Ft. Hood case, another Sharia win

ft hood shooting

Maj. Nidal Hasan

Maj. Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood officer who slaughtered 13 fellow service members and wounded 32 others on Nov. 5, 2009, has been awaiting trial on murder charges since the attack. That’s over three years and counting. And if the White House continues to be filled with Obama clones, you may run out of fingers counting the years until this Muslim terrorist is either put on trial or his name comes up on an official presidential pardon list. That wouldn’t surprise me. After all, if we are told that Hillary Clinton fell and can’t answer questions on Benghazi because of a concussion, anything is believable.

Col. Gregory Gross, the military judge in charge of the Hasan proceedings, had the temerity to demand that the defendant, still drawing an Army paycheck, shave his beard to meet military regulations. A superior court held that Gross was out of order and ordered him off the case due to his prejudice in the matter. A new judge just ruled that Hasan may appear in court with his beard, as the Koran demands. Sharia rules in our military courts, according to the powers that be in the Pentagon. And those “powers” depend on the White House for their promotions and future in the military. They now know how to rule in cases relating to Islam.

However, let me dig into another area of this case — Gross’ possible religion. I’ve known many people named Gross in my time, and most of them were Jewish. Might this judge be an infidel and unfit to rule over a Muslim? That’s another Koranic edict. What we may be seeing here is the complete meltdown of our judicial system in order to capitulate to the Muslim rule of law: the Koran.

Our president and his attorney general have done much to negate and destroy our Judeo/Christian tradition of law, holidays and way of life. Obama’s introduction of Muslims into our government is dangerous, unprecedented and apparently going unnoticed and unreported by our mainstream media.

Hold on to your hats for the next four years and begin looking for Bloomingdale’s to start carrying the Huma Abedin line of official Muslim prayer rugs in its home furnishings department.

Alan Bergstein

Alan Bergstein comes to our pages as a Brooklyn native. Father of four, retired NYC Principal, Korean War Veteran, patriot and Jewish and Israel activist.


  • http://facebook Kathy Bennett

    I don't understand the delays.Major Nidal Hasan slaughtered- 13 service people & wounded another 32! Why isn't justice being done. Mind you, this was on a military installation! He knew full well what he was doing.This was a Muslim Terrorist! If he is incarcerated; they shouldn't be paying him!Think of those he murdered & those that he maimed.Where is their Justice! This is America & we have our own set of regulations & rules! Military prison-Yes!

  • Ron

    This Muslim Terrorist should have been tried and shot 3 months after his arrest and buried in pig crap.

    • Isabella, Tampa FL

      I agree. I am out of patience with the politically correct defense department.

  • Fruck de koran

    The hell with the koran and their beliefs, they are on American soil!

  • Jobe N. Statum III

    Another reason why he should have killed on the scene!!!!

  • Luther Henry

    It is being conveniently unreported that the presiding Judge also was concerned that this piece of human offal was trying to disguise himself with that dirty beard to create doubt in the minds of eye witnesses. He should have been convicted and hanged two years ago. He has the might of this whole administration behind him in my humble opinion.

  • Chuck Lehmann

    What's the matter with this administration? Here it is 3 years since the shooting at Ft. Hood and still no trial. Also, why did it take over 4 months to get that falsely jailed Marine out of that filthy Mexican jail? Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton (who has been hit just recently with the ailment, "Benghazi fever"), are about as useless as a teat on a bull. Aren't we lucky to have 4 more years of this incompetence?

    Our website: "Chuck on the Right Side" (Google it up)

  • KB Cook

    I think I have read too many conspiracy novels and watched too many mystery serials on TV but here goes– my theory is this: from the get-go, this corrupt administration of sewer rats has had it's "patsies" well placed in the many venues and organizations in both government & civilian life in preparation for the "fundamental change" of America. Nidal Hasan was just one of the first patsies of many that have been and will be used to destroy the rights and freedoms established by our Constitution. Until this generation of Communist instigators is laid to rest and a generation or two of folks who were born and bred as supporters and defenders of THE REAL Constitution are in-play, this nation is in trouble.

  • http://www.detroithardcore.com FuckYou

    Where do you ignorant fucks come from? Srsly.

  • Judie

    I agree with all these comments with exception to the filthy mouthed liberal who calls him/herself,F#?!You. Wake up people, the inmates are running the asylum here in America! We are all in grave danger if we EVER allow these spawns of evil to get a stranglehold on us.

  • http://www.amazon.com/Ross-Lloyd/e/B00AGSV0ZA/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1356491951&sr=1-1 Ross Lloyd

    As I just said on Twitter, who made the massive boo, boo of taking that mongrel alive in the first place? He should have been given more holes than swiss cheese! Anyway, the US does like Europe has a major problem with both political correctness and infiltration by enemy elements. My next novel "Get Emily" which should be released in May 2013 covers the consequences of the current philosophy. The prequel – "Soul Saviour" leads into it.

    The fate of the world and civilisation as we know it hangs in the balance at present….

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