Time to call for Palestine’s ‘unconditional surrender’ to Israel

white flag surrender 2Hanukkah is one of my favorite holidays. It exemplifies the spirit of freedom. But freedom achieved  — not through useless negotiations and appeasement with tyrants, which never works, but with force, through fighting and killing. That’s how we liberated Europe and the Far East in World War II. Do you recall the words, “unconditional surrender”? The Nazis and the Japanese were not offered sit-down bargaining sessions with endless give and take. “Surrender completely,” we told them, “or face annihilation.” They took the offer, and peace was finally achieved.

So why is the world forcing Israel to offer the Palestinians pieces of their own land for peace? Why did we not do the same with the Axis alliance in World War II? Why couldn’t Germany have been permitted to retain Holland and Belgium in 1944, for example, as conquered lands for peace? Under the pro-Palestinian argument, after all, that war could have ended diplomatically, right then and there, right? Ditto with Japan keeping Korea as its prize. No need for the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki with such negotiated, civil bargaining, no?

England, France, Belgium, Holland, etc., which all owe their current freedoms to the killing of millions of German civilians and military officers, now hypocritically demand that Israel negotiate with terrorists who promise the destruction of Israel with or without any peace treaty. The United Nations, formed in 1945, was built on the ashes of the people and lands of the Axis powers. It now calls on Israel, the superior military force, to negotiate with the much weaker Palestinians. What was good for the U.N. nations in 1945 should be in order for Israel right now — the “unconditional surrender” of the Palestinians to the militarily and morally superior Israelis.

Alan Bergstein

Alan Bergstein comes to our pages as a Brooklyn native. Father of four, retired NYC Principal, Korean War Veteran, patriot and Jewish and Israel activist.


  • seazen

    Wow! If there was ever a piece that resonates with the spirit of the Season this is it! Celebration of the use of murderous force to impose one's will and demands on the weak is something we can all share during the Holidays. This is how Jesus would have done it. I am going to give all my friends automatic weapons so they can kill anyone who doesn't like them, or who refuses to treat them as if they were really special.

    • Quan

      Well said, Seazen. This was de facto Mitt Romney's Israel/Palestine policy and most of my Jewish friends reject it. Alan does have the courage to establish his neo-con stance, but I am sure most Israelis will also laugh at this machismo.

    • Sun

      Are you seazan that dumb that you are unable to grasp what is being said in this article ?

      Must I make an analogy ? Ok…I come to your neighborhood. I kill

      as many of you for years in The most horrendous ways. I intentionally kill your unborn children. I lie and start wars. But when you- The victim try to protect your people and homeland – The world says NO. DO PEACE. BUT The Evil people who Stole YOUR land. (Israel was around way before The religion of Islam ever existed And owns more countries which they stole from BRUTE FORCE MURDER AND GENOCIDE) THE evil people killing you All The time don't want peace ! It's in their charter to kill All Jews. Here is where You seazan- here is The part that concerns you. If you allow these kind of things to happen…guess what? They will be coming for you eventually. Have you learned nothing in life yet or perhaps you're just very young ?

  • Dave

    Wow!! Pure evil and disturbingly sick minded. Alan you cannot be serious and have that much hate in you where you believe that killing people instead of negotiating, is a better plan for peace. What a time for an article like this? With the evil that went on in Conneticut and now your devilish article!! Was this for attention Alan? Do you really need attention that bad or do you have a group of thugs who believe this crap. I'm going to give you attention Alan, because your article is promoting violence and using strong commanding words to incite hate crimes. This article is not freedom of speech or opinion, because you specifically call for killing Palestinians as a part of the Hannakuh holiday.

  • http://Bizpac Ted

    Remarkable. Someone who equates the freedom he sees in a Jewish Holiday as a reason to rationalize the abuse, yes, abuse of a people that Isreal is treating much like the inhabitants of the Warsaw Ghetto or some of the Jews in Nazi Germany. Even more amazing is that Alan seems to side with the Axis (Germany and Japan) who both were offered unconditional surrender and had no option to retain any territory. Much of the rational for Israel for annexing land is similiar to the Germans in Europe. The Germans cited "Leibenraum" "living space". The Israels call it "natural growth". The rational for strafing and bombing Arabs is that THEY are the agressors. Sound like doublespeak. He also mentions the UN that was created in the attempt to maintain peace in the world, helping create Israel and now complaints that it also wants Israel to negotiate with Israel for peace. He also calls the lands conquered in the 1967 War as parts of Israel. Gaza and the West Bank and East Jerusalem are Arab. Israel is using slow aggression to annex these areas. They will come up again when Israel is forced, yes, forced to negotiate with the Arabs. Taking more land is only going to make it harder later to talk about any two state possibilities. Israel is only the most powerful nation in that part of the Middle East is only due to its Amercan sponsor. There is agrowing debate within the US about who is the heavy in the Middle East. More and more, the American public is believeing that "poor Israel" is maybe the cause of her own problems. I look a the numbers: There are approximately 250 to 300 million Arabs surrounding Israel. Tiny State Israel is about six to seven million people along a tiny sliver of the coast. If the Arabs got organized, even with the 200 or so Israeli nukes, they could rush the Israeli nation and be at the Med in a matter of days. This is why the Arab Spring is so important. If the traditionally nonunited Arabs unite, its adieu Israel. Talking is really Israel's ONLY chance to survive. If you want some good background on how the Israeli-Arab situation came to be and survives to this day, check out "The Arabs and the Holocaust". Don't remember the author, but really informative book. Time is literally awastin'

  • vinnie gambini

    Partner, you r right up there.

