Western media slams Christianity, soft-shoes around Islam

christianityI was disturbed by both articles in the Dec. 17 issue of Newsweek dealing with two of this planet’s great religions: Christianity and Islam. But they were not treated in similar fashion.

Who was Jesus?” deals directly with Christianity and mentions that word frequently throughout. Writer Bart D. Ehrman keeps banging away, attempting to destroy the beliefs dealing with the historical Jesus. If I, a Jew, found the article distasteful and demeaning to Christianity, imagine the feelings of readers of that faith.

On the other hand, in the same issue, Janine diGiovanni writes “In the Land of Invisible Women,” about the ordeals of women in the land of Yemen. We are horrified to hear of their forced marriages at 12 years of age, their treatment by men as below that of field animals and their lives lived out as useless other than to reproduce and serve their male masters. However, there is not a word mentioned as to the basis for the subhuman treatment of women. It is, of course, the Koran, Islam and the Muslim faith. The article is replete with the horrors of women in that country, yet no historical cause or solution is offered. Can’t we then assume that other Islamic lands such as Somalia, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and so on also treat women as less-thans?

So what are we to deduce from these articles? Why aren’t all religions treated in the same manner by the mainstream media? Why isn’t Islam put under the same microscope as Judaism and Christianity? Have you heard of Christians threatening to kill Ehrman or the “artists” who created such anti-Christian pieces as “Piss Christ”? Compare the Christian non-violence over this and other horrors to that of Muslims around the world at the publication of the “Mohammed cartoons.” Apparently, the Western media, politicians and ordinary folk will continue to close their eyes to the horrors the adherents of the Muslim faith bring to this world under the cloak of “religion” until the Islamic hijab covers us all.

Alan Bergstein

Alan Bergstein comes to our pages as a Brooklyn native. Father of four, retired NYC Principal, Korean War Veteran, patriot and Jewish and Israel activist.


  • Irma Gordon

    I know you're not surprised about media bias. They are blind and only still support their selective causes. I remember in one the the debates, the signs some women wore…that said, "Women's Rights". I should have gotten on the mike and asked you or Tom: "Do you think these women are referring to American women and their plight & demands for abortion & contraception?….or can these women broaden their scope to include Muslim women (under sharia) being beheaded or tortured to death. To me, it's a no-brainer. Women's rights mean ALL women's rights.

  • Carl

    Answer to question of why writers write this way. Christians and Jews don't kill you.

  • Ali

    To the writer of the article.

    I really felt bad with your one-sided article. Islam is a religion and Muslims are the people are required to implement the sharia on this earth. Not by forces but by prefect teaching. It is true religions and it is good for the people in the doomsday. There is nothing wrong with fighting in the name of Islam. Today we know that some so -called jihadists are to misinterpret the young Muslims with ignorance and hatred views. Islam has nothing to do with this.

  • Ali

    To the writer of the article.

    I really felt bad with your one-sided article. Islam is a religion and Muslims are the people who are required to implement the sharia on this earth. Not by force but through a prefect teaching on Islam. It is true religion and good for the people in the doomsday and their lifetime. There is nothing wrong with fighting in the name of Islam. But today we know that some so -called jihadists are misinterprating the young Muslims with ignorance and hatred views. Islam has nothing to do with this.

  • Carmen Mayell

    Mr. Bergstein,

    Your article was both concise and cogent. I am a follower of Jesus yet not one who wonders why the apparent bias against the Christian faith or, even, Bart Ehrman's continuing diatribe against its historicity. Ironically, though the media has expressed intrigue with the Islamic faith it has failed to, at the very least, appreciate the teachings of Christianity which have supported the value of all human beings (women included) and, furthermore, has failed to evaluate the historical narratives of both that may, perhaps, suggest why such divergent paths (i.e. between the two) are being observed today in contexts of both culture and government.

  • hocine

    I believe that most non Muslims are mixing up two things one is Islam and the other is culture. Every society they have culture which has nothing to do with Islam. For any one to judge Islam must do so from Islamic sources which is the Qur'an and the life of the prophet himself and not the Muslim as they are people who practice the faith.for more info visit this web. ,www.knowmuhammad.co.uk. thanks

  • Michael Nappi

    Christianity and the Hebrew faith have been attacked by Obama and his henchpersons again and again and yet he sings praises of Islam. He uses his position as President to be the international spokeperson for Islam. His media lapdogs have supported and defended Obama since he was nominated for office. Naturally they now follow in his footsteps regarding religion.

    It seems even the entire Liberal party isn't happy with just his re-election. We see attacks on conservative protestors and on the few conservative members of the media we do have, violent physical attacks. it seems the Liberals are now adopting teachings from the Koran, that non-believers should not be allowed to exist. We no longer live in America…welcome to Obamerica….and it's only going to get worse if this is not stopped. God Bless the USA. We need Him now more than ever


  • Grace Cardona

    It has been a one sided arguement since Mr Obama has taken office. The fact that he apologized to those who killed our people shows me that he is not for those who follow the ways of Christ. He has no love for this country because he continually shames us in front of the Islamic countries. There will be on peace until Christ comes again.

  • Chuck Lehmann

    Is Islam really a religion or is it a "theocratic political ideology"? The Koran was written by one person whereas the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, were written by many authors over a period of time. The most violent passages in the Bible are not put into practice by the adherents of both Christianity and Judaism, but the violent passages in the Koran are routiniely carried out in many of the Muslim countries today. The practice of treating women as animals, as advocated in the Koran, is most revolting and anyone who tries to make a moral equivilence between Islam and the Judeo/Christian religions, is asinine to say the least.

    Our website: "Chuck on the Right Side". (Google it up).

    • Uzoozy

      Please tell me where in Quran does God says to mis treat women. A lot of Hog s…..

  • Truth

    Islam dictates culture to it's adherents.

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