Obama grants pay raise to Congress, Biden, federal workers

Barack Obama signing orderThe lifespan of President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign slogan, “We’re all in this together,” ended with a thud Friday, when he signed an executive order ending the 2010 federal pay freeze.

The looming fiscal cliff has dominated the national headlines for weeks on end. If we take that tumble, it will mean higher taxes for everyone, a half-trillion dollar defense cut and $8 gallon milk for starters. But that’s OK, because “we’re all in this together.”

Even if we don’t fall off the cliff, when the Affordable Care Act’s tax provisions kick in, it’ll mean 20 new or increased taxes we can look forward to, only partially paying for a program most Americans don’t want. It’ll come at a time when the private sector is announcing massive layoffs and cuts in employee hours. But we can pull through, because “we’re all in this together.”

We’ll also be hitting the debt ceiling again in January, with a Congress and presidency whose only answer is to keep raising the ceiling instead of actually dealing with the spending problem. As a result, we can probably expect another credit downgrade. But again, “we’re all in this together.”

Well, maybe we’re not all in this together.

Last month, after the president’s re-election was secure, unions representing federal workers told Obama and Congress they were tired of “pay freezes,” saying that when it came to cutting government fat, don’t dare look to them, according to the Huffington Post.

The unions spoke, and the president listened.

On Friday, President Obama signed an executive order, which will end the 2010 federal pay freeze on March 27, 2013. By the same order, the president has also granted everyone a pay increase. Vice President Joe Biden’s pay will be raised by $6,379, to $231,900, according to the new pay schedule below which the president attached to his order.

The original pay freeze would have actually expired this month — so it’s really more of a three-month extension. But the pay raises are a nice bonus.

But then again, it really wasn’t much of a pay freeze to begin with. Daniel Greenfield, writing for FrontPageMag.com, described it as “a sham because it sounded good, but did not apply to automatic step pay increases so Federal employees still continued getting raises despite the pay freeze.”

Maybe we – the taxpayers who have to foot the bill for all this generosity – were never all in this together from the start.

The following is a list of new wages for the vice president, members of Congress and the judiciary attached to the president’s order.

federal pay

Read more at The Weekly Standard.


  • henryjoe

    if we deleted their salaries completely,,,,,,,,,,,take a LARGE chunk out of the national deficit………………….?

  • Quan

    The bottom line is the bottom line. Marie Antoinette once said Let them eat cake. Well, Barrack Hussein Obama just served cake. On good china. And if the good men and women of Congress believe in trickle down they have 48 hours to pay it forward to the families of average American families. It is disingenuous to claim bipartisanship and unity when all one does is bash, obstruct and close one's ears and eyes and sit on one's hands. It is no longer responsible to blame a party, an ideology or even a principle when one's actions reveal one's true intentions. When Vladimir Putin acts spiteful and uses the children of his country as pawns, he hardly looks like a leader. When Mitch McConnell complains he is not at the table, it reminds us of a House Speaker who threw a tantrum because he was not allowed a ride on Air Force One. It is difficult to serve American families and children when adults who have taken a vow to serve and protect act like little and puny dictators. Russian or American, some never outgrew the bullying of the playground.

  • Thomas Trombold

    Hey we are all in this together—My Soc Sec. check will go up $28.00/month and my wife's check will go up $8.00 per month. Kind of intersting also–welfare recipients get their money from the Gov. plus food stamps etc. and pay 0 income taxes. Soc Sec recipients which put the money into the system they are now getting back –you guessed it -we pay an income tax

    Sure Obams we are all in this together.

    • Matt can Duser

      I'm sure welfare recipients not having to pay income tax was in place before Obama was president

    • Matt can Duser

      I think able bodied people who receive welfare r pathetic but the focus should really b on the military industrial complex, we could cut our defense spending in half and still b the biggest military powerhouse in the world.

  • Cassandra

    Reread Animal farm. All pigs are created equal. Some are just more equal than others.

  • Hank Sha

    Those in government are so out of touch with the folks who pay their salaries…and the only check on them are brainwashed voters. Pathetic.

  • Wiener Rottenkrotch

    What a phony! Obama – the worst president in US history and the biggest hypocrit ever!!! Go back to Indonesia…or whereever the fuck you came from asshole!

    • http://facebook chester wheeler

      well said my friend,honesty goes a long way,one cant fight goverment but many can,no balls j m&ms,no back bone anymore

  • Nancy Messing

    This is the worst news, to give these people raises after the way they have run this country into the ground. Shame on all of you, especially you, Mr President…….

  • http://Bizpac Ted

    Congress controls federal money. The President only signs off or not. If he doesn't, there is another distracting fight right in the middle of the current economic mess. Blame your congressmen for their and the federal government's pay raises. At any rate, the emotional loading on this subject is more flash then real. Get you to think of "THEIR" pay raises. "THEY" are not suffering like I maybe am. Get your attention off the real meat: The debt and how to get this problem solved. I would be more curious about who and why somebody is bringing up something so really minor in the scheme of things. As far as the debt limits. Once again, like last time, the extension of the debt limit is the okay to pay bills WE HAVE ALREADY OBLIGATED OURSELVES TO PAY. Like your credit card. The time to decide if you want to incure the debt is before you sign the line. Any argument about paying our obligated bills is careless. Like the last time, it is cutting off our nose to spite our faces. Why does anyone even bring the debt limit or these federal raises into the argument at this time? Are more substantial topics lacking? I don't think so.

    • RUSerious

      There's not a 'debt crisis', there is a Growth crisis.

  • Peter Clark

    The word of any officer holder is worthless. They all are lower than whale crap!

    • Peter Clark

      I wanted to say office holder not officer holder. Sorry.

      • Athina McLendon

        One word! "Parasites!"

  • Roy

    You guys must forget that there are WAY more people working for the government that don't fall under these pay scales.

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