America’s leadership class has failed us

Local and federal political conditions have created a climate where the people who make this country work have been penalized past the point of tolerance. This is partly because our leadership class has failed to meet its responsibilities.

This is big. This is a failure at every level of society, in the public, private and nonprofit sectors, from the local to the national levels. The public-sector leadership is more culpable than the private sector’s, but neither can be pardoned.

How did we get in this mess? Well, our leadership has lost its way, plunging us into serious trouble, and no one can figure out how to get us out. It’s dawning on significant numbers of Americans that we’re facing problems with appalling solutions.

Start with our political leadership. Overspending, deficits, higher taxes and bloated government have become the norm. Few new, productive pathways are being cut by the political class. Its leaders have allowed the emergence of a corrupt culture that, like the chicken-and-egg scenario, has produced morally bankrupt leaders. This includes county and city politicians who have wildly overspent on public pensions, entitlements and debt buildups. Politicians largely have abandoned taxpayers, whom they look upon as a group with bottomless wallets, people whose only value is in paying for the giveaways that get the politicians re-elected.

Our education leadership has led us into an education abyss, producing many K-12 “graduates” who are unprepared for the workforce and who have not mastered writing, math, civics and proper English. University leadership has fallen prey to the vulture of political correctness and the social “sciences,” spawning graduates who are falling behind the competition on the world stage. Just as bad, these graduates leave school knowing nothing about their responsibilities in a republic like America.

Media leadership has failed us. We are badly served by the decline in quality and the failures of the so-called “fourth estate.” We are hit with media deception and drive-by journalism. Mainstream media outlets inflict dishonest “spin” reporting, report biased information and rigged polls, and present opinion and propaganda as impartial news. A compliant mainstream media is blindly devoted to left-wing proposals, pushing an anti-capitalist mentality in the public mind.

We are seeing terrible failures among the local and national ethnic and minority leadership. Voters can’t seem to find many enlightened local minority leaders capable of seeking solutions other than “more money.” It’s even worse at the national level, where leaders have failed to create economic development models and jobs with living wages for inner-city residents. Self-anointed national “leaders” have allowed the disempowerment of ethnic and minority communities, all the while extorting corporate America for money and blaming everybody but themselves.

Let’s not leave out business leaders, some of whom have allowed profits to trump ethics, and others who have cozied up to politicians and failed to hold them accountable. 

The bottom line is this: Our leadership class has failed to lead us through the labyrinth. In many ways, these “leaders” are taking us deeper into the weeds, heaping on more spending and higher budget deficits. In particular, the political class has not told us the true state of our looming financial calamities and the growing dangers we face.

Except for some refreshing newer faces, our political leaders have forsaken a prosperous future. They have allowed the unproductive people in our society to become more important than the productive people. That’s inexcusable, and it can go on only so long before our national house comes apart at the seams.

John R. Smith

John R. Smith is chairman of BIZPAC, the Business Political Action Committee of Palm Beach County, and owner of a financial services company.


  • Special Operator

    Business leadership could be the led in turning all this around………………………..but, CEO's, corporate officers and managers and employess all need to ban together under the leadership of the CEO's to get totally involved in politics. For too long, far too many CEO's have failed to be involved in politics, many claiming, "I don't do politics". While CEO & Company involvment is "betterr than it was" it is "not good enough". OK………………………for those not involved, you can get involved today. Simply call BIZPAC and "sign up"!!! Then call Associated Industries of Florida in Tallahassee and "sign up". Then call the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and/or the U. S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington and "sign up". After you make all three or four of these calls then "get active in these organiozations which includes giving campaign contributions". After you have done all this, you have made a "good start". Now go back to your Company and sell all your people on getting involved. Unless you do all this, DON'T DARE "BITCH" ABOUT POLITICS AND POLITICS AND POLITICIANS IN THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John R

    @ Special Operator: wow, how right you are and what an on-point message. CEOs need to be involved from the bottom up in this process and not delegate everything totally to their government affairs specialists. Total delegation by the CEO means they are not really involved anymore and so they dont know what goes on. Too many business executives want to "go along to get along" and they care more about being "buddies" with elected and appointed officials than they care about representing the interests of their companies. This has hurt business because there are too few of us left who go to the wall for business. In addition, we are bad-mouthed by those who go along to get along, who say "we want to be friends with government officials while you are always fighting with them". We fight because if we dont, politicians will roll over us every time.

