Kerry to make global warming priority as secretary of state

John-Kerry-climate-billOn Friday afternoon, President Obama nominated Senate Foreign Relations chairman John Kerry, D-Mass., to succeed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State to serve during the president’s second term.

Although his confirmation is expected to go relatively hitch-free, conservatives nonetheless are wary due to Kerry’s impassioned support of arms control, especially given the president’s expected ratification of an arms reduction treaty with Russia. As the president himself predicted on an open microphone, now that he’s been re-elected, he’ll have more “flexibility” dealing with the Russian bear.

But Kerry has another pet issue that should give conservatives pause — climate change.

Following the nomination, the League of Conservation Voters released a statement praising the decision.

“Senator Kerry is a true leader on climate change and other environmental issues and has spent his career advocating for policies that are good for our planet and our national security,” said Gene Karpinsk, the League’s president.

“LCV looks forward to working with Secretary-designate Kerry to combat the climate crisis, reject dirty fuels and build on Secretary Clinton’s extraordinary record of success.”

Nor was the news of Kerry’s nomination lost on the international community. The following statement of congratulations was noted on Twitter:

“Confident @JohnKerry as state sec is good news for #climate. Cross fingers his dedication will make climate a strategic priority. Congrats.” This came from Connie Hedegaard, the European Union’s commissioner for climate action.

Kerry’s senatorial colleague, Democrat Jeff Merkley of Oregon, also sent praises for the nomination via Twitter — and he also emphasized climate change in his message.

“[One] of the most pressing challenges is to reverse potentially devastating climate change. Kerry understands need to tackle this threat head on,” the tweet read.

However, inroads on this issue will mean an uphill battle for Kerry. As noted by Ben Geman, writing for The Hill, “Global negotiations to craft a global climate deal are treading water at best, while bills to impose new restrictions on U.S. greenhouse gas emissions remain moribund in Congress, which doesn’t help the nation’s international leverage.”

Read more at The Hill.


  • Michael nappi

    Are you Kidding me??? With the unstable middle east a boiling pot and America seen as a weak nation not worthy to exist in the eyes of the muslim countries, not to mention our economy on the verge of collapse…Global Fricking Warming???? This is not leadership, it's madness!!!

    How about concentrating on increasing global trade, placing higher tarrifs on imported goods from China and procecuting them for violating our patents and counterfeiting our brand named goods? Oh wait, I'm sorry, that would all stimulate our economy and we can't have that can we?

    • Michael Hale

      Unless we get moving on the international front and do something about global climate change, there won't be a planet like the one we now know. Cutting carbon emissions and other forms of pollution is the greatest challenge of our time. The news is not all bad, provided that we get moving. Yes, indeed stimulating our economy is important. Renewable energy creates many times more jobs than the capital intensive fossil fuel industries. Germany, Northern Europe and China are leading the way in converting to clean energy. Meanwhile North America is increasing its carbon emissions. Time to get off our sorry collective butt. Kerry could make a difference on this file.

      • nick frasca


        Is the left so arrogant to believe you can reverse whatever effect you think carbon is having on the environment? Renewable energy creates many times more jobs than the capital intensive fossil fuel industry? Are you delusional? The green energy companies are going under EVEN WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS. The media hypes every weather event as proof of climate change. The fact is we have more people in the world residing in areas that have always prone to weather disasters. So the loss of life and property is naturally higher. And even a few short years ago, we weren't aware of EVERY typhoon, hurricane, snow storm, draught, lightning strikes, tornados, etc, etc, ad nauseum because we didn't have the instant media technology. We have let the hype of weather events lead us into believing more and stronger things are happening when that's not the case.

  • Independent Voter

    Glaobal warming/Climate change/Ocean acidification are all just things made up by the Communist left to destroy the American economy. This will become obvious over the next few years if it isn't now. Real science had debunked it all, but the pimped media keeps harping on it. I live on the ocean and have been measuring mean tide levels for the last six years. there is no rise in sea level. My property was supposed to be under water by now, according to AlGore and crew.

    Why do they lie, and why does the media repeat it.?

    And what about the multiple shooters at Newton, CT? The locals there know what went on and it is vastly different than the "news" narrative.

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  • BlindSided

    I belive we have crossed the point of no return

  • Quan

    It was sad and shameful once before to watch a veteran like John Kerry get swift boated. It is indeed fascinating to see a negative reaction now against him on the issue of climate change. If there was one thing that we can learn from history, the history of these United States, it is that leaders always unite, while losers, in contrast, divide, and thus, become weakened and impotent when they come across as puny and incapable of a meaningful discourse. It is a paradox that those who claim to love and admire Reagan act like Taft and Hoover.

  • AmericanVet

    Swift boated! Most Veterans don't even like him, especially Viet Nam vets. The losers that you speak of can be found in the White House and the Senate.

  • Michael Hale

    This is no longer a matter of left vs. right. Take a look at some facts: Until 2008, the U.S. lagged behind other nations in the production of renewable energy. Since then, the U.S. has emerged as a world leader in wind power production. China, however, has doubled its wind energy production every year since 2007 and will soon overtake the U.S. Meanwhile Germany has become the world's top producer of solar energy, while the U.S. is behind Spain, Japan and China. Germany now produces 25% of its power from renewable sources and is on track to exceed 80% well before 2050. If North Americans want to remain competitive, there will have to be broad support for renewable energy production.

    Most of the U.S' renewable energy production is concentrated in a few states, but they are not just "left-leaning" ones. Maine, South Dakota and Iowa led the U.S. in percentage of non-hydroelectric power generation. Over eighty percent of Americans now agree that climate change is happening and that it is caused by humans. The debate is over. Time to get moving!

  • Michael Hale

    Do you mean the "real science" that was funded by the fossil fuel industry? It is now a well-known fact that millions were spent to fund a few vocal climate change deniers. Unfortunately many were taken in by this. That is no longer the case. Only a few are still taken in by the mix of lies, half truths and spin about climate change. Over 97% of the world's climate scientists agree that climate change is happening and is caused by humans.

  • Bob

    Who's next? Jane Fonda as his assistant?

    His nomination is shamful and in your face to every Vietnam vet.

  • bjedwards

    Moderate Republicans have long understood the reality of anthropogenic climate change and, along with the majority of Democrats, are taking back leadership on this issue from the radical right, climate science denying Tea Party types. The longer far-right wingers continue to fight science and reality, the more that government will have to deal with the consequences – just what Tea Party Radicals claim they fear the most. The myopia of the right wing is astonishing.

    The science of climate change on AGW is solid; no manner of right-wing conspiracy theories is going to change that. Those of you here still gullible and easily used for political purposes will eventually come to your senses either voluntarily or by the force of reality.

    The outcome of the last election was a wake-up call to moderates that the extreme right wing was dragging moderates toward extinction. They aren't going to let it happen. Clean energy and carbon taxes that reflect the TRUE costs of energy are means to the future of civilization. Don't continue the irrational, anti-science path some of you are still taking. Claiming your sinking ship is unsinkable is a sign of self-delusion.

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