My Christmas gift to Charlie Crist and the Florida GOP

Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and the Republican Party of Florida are on my Christmas gift list this year. I decided to give them both the same gift — a mailer supporting Crist for governor of Florida.

Hang on. Hear me out first before calling me a crazy sellout who’s lost his mind.

My longtime readers know I keep a library of political mailers going back about 20 years, and guess what? I have little Chuckie Crist’s mailers, too.

Remember back in the day, when Crist was all conservative-like.  Maybe you do, but most voters do not.

What if someone mailed Crist’s mailers from 2006 to Democratic supervoters now, and another one every so often, right on through the Democratic gubernatorial primary in 2014?

Ever since Crist started to make noises about running for governor again as a Democrat, I’ve been getting emails from the Florida GOP attacking him. OK, sure. But my game is better.

Don’t even bother attacking Crist anymore. Just reproduce the mailers he approved and mail them out to Democratic supervoters without changing anything. Leave Crist’s original disclaimer. Just add the new one in the legal minimum of 8-point type.

That’s it. End of story.

I received the mailer, “Because every life has meaning,” which talks about how pro-life, pro-traditional-marriage, pro-school-prayer Crist is, and how he supports conservative judges. That, of course, was during his 2006 run for governor, when he was a Republican.

It’s a perfect mailer to send Democratic primary voters belonging to the National Organization of Women, Emily’s List, etc.

No attack. No huge consultant or graphic design fees required. Just a series of Crist’s own mailers sent to the properly targeted list of voters – and we still know how to do that, don’t we?

Just let the mail fly, and let Crist explain to voters why re-using his own mailers exactly the way he approved them might not be considered a friendly gesture.

Side one of Crist’s mailer:

Charlie Crist mailer


The mail side with important edits by me in red: 

Charlie Crist's life mailer





Jack Furnari

President at BizPac Review
Jack Furnari is a founding partner, writer and CEO of BizPac Review.


  • Andrea Johnson

    Jack you need to get this posted on facebook for all of us to share. Can you get a clearer photo?

    • Michele Kirk

      If you use any browser other than Chrome you will get a clear picture, Andrea.

  • George Blumel

    Very good, Jack! Crist is, and always has been, the Consummate Politician –he'll say or do anything to get elected. When his lips are moving, he's lying. None lower in society.

  • Starla Brown

    Perfect… agree… Time to share! I know a few ladies who will love love love this mailer.

  • Janeen Capizola

    OUTSTANDING, Jack! And I agree 100%, Geo!!!

  • Janet Brown

    excellent idea. I can't believe I ever supported him

  • SupportChristMailer

    If you need a couple "pennies" to send the Charlie Christ mailers, you can count me in. That is the best political strategy to keep the flip-flopping, opportunist Christ in check.

  • Jon

    GREAT IDEA…………NO, WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Quan

    It is always fascinating to watch politics play out. Your strategy of presenting another Charlie Crist to voters is actually the very same Barrack Obama used with Mitt Romney. It worked because Karl and Dick tweedled their thumbs while conservative Republican voters held their noses, and others stayed home. Just a question, though, Jack, given what you think of the current Governor and his lack of governance and the lack of anyone viable at this stage to take over the Mansion. Who would Biz-Pak recommend to your readers?

    • George Blumel

      Our governor's "lack of governance?" –are you kidding!? Scott is the best governor since i've been here (1973). The CATO Institute rates all governors at:… Only four governors got an A grade and our governor is one of them. He’s the best!

      From the CATO Report:

      Former health care entrepreneur Rick Scott has pursued reforms on both the spending and tax sides of the Florida budget. Governor Scott has made some progress, but the legislature has blocked some of his major initiatives. The legislature hasn’t cut spending as much as Scott has proposed, but the overall state budget will be down slightly in fiscal 2013 com-pared to fiscal 2011. Scott has vetoed hundreds of millions of dollars of unneeded spending, put in place pension reforms for state workers, and cut state government employment by about 4 percent. He also wisely rejected federal subsidies for a high-speed rail system. The governor’s package of proposed reforms (the “7-7-7” plan) includes spending cuts, budget transparency, regulatory reforms, education reforms, and tax reduction.

      Scott understands tax competition, and he wants Florida’s business climate to be the best in the country. He proposes to phase out the state corporate income tax, which he says “will allow companies to receive the greatest return on their investment, expand their businesses and create jobs. The eventual elimination of the corporate income tax will remove a major barrier to attracting Florida job creators such as future Fortune 100, Fortune 500, and other growing companies.”

      Scott has proposed an initial cut in the corporate tax rate from 5.5 to 3.0 percent, followed by a complete repeal of the tax by 2018. So far the legislature hasn’t passed the rate cut, but it has passed more modest reforms. It agreed to two expansions in the corporate tax exemption, which has removed more than 12,000 small businesses from the tax. Scott plans to keep chipping away at the corporate tax with the ultimate goal of repealing it for all Florida businesses.

      In addition, the legislature has approved Scott’s plan to increase the exemption amount for taxes on business tangible personal property from $25,000 to $50,000, which would end the tax for about 156,000 businesses. This tax cut will be on the November ballot for voters to make the final decision. Scott is also tackling another anti-investment tax burden with his reductions to sales taxes on business purchases of machinery and equipment. Finally, Scott signed a property tax cut for water management districts.

  • Get Your Facts Right

    Sort of Like Mitt Romney huh? First Mitt Romney was pro-choice then he was pro-life. First Mitt Romney was pro-women then he was anti-Planned Parenthood. First Mitt Romney was pro-health care reform/individual mandate then he was against it. It worked for Barack Obama. Mitt Romney went down in flames!!!

  • Rifraffe

    You would be better served to change your name from "Get Your Facts Right". Yes, you are correct in stating that Mitt is pro-woman and anti-Planned Parenthood. That is the same thing to people who believe in the sanctitiy of life which includes the life of the unborn. Being against abortion is anything but anti-woman. Planned Parenthood is hardly involved in family planning. It is all about making money by terminating -as in killing- a baby. He always couched his "support" for Roe v Wade as being the law of the land and as such he would support the law. That does not preclude his determination, given the opportunity, to legally support overturning that law at some point as he has always been pro-life in his personal beliefs. His health care stance was offered in the context of a State supported concept that was supported n this case by the voters of Massachusettes, an individual State. ObamaCare of course was imposed by the actions of one party, the democrats, without a single Republican vote and without the vote of a single US citizen. Your argument is specious at best. As for Romney going down in flames, you and the rest of your ilk who vote for a living just barely showed up in greater numbers this time. Real Americans will eventually get our country back when your gravy train runs dry and you are forced to look for intelligent answers to America's serious economic problems other than to massive government spending. The fact that you fail to grasp is that the government doesn't have any money to spend unless it first confiscates it from successful American citizens, borrows it from China or somewhere, mortgages our children's future or just prints more of it by running the presses non-stop. Wake up and grow up and start using your brain.

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