  • helen wolff

    I belong to a social action group. I find it hard to get others involved. People have to get involved but they do not.

    They are unformed and tend to be lazy. The media has not helped.

  • Exnjcop

    Excellent. This past election showed, unfortunately, that people who agree with the above are in a minority. Sucess is punished not extolled. The highest leaders take their snout out of the trough only long enough to fuel class warfare. The media have defaulted in their responsibility to inform, they now instruct and refuse to investigate on behalf of good governement. Everyone can see what's coming but only some care. It's going to get very, very ugly.

    • Joseph Jr

      This past election was a farce. Obama won by turning Romney votes into Obama votes and no investigation even with thousands of complaints. This is how dictators get into power. The intimidation and voter fraud by liberals were at a scale never before seen. Stop trying to make it look like Obama won. He didn't. Some States had more democrat vote than were registered. That means 100% who registered voted and some how some dead people did to. This isn't over, not by a long shot.There are very serious lawsuits being played out against Obama as we speak. Not the jokingly ones like before but serious ones. It is going to get real ugly. I just hope justice prevails. It would be refreshing.

  • http://none Montana

    I just can't wait to see how governement will handle the request to shell out gozillians of dollars to fix the seawalls up and down coastline for all those wealthy oceanfront propery owners…

  • Darryl Burt

    So Obama is the Inner Party and I think that he needs to only have four Ministries.

    the Ministry of Peace (Minipax), which deals with war,

    the Ministry of Plenty (Miniplenty), which deals with rationing and starvation,

    the Ministry of Love (Miniluv), which deals with torture, and

    the Ministry of Truth (Minitrue), which deals with propaganda

    We are the Outer Party and the 47 million are the Proles.

    (I) the upper-class Inner Party, the elite ruling minority

    (II) the middle-class Outer Party, and

    (III) the lower-class Proles (from proletariat), who make up 85% of the population and represent the uneducated working class.

    Say hello to 1984.

  • Big Bamboo

    Darryl, very chilling, but within the realm of possibility…… this political situation is heading downhill from here. Buy gold and bury it.

  • Joseph

    Two things left out of the equation is morality and integrity. We have removed God fron our lives, our schools and society in general. It use to be that a man was honored by his commitment to his word. It use to be that honesty was the best policy. Gone are those days and reality is now. Do you want a better America step forward and make your views known. Support people who do what they say.

  • D

    The bad leadership is NOT BY ACCIDENT, but by a design that is centuries old and still being refined. They have written about it and published the writings unceasingly. Just because they don't blurt it out over and over on THEIR "Evening News" does not mean it isn't true.

    The country is run by the soldiers who live in the Trojan Horse.

  • Frank Vaughn

    In the opinion of this ole WW II Vet, no one really wants to talk about the real problem, which BIG GOVERNMENT. We must get rid of some Of the government Departments and a lot of the more than forty Independent Agencies. In my opinion the Fed. Govt. ha no business in the Education of our youth, that is a state and local matter. How much ENERGY has that Dept. ever produced. Why has congress mandated that the Post Office Department must show a profit? The post office is one of a very few agencies provided for in the Constitution. Why not CLOSE the Dept. of Agriculture or the Department of Interior, Close the National Parks if they don"t show a profit . Since when did Food Stamps become an entitlement?? If you didn't pay into it you are not entitled to get something out. PERIOD!!

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