Man continues TV interview as roof collapses on his family!

Simply put, this is a stunning video. A man is being interviewed on his front porch by a local television station about a tornado that hit his house. The roof of the house collapses on his family during the interview, and except for yelling, “Y’all OK? Y’all alright?” a few times, he continues the interview like nothing happened.

Clint Thornton seems like a decent guy but if you’re trapped in a burning building and a TV crew is on the scene, and he’s the only one around, say your prayers, because you’re toast.

No one ended up being hurt

Jack Furnari

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  • Carol

    While I appreciate his being able to keep his cool while under pressure, I am grateful my husband would have stopped the interview, and run it to get us out of the house, and made sure we were alright. I was shocked when he just yelled in a couple of times, "Are you alright in there?", then just calmly turned around and asked the camera man if they were still on, and he continues the interview! When they say, "Hey, your roof just collapsed", all he says, is "Yeah, and it's still falling". I wanted to yell, "Run man, and see that your family is safe, and stop this interview!" Wow.

  • Olivia

    Could this possibly be a case of a low IQ?

  • Michele Kirk

    I fully expect to see part 2 of this video where the wife comes out hollering and swinging a piece of that wet roof at the guy for being such an idiot and not coming in to check on her. That tornado must of whirled away with his manhood!

  • torepedo

    hats off to this dude he is focused

  • Bocabarbara

    Wow…this is the state of manhood in America. It is a pitiful sight. Oh gosh, sorry I forgot in Obama's America we aren't allowed to judge anyone's morals except if they are smokers. Although pot smokers are fine just tobacco smokers. Fasten your seat belts it's going to be a bumpy ride for the next 50 years.

  • Jeff

    Where is HIS "WHO FARTED" HAT ????

  • Anita Eitmann

    Now all he has to do is wait for odumbo and big government to come in and take care of him. Well good-luck with that. The people in Ny and NJ are still waiting to have utilities turned back on. If it weren't for the churches in the area many of these people would have starved to death by now. But for NY and NJ I say, you got exactly what you voted for; so enjoy.

  • AVoiceFromtheUrbanRe

    His 15 minutes wasn't up.

  • Kshark


  • Bruce

    It looks like the ceiling collapsed not the roof, obviously the roof leaked onto the ceiling causing the ceiling to collapse.

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