Romney was right

romney, Reagan, BushIt’s hard to be honest in politics. Perhaps that has been Gov. Mitt Romney’s real problem all along.

Romney’s candor came out in a recent conference call that was reported by the New York Times in which he said that President Obama offered free “gifts” to both illegal aliens and American citizens.

Romney’s observation about rewarding illegal aliens with citizenship and giving free benefits to people exploiting the system is not the same as criticizing minorities—but for decades the Left has manipulatively used racism, sexism and discrimination to intimidate the Republican Party into cowering into the aimless, weak institution that it has become today.

When Romney made the highly publicized ‘47 percent’ comment during a Boca Raton fundraiser in September, he was obviously making reference to the fact that it was not a campaign priority to reach out to that sect of the population for votes.

He was right because most of those people were not going to vote for him anyway.

The liberal elements of the media however, mischaracterized Romney’s comment as if he meant he would not care about those people as president.

Instead of defending Romney for saying all of the things that most conservatives feel, the Republican Party is distancing themselves from their former leader, the same way they unfaithfully abandoned George W. Bush. Loyalty seems to be a real problem for the Republican Party these days. Andrew Breitbart was right when he said that there is a “self-hating wing of the Republican Party.”

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) criticized Mr. Romney saying, “We’re in a big hole. We’re not getting out of it by comments like that. When you’re in a hole, stop digging. He keeps digging.”

Sen. Kelly Ayote (R-N.H.) and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie both said they did not agree with Romney, and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said that Romney was, “absolutely wrong.”

Anna Navarro, a Republican strategist mocked Romney on her Twitter feed, saying that, “Romney was the biggest gift Obama got.”

None of this pandering has helped expand the Republican Party’s base to minority voters. It has however emphasized the fact that while the president has a consistent message, the Republican Party lacks conviction.

Perhaps New York Magazine’s Margaret Hartmann got it right last week when she said, “In the last week, Republicans have come to the abrupt realization that they too have to woo women, minorities and young voters.”

While Hartmann may be correct in her observation, what the Republican Party has really done is admit defeat.

Instead of standing its ground and fighting for what is right, the Republican Party is beginning to cave, in the most pathetic self-deprecating manner possible, conceding that President Obama’s socialized ideas were right all along.

Romney believed in equality, but he understood that equality is not the ultimate aim of liberty. After all, too much equality—as opposed to equal opportunity—quashes ambition, and ambition is the fundamental drive of the American spirit.

The Republican Party’s backtracking sounds painfully similar to John Kerry’s inconsistent message on the Iraq War, which led to election defeat.

Senator Kerry’s most memorable quote during his failed run against President George W. Bush was when he was asked about his contradictory positions on a military supplement appropriation and he answered, “I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it.”

In 2008, Kerry’s Democratic primary senate challenger Ed O’Reilly accurately portrayed Kerry’s ‘change of heart’ about the war when he said, “John Kerry changed to become an anti-war vote when the political climate changed in this country.”

That’s exactly what the Republican Party is doing now—changing it’s message to satisfy the current political climate instead of fighting to change it. If anything, it’s no secret that if the Republicans need to change any part of their message, it’s not their economics—it’s getting with the times on social issues. Turning it’s back on capitalism and distancing itself from its leaders is the wrong direction.

In this world, there is right and there is wrong, and there is no honor in kicking someone when they’re down.

Those of us who truly believe in Governor Romney’s message that America is about earning things, and not getting them for free regardless of gender, ethnicity or race continue to proudly stand by him with conviction.

Those who care more about politics and winning have shown their cowardice, a pathetic display of desperation and disloyalty to their values and their leader that will stain the Republican Party in future elections to come.

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro is a lawyer who served on Gov. Romney’s presidential election legal team.

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro is an investigative reporter and former Washington, D.C. prosecutor who practices law and journalism in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and South Florida. Mr. Shapiro has worked on high profile investigative stories for national news organizations such as CBS, Time Magazine and Gannett News, and he hasserved on election legal teams for Senator John Kerry, Senator John McCain, Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Allen West.

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  • truthBtold

    During the campaign, President Obama and his speech writers used a little trick to get votes.

    I was watching one of President Obamas' speeches on c-span and he made a series of statements addressed to college students. He said (paraphrasing), 'students shouldn't be burdened for decades with loads they can't pay off'. The audience cheered.

    The trick here is that President Obama didn't promise to pay-off or forgive student loans but it was implied that if re-elected, he would do something.

    Go back and listen to President Obamas' speeches and I'm sure you'll hear similar vague reference to female issues, gay issues, black issues, immigrant issues, etc. in which the President merely referred to a social, political, or financial issue and the audience believed he was proposing a solution.

    Add to this the fact that the MSM didn't hold his feet to the fire and ask him specifically what he would do to solve these problems (though they sure hammered Gov. Romney about specifics). They too were hypnotized by the message without asking for facts, numbers, and policies.

