Ira Sabin: ‘If I’m elected I plan to make Susan Bucher’s life miserable’

The Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee is about to elect a new chairperson. On Dec. 12, the members will vote on a replacement for long-time chair, Sid Dinerstein, who did not seek reelection this year.

Candidate Ira Sabin is the current treasurer of the organization and has been vocal about changes he thinks need to be made to the group struggling to recruit and retain members.

His main goal is to set up an “infrastructure,” something he said that has been missing for a long time and it is desperately needed. A secondary goal Sabin shared – his intention to make Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher’s life “miserable.”

Sabin described his vision in BizPac Review’s exclusive interview. To find out about Sabin’s opponent, go to New ‘Hope’ for PBC GOP.



  • Boca Legend

    Nice interview, but Ira comes off pretty much as someone's schlubby grandfather, and that's not an image that's going to draw people to the party. The GOP needs a complete makeover, and if that doesn't start at the local level, you may as well stick a fork in us now, because we're DONE.

  • Diane K. Heinz

    Ira is right about one thing. It is time that the Republicans start to stop talking AT PEOPLE and I would ADD, start to LISTEN to people and stop labeling them and waiting for them to fulfill their false labels. In ancient history days, when I was running for an elective office, I spent 45 minutes talking about serious business issues that needed to be changed on the Palm Beach School Board with one of your more prominent, very right wing members. During the last 5 minutes of that interview, I used one metaphor when we were discussing how the School Board Members seemed to lack the power to change things. My comment was to agree and state that the School Board Members had little power and were more like Abused Wives compared to other elected officials in terms of the power they had to actually change things. When I finally said something that he could jump on, he stated: "See that is all you care about, women and children!". However, when Sid Dinerstein interviewed me on a radio show, I have to credit HIM with truly listening to what I said and stating, "You are too smart to be a Democrat but he was at least trying to compliment me in some strange way.".

    Diane K. Heinz, CCIM

  • Sam

    @ Boca Legend

    Considering the 2 choices we have, I doubt seriously that Miss Davis is the makeover you're looking for. If you're looking for youth, Miss Davis is older that Mr. Sabin. Considering the experience between the two, Miss Davis does not stand a very good chance. I do not see any leadership in electing her. Listening to her interview, she comes across as very frail and timid. No one wants someone who looks like they are afraid of their own shadow. Your choice is very clear. You either take someone who comes across with the obvious ability to be a leader and that also has a very strong character, or you're going to choose someone who is "meek and lowly" and who doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, such as the Democratic Party.

    If you had someone other than these two candidates that was a better candidate than Mr. Sabin, then of course you would choose them. But choosing a woman, just because she is a woman and you think that this would help the GOP….that's like the Democrats choosing Obama only because he is black!

  • tony glendening

    Here they go again! Ira Sabin another old white man telling us the reason the GOP lost the election was because they did not get their message out, the press is in the tank for democrats, and the candidates were not "schooled properly"

    They did get their message out, that's why they lost.! Remember 47%? Sabin was asked what his plan was, and unbelievably would not tell the interviewer saying, "Come to the meeting" That's what Romney would say when asked what his "plan" was. If the GOP and/or Mr. Sabin think that the same old mantras will get them through, go for it.

  • Rifraffe

    Another old white man? Are you kidding?! What do you want: a young black man? A middle aged Chinese woman? . Obama was never asked what his message was because the media already knew it would be four more of the same disastrous policies and they didn't care! Until the middle class puts two and two together (and that might be difficult considering that most are publicly schooled) and they realize that it is the failed socialist policies of liberal democrats which are keeping them down, republicans will never be listened to. And for the record, the dems muscled the greatest turn out of first time voters, illiterate voters, non-English speaking voters and gave them their little cue cards telling them how to vote. This is not sour grapes rhetoric. Right here in Florida journalists have reported seeing carloads of people with zero language skills being ushered and shepherded into the longest voting lines anyone has seen in recent history. The people, and I hesitate to call them citizens, who vote for a living and/ or who really have no clue beyond the reward of a happy meal, simply outnumbered those of us who are paying and paying and paying. Republicans in PBC have a much bigger problem than figuring out who should replace Sid Dinerstein.

    • RUSerious

      Rifraffe – Sure comes across as 'sour grapes'. You sound like you've realized the GOP needs to adopt a new policy platform if it doesn't want to disappear up it's own asshole. A good start would be showing respect for other Americans and their opinions and stop being a sore loser. Next realize that women don't necessarily vote for other women, remember Sarah Palin? Women vote for policies, the GOP has zero policies to attract women voters. The same goes for men who care about the good of the Country, and hispanics and gays and the majority of Americans. If it hadn't been for GOP voter suppression and gerrymandering, particularly in PA, the GOP would have lost the house of representatives too in the past elections.

  • RUSerious

    Ken Detzner is the one that needs to be replaced as FL Secretary of State, not Susan Bucher.

  • George Blumel

    "schlubby grandfather" "another old white man" Those are the vapid kind of comments you get from people who judge others on looks, race and gender rather than on their principles or stands on issues. Listen to what the man has to say and look at what he has done and weigh his positions on the merits then make an informed decision. Is that too much to ask?

    Ira offers specific ideas which he says he will expound upon at the meeting for those who will be voting. He's running for a job that is time-consuming and difficult and usually, thankless. We should appreciate his, as well as the other candidates', willingness to offer their time and experience in civic responsibility.

  • Rifraffe

    RUSerious? I suppose blacks don't vote for blacks either. Try being less like the illiterate masses and racists who were trundled out to ignorantly vote for Obama and edit your crude inclinations before pushing the send button. 97% of blacks voted for Obama in this last election. If he were white do you think they would have turned up in those numbers? What a laugh. This is racism 101 and you know it. Oh that's right: Only Republicans can be racist. You can easily turn out the vote when you scare the uneducated and the rest of the non-English speaking electorate by suggesting that their free stuff will be taken from them by the republicans and then you offer them a free ride and a sandwich so they can vote for Obama and a bunch of candidates they never heard of and for issues they hardly understand…. Anyone who endorses this kind of political behavior is responsible for what happens to this country as it devolves into a third world catastophe. And try not to speak for all women. The thinly veiled policies of Planned Parenthood and the promise of free birth control are not the issues most important to most of the women in this country. Every poll verifies that. Only a moron would think otherwise.

  • Janet M.

    Ira comes off as a thug mafia boss. Good luck trying to "make Susan Bucher's life miserable". She will eat you for lunch, spit you out and stomp on you like the troll you are.

    BTW Ira there are 840 active voting precincts, not 657 precincts. Perhaps you should learn about the county before you try to decide you are going to take it over. Did you just pull that number out of your anatomy?

    Mittens didn't lose because you didn't articulate your message. Your message came through loud and clear and the electorate didn't like what they heard: anti-woman, anti-immigrant, anti-black, anti-middle class, anti-family. There was really no group you people didn't manage to alienate.

    Keep up the great work. Your party will remain marginalized and in exile – right where you belong.

  • Rifraffe

    Janet you are in dreamland aren't you?! What a dim bulb you are. Only 51% of the votes went to your candidate and that is because 100% of the freeloaders in this country voted for him. To depict or portray republicans as being anti women and anti anything is grossly untrue. We are not even anti-moron which is good for you. I bet you have a little sign in your car to remind you to turn on your headlights when it gets dark.

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