    Take another puff……lol.

    You ever been to Israel?

    These Pieceful Palestinians, 1st of all, are Trans-Jordanians- read the stories of T.E. Laurence, Mark Twain.

    They cannot live in peace with Jews.

    This is literally fire and water.

    Relax, you can be assured, they're gonna be leaving, once their leaders manage to bamboozle the world into marching against Israel.

    Then old chap you'll learn that you're merely a creation.

    Unable to even fathom your next thoughts or words in the next 10 minutes.

    Then you'll learn Who runs Everything.

    Have a nice Day.

  • Diana

    I think Seazen, Quan, Dave and Ted said it all. BizPac Review harms it's reputation by giving a platform to the author of this article.

  • Al F.

    Hey!!! Diane, don't call the author names. Be above that crap. Argue against his arguements.Is he historically correct? Is he using sarcasm?Is lobbing rocket after rocket, without aim into Israel similar to Carpet Bombing of Europe during WW2? Ted seems to equate numerical superiority with absolute right. Arabs own so much more land. They could easily absorb all those poor, unfortunate Arabs that bomb Israel. They could build homes and cities for these people. Israel would probably help in the endeavor. Intriguing question comes to my mind if this did occur. Would the Arabs living in Israel leave or not?

  • Irma Gordon

    Alan, many points in your article, I can agree with. I wish you had been more specific re: fighting. I presume you meant

    Gaza. Gaza should have never been turned over. I think we should take it back & keep it…but can Israel do this & take on the whole Arab world over Gaza, I don't know ? Is Israel prepared militarily and will backing come from the U.S. & too few others…I'm not sure about this, either. Anti-semetism is florishing per usual. I never think that territory should be part of any peace offering. To me, that was what Gaza was. (I also don't think that a 2-state solution would ever work.) Fight, yes, but when Israel is ready or its back is up against the wall. It's close, but not there yet….and we need more positive world sentiment to back us up. (That will come, hand-in-hand with the tooth fairy) Let's hope that this comes BEFORE Iran is too close to the bomb completion. Then, it willl be too late. You had a lot of guts, Alan, to write your article !!

  • JanSuzanne

    I must step in and offer my comments in support of Alan's position…and I live in Tel Aviv.

    All of the previous commenters must be truly ignorant of the decades of talks, agreements, and appeasements that were followed by Palestinian attacks…those peace talks worked on by numerous US Presidents, negotiating with PA/Israel. NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING has ever been enough and when push came to shove the PLO found a way to blame Israel and not sign on the dotted line.

    It surely had to be Israel because they knew the core of the peace talks has always been the issue of the ‘right of return’ whereby Israel would be consumed by so-called Palestinian immigration eliminating the one and only Jewish country. It has always been clear to Israelis that those in the Middle Eastern Muslim/Arab world do not EVER want a Jewish State to exist.

    Therefore, in order for the Jewish race of people to exist outside of the U.S., Jews must be allowed to live in Israel, their biblical homeland, in peace with all of their neighboring Muslim countries and not be allowed to be exterminated.

    I just don’t understand all of you sarcastic finger-pointers thinking Alan is some kind of evil person because he sees the truth and is willing to tell it like he sees it. You folks have no idea about how much Israelis want to live in peace with their neighbors on this small sliver of a piece of land. They know that they can live in peace if the people around them do not want to kill them just for being a Jew.

    Being the strongest has to be recognized as the most effective deterrent to having a war with people who do not want you to live just because their Koran tells them so. You folks need to face the fact that the Palestinian Arabs are just a useful group of people that their Imam and Ayatollahs use as a rallying call. “Hate the Jews, kill the Pigs” is the Koranic verse that binds all the fighting faction of Islam into having one enemy they can all share. You folks are foolish to think peace will ever come in the ME through negotiations. Alan is correct in suggesting that the strongest approach, in the end, is the only one that will work. That is until there is an Islamic Reformation and a new Koran is written. Can’t imagine that will happen in the next decade.

  • Not Bin Laden

    This piece is a good example of satire.

  • http://Bizpac Ted

    It comes down to this: Either Israel WILL talk, realizing that talking is that country's only path to peace. The Arabs have just as much right to be there as the Israelis, maybe more, if we examine actual years in control of the area. I think that the Jews that were removed from Europe after the Holocaust could, in many cases not go home. The settling of the Jews in Isreal was already in the works before WW2, with the Zionist organization cooperated with the Nazi Jewish Resettlement authorities to enable the Jews to leave Germany proper and move to Palistine. I have always believed that the displaced Jews chose the wrong neighborhood. I also don't believe that superior numbers mean right or justice. Superior numbers can mean a serious tactical advantage, especially when you look at the map. Remember the choice of the wrong neigborhood. How do you say in Yiddish: "Oh Crap"?

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