Violent Michigan mob turns on Steven Crowder, assault captured on video

PJTV and Fox News commentator Steven Crowder has long been a favorite of BizPac Review writers, editors and readers alike. His humor and “man in the street” interviews often illustrate the truth of conservative beliefs far better than any commentator.

Crowder showed up in Lansing, Mich. during the right-to-work vote and interviewed union members and officials near the Americans for Prosperity tent.

Apparently they didn’t appreciate the fact that Crowder was sticking up for a female demonstrator in favor of right-to-work. A union thug, without warning, laid into him with bare knuckles.

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  • Tanya

    This is the reason why most people who are non union don't care for unions. They seem to be violent and corrupt. Of course that is what the left is all about. If you don't believe in their views you have no right to another.

  • Linda

    Tanya, you nailed it. I've noticed the same thing with libs; while they conveniently PREACH tolerance, they seldom LIVE tolerantly of dissenting opinions. I really don't know why this distinction exists between the libs and the conservatives. But it is so true and I've even heard some liberals actually complain about this fact. (Thankfully, not all libs are like this but in my personal experience, it does seem like it is the majority, sadly so.)

  • Big Dem

    AT&T must be soooo proud of their union thug screaming profanities at the Michigan riot wearing his AT&T cap. These are your union representatives in real time. This is the way they really are when the media has not whitewashed their video.

  • Jan

    The REALLY sad thing about this whole mob is that MOST of them were bused in and have NO real stake in Michigan at all! Just rable rousing UNION STYLE!

  • Big Dem

    To Jan:

    Oh, but outside unions do have a "real stake" in the outcome! Unions are convinced they are at the beginning of a turn into European-styled Socialism in which unions control the entire labor market and have tremendous social as well as political power. They have supported Democrats exclusively for generations and the payoff is in sight. Who cares that this model has brought Europe to collapse! They want theirs NOW! As an example of their current power, the autoworkers union members who were videotaped drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana on their lunch hour were just given their jobs back at arbitration. That, my friend, is the power of the union and they are NOT going to give it up without a fierce fight.

  • frank d

    violent mob ,bit of a stretch dont you think ? and this is the best thing that ever happened to the failed comedian whats his name . he provoked and got lucky he found someone to fall for it .thank god 5 minutes dont last long

  • Big Dem

    This civil unrest and economic failure is precisely what Obama has been trying to bring about. He was well-schooled in the Cloward–Piven strategy in college, and so was I. The plan calls for overloading the welfare state and crippling the economic system while inciting class envy and hatred, with the goal being to collapse the economic and socail system so socialism can be implimented in the emergency because the citizens will demand security. The difference between me and Obama is I rejected the political system he desires. Go see the movie "2016:Obama's America" and you will understand.

  • Big Dem

    For Readers:

    The comments of Frank d are typical Progressive propaganda: Commit an act of violence in an effort to silence dissent, then blame the victim for the violence. He is doing the same as stating to a rape victim, "Well, what were you doing wearing that dress in that bar if you weren't looking for it?" Classic flagrant deflection. As Hitler stated in his push for a facist/socialist state in total control: Tell a big lie often enough and people eventually believe it.

  • frank d

    wow propaganda deflection facist and the big lie sounds more like the fox news theme song . . sounds like cmb corporate media of the brain once infected you can only stop it with deep thinking for long periods of time republicans are a lot harder to treat

  • Big Dem

    to Frank d:

    Perhaps you should read Eric Hoffer's classic book, "True Believers" before you humilate yourself again by posting. It applies directly to you.

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