  • Yvonne Fitts

    When the O'Bama group came out and plastered all over the media that they were more afraid to go up against him( Romney) that was for a reason….They knew that he was an honest person and was telling the truth,so when Romney became the nominee, the frauds came out, just as O'bama group knew they would!!!!!

  • Jeff Wade

    Excellent piece, I agree wholeheartedly! The liberals are getting just what they want; weak conservatives with internal strife! Thank you Gov Romney, I personally believe you were the best presidential candidate this country has seen in many, many years!

    • Blaine

      I totally agree with what's been said here so far. We had, by far, the best presidential candidate we've seen in many years but the country was too stupid or lazy to elect him. Now we see the same old garbage that's been happening the past 4 years, with Obama leaving on a 3 week vacation, and can see that the next 4 will be just as bad or worse. The republican politicians distancing themselves from Romney are showing their true colors and, just like most lifer politicians, will say whatever they think they should to stay electable.

      • Amelia Campbell

        I agree 100% with the above comment. Governor Romney was the most honest and moral candidate that this country has seen in a long time. No matter who says what, we know that Mitt was the best man. I will not distance myself from him nor his campaign statements. I will distance myself from the other republicans who are back stabbers.

  • Frank and Emelie Sak

    Great Article. We have lost the best candidate to lead this country that has run in a very long time. I don't blame Romney for feelintg sad about the loss he has been served by his fellow Republicans in not seeing the truth as it is. He spoke business from experience that few of them have ever experienced including many Democrats and certainly Obama. They have no knowledge of what it is like to run a truly successful enterprise than the man in the moon. Yet they think they can run a country with no budget. I hope Congress closes the government and gives no money to Obama. He should know what strength is from within and knock some of that arrogance off his face. We are so disenchanted with the Republicans at their comments and criticism of Mitt Romney. We were so disappointed in Chris Christy selling hin out at the last minute and look at his state now! Good luck to you and your beautiful family, Mitt. We wish you well in the future. Enjoy your life and just say you tried.

  • RJK516

    I knew it Romney was to much of a decent man to go against the obama bullshitter and moron crew .

    obama did alot of gift givening to get re-elected . So America will be worse with another 4 years of

    the corupt obama adminasration . Thanks to all the assholes who voted him back in . More welfare , more

    hand outs etc. And if he didn't get re-elected they whould of said the Republicans are racists, what bull shit

    hes not ever 100% black. America will be in very bad shape just wait !

  • Tom

    "Perhaps New York Magazine’s Margaret Hartmann got it right last week when she said, “In the last week, Republicans have come to the abrupt realization that they too have to woo women, minorities and young voters.”

    Define "woo" Ms Hartman. Did Obama "woo" them or did he offer them "gifts" – – or is there any difference?

  • Marianne Laudati

    I, too, am sick of the Republican Party cannibalizing their own. A party divided and with no loyalty to their candidates is weak. That's one reason why the liberals have been defeating us; they NEVER turn on their own, no matter how heinous their behavior. The Republican Party needs to stand firm in their principles and convictions and stop caring about what the left has to say about us. They are never going to like us or vote for us, so who cares what they think and say. The RNC needs to start a PR campaign educating the public about the history of the Republican party, how we have been on the right side of every issue, from slavery to integration, the virtues of capitalism and fiscal responsibility, the necessity for military superiority, and the fact that our party has always been inclusive of minorities. We must counter the liberal lies with cold, hard facts. The truth is on our side. The Democratic Party has a shameful history of bigotry, repeated economic disasters, weakness towards our enemies, lies, and exploitation of minorities. If the American people knew the truth, the Democratic Party would never win another election. As for the Republican Party, the spineless behavior of most of our leaders, the in-fighting and lack of vision and direction, their abandonment of Bush and Romney, their willingness to cave to President Obama, has many of us ready to join the Tea Party or form a third party.

  • neil rouse

    i don't consider myself a republican anymore. not because of romney or ann coulter, but because of people like graham. i'm going to the libertarians, the republicans have become just as crazy, and at least the libertarians stand by their beliefs instead of selling out in a blind pursuit for individual power. i'm done with the gop.

  • Pam

    Question! What do you think the free loaders with their hands out are going to do when there is no money to pay for their freebies? Romney was and is the best that could possibly have gotten this country out of the hole we are being dug into. And I notice that the Republicans are not even begging Romney to run one more time and they should because at the rate Obama is destroying this country, by the end of 4 years, I don't know if Romney could save us, but he sure is the only one who possibly could. You want a hardworking, honest, God loving person who loves this country and is able to work out hard puzzles, then Mitt Romney is our man.

  • Joyce Sheppard

    I still stand with Mitt. I also believe he is a good man. I hope he and Anne have a wonderful

    next 4 years. Too good for this terrible govt that we have. God bless you both and thanks

    for your hard work. We get what we deserve here.

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