O’Reilly outraged: Will call for ‘absolute boycott of Mexico’ if Marine not released by Christmas

Jon Hammar, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R) joined Bill O’Reilly to discuss their outrage about Jon Hammar, the 27 year old  former Marine who is currently being held in a Mexican jail for a “bogus” gun charge.

Hammar’s parents have been pleading for help to get their son released from the dirty prison where he has been held for four months. Bill O’Reilly, along with concerned members of Congress, is publicly taking up the cause for the young American veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. “You are his life [insurance] policy,” Ros-Lehtinen told O’Reilly.

“Mexico is insulting every single American,” the Factor host began. “Release Hammar immediately! Right now!” he demanded of the new Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.

The Mexican government is probably going to be  powerless because of the drug lords in the country, Ros-Lehtinen told O’Reilly. They have ceded control to the “gangsters.”

“Are you telling me that the president of Mexico does not have enough power to release this American from that filthy prison in Matamoros ?” O’Reilly asked.

“I believe he doesn’t have the guts to do it,” Ros-Lehtinen answered. “Does he have the authority to do it, yes.”

The Florida congresswoman said that this will be a test for the new Mexican government. “You know this is a country whose leaders – leader after leader- they love to lecture the U.S. on how badly we supposedly treat illegal immigrants. Hogwash!”

Ros-Lehtinen is taking the lead along with the support of other Congressional members in helping this American get home for the holidays.

O’Reilly asked her to verify his assumption the Obama administration was “doing what they should do to help.”

Ros-Lehtinen replied, “I don’t get that feeling, yet.”

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  • Theresa

    I have been saying this for a long time regarding the cartels. If we boycott tourism, it will hit Mexico in the pocketbook. Money talks.

  • gary

    FK Mexico, will never go there again,will never buy any produce and will snitch on every illegal mexicant I find.

    • Nick

      How can you tell someone is "illegal"? Mexico and latin America in general is the biggest buyer of US products in the world. You assume that someone is a nice guy just because he is or was a US marine.

  • Me

    First of all just because he fougth in irak doesn't make him a Mexican hero, law is very clear bring gun's into Mexico and you will go to jail, what? But no wait I'm American I have the right to do what I want …no you dont the law of the land is the same for Americans, Mexicans, Germans, do the immigration officers have mercy? Fuck no, do the farmers that shoot at illegal aliens consider ….hey maybe he is a hero in his country! Fuck no they shoot so fuck you politicians trying to earn votes ohh …oh wait free him. The president of Mexico must do what we want him to do. why doesn't Obama free the illegal aliens because they broke the law duh! Next time think hey maybe even though I declared this gun in the American maybe the stupid officer has no idea what the laws in Mexico are so just maybe I should research online before I bring a gun into thia other

  • Lalo

    i say let tht dumbass solider rot in jail in matamorros if he has charges he needs to pay his debt to society. The united state arrests many of their citizens and they dont say that they were charged with bogus shit so i say good job on arresting him

    • K.d.

      You are the dumb ass. The guy is in jail because of our government, they should get him out. He did what the government told him to do about bringing his hunting rifle into Mexico. It was their instructions that got him jailed. So shut your mouth.

      • Nick

        Hey you guys "the US government ask him to violate law, so the US must help him"…wtf.

    • dawson

      Lalo if you don't know the facts, keep your unfounded comments off the page. Your ignorance is embarassing. Your comment is insulting, and this man desrves the help THE U.S.

  • Jorge

    Instead of focusing on a single individual that seems to be getting what he deserves for being dumb and the possibility of rape in jail how about focusing the raping many veterans get after serving their country. You could boycott Mexico all you want but it will not suffer, remeber the U.Sis not the only country Mexico conducts business with,it is the U.S that needs Mexico, alwayhas and alway will. Just check your history, start with WW2 and Mexicos role in that war, but you won't find that in anyamerican history books.

  • Robert Barnes

    American life means nothing to Mexicans. This Marine is being tortured chained to a bed and the police are calling his family for money to protect him while he is there. He will more than likely die and they will make it look like an accident. Boycott !!!! Now!!!! Send in MARSOC. They will bring this Marine home. Then cut off the billions of dollars we give Mexico for aid. Then you will see who needs who!!!!

  • Yo'daddy

    Why even waste saliba/key strokes with the "dey-tek-err-jobs" Mexico haters? Just to get an idea of their knowledge, they still think Mexico is a third-world country and poorly understand the dynamics of the ties between both nations. But when they have people like Bill O’Reilly, Lou Dobbs, and the like brainwashing and politically polarizing them, I can't blame their gullible minds. Mexico does need to reform it's archaic law system, but this ex-marine was not very smart bringing his rifle there. I hope he gets released soon. I know Mexican locals in the state he is jailed are advocating for this prompt release too. BTW, the economy that will suffer the most boycotting Made-in-Mexico products, would be the US and not the other way around.

  • Rich

    He is one of our boys. The Mexican president has been sending his drug cartels and felons over our borders to destroy our youth and undermine our legal system. Here is an article showing his arrogance. We want our marine back Mister. I talked about this on my show last week.


  • Joe Rubino

    Nick- Your comment is outrageous! What does it matter if he is a nice guy or a boorish jerk? He is an American citizen wrongly imprisoned in a country that America gives a gazillion dollars a year to, not to mention the fact that we are likely their leading economic driver through both trade and tourism.

    This is an outrage. If he was your brother would you be pondering whether or not he was a nice guy?

  • Michael Kirk

    Americans must boycott every Mexican-made product immediately because of what these people have done to a US Marine. If every American stops buying any item whatsoever from Mexico, it will put Mexico into a deep economic depression that can begin immediately. Mexico relies on a daily flow of American dollars. If our dollars stop flowing on December 19th in support of Jon Hammar's immediate release and return to the USA, Mexico will take notice by close of business today; they will suffer economic fall the following day; and if they wait until the weekend to release Jon, and every American keeps up the boycott everyday, there will be riots all over Mexico that will force Jon's release because Mexicans will panic without the constant flow American dollars.

    Given the failure of the White House and US State Department to take action to free Jon Hammar, only your participation in a total boycott of all Mexican products, services, travel, phonecalls and commerce will send the message that Americans support our Veterans every way we can. Copy & post this message – help it go viral across the USA to bring Jon home!

    To make this a national movement in support of Jon Hammar, be sure to boycott All Mexican restaurants beginning today, Dec 19th – – no more Taco Bells or anything Mexican in America until Jon is returned safe and sound. Copy & repost this message everywhere you can!

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