a flawed colonial state that has robbed it’s own citizens of their deserved wealth, while robbing the rest of the world even more. Obama is the culmination of 70+ years of Progressive work designed to change American culture to diminish the focus on individual liberty in exchange for the “collective good.” By slowly infiltrating the media (newspapers, TV and movies) and the public schools (teachers unions and university professors) with progressive liberals, they have shaped the mindset of generations away from individual freedom with a process psychologists call successive approximations. We are now on the verge of the last stand. It is not Obama who has put us here. He is simply the Hollywood prop Houdinied into office as the figurehead of a movement driven by labor unions, academics and intellectuals, communists-socialists and the ultra-rich (who love concentration of power because in insures them unrivaled access to economic power and control). No, the true responsibility lies with the Republicans, the self-professed keepers of the American Dream. These individuals sold us out long ago for their own seat at the table of the power elite that being a part of Washington affords. They are simply a part of the machine of government that is chewing away at the Grand Experiment. Do not be fooled by their slight of hand. They have provided the essential function of distracting us with the false hope that they stand for the same principles as us while they actively participate in undermining them.

    What we will see, sooner or later, is a “fix” similar to the 10-15 “fixes” we have witnessed in Greece in the past 5 years, while America steadily declines. The resulting unrest will lead to greater demands the government “do something,” which will be the justification for total errosion of individual freedom via the destruction of property rights. It is coming, folks. The only question is whether those Patriots left among us will stand and fight one last time.

    • http://facebook scott vrabel

      well said, big dem

    • Lorraine

      Amen I say! Someone who can express exactly what is going on, you get it! Unfortunately most Americans didnt and voted the bum in again.

  • Brandy

    It is Obama and the Progressive Democrats who are spend-o-holics that are to blame for our financial problems. How can more spending help the economy? It can't … it only adds more to the debt and deficit. We need to go back to the the Harding-Coolidge economic recovery plan. Keynesian economics isn't working.

  • http://facebook scott vrabel

    the poll is bologne…questions are biased…..cutting spending wont harm economic growth…taxes will….in fact, the cbo says that with obamas plan to increase taxes on those making over 250…we will lose approx 800,000 jobs…….obama is playing politics, as is harry reid…neither want any neaningful spending cuts..people, if there were meaningful spending cuts, why would we have to raise the debt ceiling…think about it!

  • Jerry James

    The reason that obama was re-elected was because of some of the idiot republicans who refused to vote, the independents who voted for someone that they knew had no chance, the freeloaders who want something for nothing and other idiots who voted for obama because he is "cool" or because he is "black". All of this is coming back to haunt those folks because they, along with the rest of us will be suffering. So, all you idiots, you got what you asked for, SO, SUFFER ALONG WITH US AND KEEP YOUR TRAPS SHUT, YOU ASKED FOR IT, YOU GOT IT !!!!!! GOT IT????????

    • Barb

      I feel a lot of people dems included who didn't vote. Some people just said they didn't like either candidate. I think in this case the any of the other candidates( except for the commies or crazy's) would have been better than what we got. I will not keep my trap shut. Freedomworks.org

  • Barb

    We the people who are ignorant about who vote for & the trust we give them to do what we need in this country are at fault. Our educaters who fail to teach our children how important the history of our country is, & don't stress how important it is to vote and know the issues. Our main stream media for not reporting a truthful account of the news, & the people listening who take it as gospel. The people who vote for a candidate so they can get something for nothing,which cost those who work for a living a lot of money they could use for their own family.

  • John R.

    Big Dem is exactly right. The fiscal cliff is a skirmish, serious for sure, but a prelude and preamble of bigger battles coming.

  • Jazzman954

    I agree 110 %. You are right on the mark.

  • Nevin

    The fiscal cliff and most other economic crises are the result of the abandonment of the American School of Capitalism, as envisioned by the Founders and early leaders of this nation, many of whom were Republicans. Instead, we had a strong dose of so called "progressive" Democrats with a craving to redistribute wealth and free trade globalists who place profits at all costs above national prosperity…both destroy wealth, impoverish productive businesses and workers, and force people onto government assistance. Of course, I am against all of this.

    • Big Dem

      Well said.

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