Gutfeld to Republicans: ‘Embrace your inner extremist — in another age, it was called a spine’

In a memorable rant delivered on Fox News’ “The Five,” co-host Greg Gutfeld responded to the poll by saying, “Republicans have indeed become too extreme,” then offered an example: “If you think government shouldn’t give money to failed green-energy projects, you’re extreme.”
When he finished, fellow “Five” co-host Dana Perino applauded: “Bravo! I like that one. Run that again!”


  • Jennifer Crump

    Regarding towards this video, the speaker sounds like a whinny teenager who wasn't able to get the car because mom/dad didn't want them to go out for the evening. XD

  • http://none bubba

    a whinny kid your ass …he is upset about the way things are being done by the president..jennifer u must be on the president freebie list..

    • Evan

      Hey @bubba – you keep telling yourself that. Better get in your pickup truck there bubba – the country's driving right past your old, tired, dumb ideaology!

  • chris

    An apt response from someone named Bubba.

  • http://Bizpac Ted

    This guy is telling everybody else to "jump" into the nutty pool. He can say anything. He doesn't have to face the voters. His recipe for what the GOP must do is going to further isolate them until the party is five old white guys in the local assisted living facility bitching, but never getting it: That you have to give the voters what they want, is the simplist of objectives. How you can dress up this extremism so that the voters buy the message is the challenge. The GOP got "smoked" because it was obviously out of touch. On the night of the election, Dick Morris and Rove were confident and absolutely sure that this president was going to be sent back to Chicago with his tail between his legs. Didn't happen. Go ahead get that "spine". Show the true extremist within you. That assisted living facility is waiting.

  • seazen

    If anyone ever had any doubts about what the whole Fox enterprise is really about, this video makes it as clear as a bell. Petulance and arrogance at the top of your lungs hoping to feed the paranoia of those who are terrified to be living in the 21st Century.

  • Quan

    Good rant and good way to let off air and frustration. Unfortunately, it plays four years late, and now just comes across not as standing firm and faithful to one's principles as much as yelling loudly with both fingers stuck in both ears. It's a good imitation of Maher, less the reasoning of Moore. It sounds good, but it does nothing…it doesn't even wake up a base gone into hibernation in a survivalist bunker. This is how a Chinese survived Mao's Cultural Revolution raids, how an American made it through Bush's mushroom clouds. It is good to have faith. One just needs to examine one's articles of faith every so often. Even in the bunker, mildew and mold and bedbugs will get you.

  • Maysvilleman

    And which ideology would that be, Evan Bubba Freebie?

  • Maysvilleman

    Spoken like true Communist propaganda.

  • Maysvilleman

    You Liberals are always projecting. You whine about 1%. You whine because nobody's taking care of you. You whine because the American people are not defenseless. You whine because Marxism isn't being implemented fast enough. You whine because Conservatives are trying to have a platform to express their views. You whine because someone is trying to hold you accountable for your life and actions. You whine because you haven't completely taken over the country and turned it into the ultimate cesspool. And on, and on, and on. The fact is…even before the American Revolution, there were only a minority of people who had the spine to desire freedom from the crown. Only a fraction wanted to battle England. Only a fraction cared about liberty. It's the same today. The majority of people are happy to just exist as long as they're fed and somebody removes the poop. Much like animals in a barn. And that's all your existence will be be: eat, poop, and maybe your despotic Liberal leaders will allow you to breed. Then again, once their 'useful idiots' have done their job, there's usually no further use for them.

  • Maysvilleman

    I wonder if a lot of people who become Liberals actually do so because they feel that their daddy didn't love them. There is something fundamentally and developmentally wrong with them. If you analyze their beliefs, their beliefs are not based on facts, almost only pure emotion. They look at a photograph, flip out, and start a campaign for some new Liberal policy. Take today's news headlines, for example. A fellow starts a fire, then shoots the fire fighters. The Liberals begin screaming for more gun control. The fact that the man was actually a murderer due to the fact that he murdered his grandmother in 1980 eludes them. The fact that he was not properly punished for the murder he committed eludes them. It's the gun's fault. We don't have enough laws. Their lack of critical thinking skills and how they operate on pure emotion has to be a psychological phenomenon. It needs to be investigated. Today's tragedy would have never happened if Conservative, rather than Liberal, policies were in place in this country. If the Liberals really cared about 'justice', they would have insisted on that murderer being sentenced to death and then being summarily executed. End of story. The firemen would be home with their families for Christmas.

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