Take our poll: Should Obama & Congress get a holiday vacation?

Nicole Hayward from Brooklyn has circulated the following petition to tell Congress they should not be allowed to go home for the holidays until after they settle the “fiscal cliff” problem. Take our poll and tell us what you think.

To: Congress

I oppose your holiday vacation until the “fiscal cliff” is STOPPED.

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Hayward’s written plea:


While the U.S. is in economic turmoil, many hard-working Americans must forgo vacation to keep their businesses up and running. Meanwhile, 7.9% of Americans don’t have jobs from which to take vacation. Vacation is a luxury that is earned. Yet, in just a few days, Congress will take off for the holidays— likely 4 to 5 weeks until they reconvene. If the fiscal cliff is still looming, this is unacceptable. No matter what party line you’re on, you may have a hard time ringing in the New Year with confetti and cheer when you are bound to pay on average $2,200 in taxes more next year.
While it may have a hokey name, the fiscal cliff is real, and it will affect you. For those of you losing homes to foreclosures and short sales, you will owe thousands of tax dollars on the loss (if Mortgage Forgiveness Relief Act not renewed). Students will lose their tax breaks. Parents won’t be able to claim their children 19-23 as dependents anymore. Doctors will be paid 30% less from Medicare. And, there’s much more.
“In all, according to an analysis by J.P. Morgan economist Michael Feroli, $280 billion would be pulled out of the economy by the sunsetting of the Bush tax cuts; $125 million from the expiration of the Obama payroll-tax holiday; $40 million from the expiration of emergency unemployment benefits; and $98 billion from Budget Control Act spending cuts.” [WSJ]
Please sign this petition to stop Congress from taking an obscenely long holiday vacation if they cannot come to agreement to prevent the fiscal cliff.
Congress: Negotiate.

Put it in writing. Sign. Do your job.





  • A. Roberts

    obama and michelle should not take any vacation whether they make a decision or not…..they have already spent too much money (pretty obvious they came from the ghetto) since they have been in there….THE GOOD PART: GOD is coming SOON and we won't have no more obama and michelle to put up with…..YEA….

    • Gizzy

      good one….

  • A. Roberts

    no vacation…sorriest president and first lady that has ever lived in OUR WHITE HOUSE….

    • Gizzy

      true that…

  • kathi harmon

    The Obamas spent a butt load of our tax money on 52 trees and decorations for the WH and they won't even be there and the public doesn't get to enjoy it, not to mention a good many people can't afford a tree much less presents. He is too frivolous with money when it benefits him and his friends. He should tighten his belt and show the people he cares but that will never happen.

    • Diane

      They took 23 vacations in his 4 yr term on our tax dollars. I don't mind if they take a christmas vacation if they even believe is Jesus birthday. but they don't and He hasn't done his job as a so called President that cares about OUR PEOPLE OF THE USA. at all. If he did he was be working on the fiscal cliff NOW until its done. Stop being so stuborn and meet at least 1/2 way. there is too much hate between the 2 parties and someone has to meet 1/2 way.

      Sorry Mr. President you are wrong here and always have been wrong.

  • Raleigh Godwin

    They should not take vacation while White House economics is still in a mess! They have had plenty of time to fix. President Obama & the Democrats want go along with any money spending nor even submit a budget for guidance. Anyone with any business knowledge knows that is nonsense. He surely don't know how to run a country as large as USA. This is my personal opinion. Don't they know millions are out of work and can't take a vacation at all or is it they don't care. Create jobs

    with some of our Tax dollars not vacations!!!!!!!

  • Fred Gagliardi

    We can't let Obama get away with the crap he is pulling… he's trying ruin America and turn it into a Socialist/Marxist/Communist Society. And it is evident by just looking at Europe that it doesn't work! He is a phony from the get-go and should be impeached NOW – he doesn't deserve to be president. He is not a US Citizen! He was born in Kenya and the birth certificate that was released AFTER 2 YEARS of haggling, was proven to be a phony! As for our congress – Boehner, who is supposed to be working for the Conservatives who provide the wealth of this nation, is selling us out! He has kicked off all Conservatives from their Committee Seats if they would not vote for tax increases. Boehner needs to be replaced NOW too.

  • Larry C.

    I say give Obama?? a permanent vacation, and as soon as possible–PLEASE!!!!!!

  • KB Cook

    Why wasn't there a "HELL NO!" option on the poll above? It would better reflect my opinion regarding this issue and the manner in which our elected "representatives" are handling it. I use "representatives" in a light manner as the word certainly doesn't reflect the way they are doing the job they were elected to do. FIRE the SOBs!

  • Barb Pressley

    NO !!!!! Obama hasn'ty done anything but campain and spend money , lie and neither has Congress. They just sit on their ass and do nothing, They get paid to just sit there , At last look I don't think any of them deaserve anything no pay and certainly ,no big Vacation for the WHITE HOUSE Bunch ,They think they are ROALTY . Beleive me I don't think so CRUCKS .thats what they are . Think of all the people they work for , Most can't afford a vacation . I know I have never had one ,andTHE OBAMAS should PAY THEIR OWN WAY . Over 4 million for him to walk around thinking himself as a GOD or something . THEY ALL SUCK !!!!!

  • RUSerious

    Truth of the matter is that President Obama has worked more days with less vacation time than any other POTUS. Another example of the Truth is what you choose to believe. Obviously, BizPac correspondence are easily led.

  • D

    We need a Constitutional Amendment that would cost members of Congress their pensions if they can't balance the budget

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