Obama may bypass Congress on semi-automatic firearms ban

Gun rights activist John Snyder explained how the Obama administration could go around Congress to ban certain types of semi-automatic weapons. Fox News anchor Shannon Bream interviewed Snyder about the changes he said could be made in the classification of weapons under the National Firearms Act.



  • Patti Conn.

    God doesn't answer racist prayers filled with hate.. He is a terrible president but not because of the color of his skin.

  • Engineer313

    I don't know what the answer is. He is for sure a bad President. He has done everything he can to disregard our Constutition, And just do as he wants. I don't know how this is going to work out. The Senate that would try him for impeachment is run by the democrats, and you know that they won't vote for him to be thrown out unless the people in this country stand up on their hind legs and demand he be impeached. As for guns, I am never going to turn in the ones I own. I have a God given right to protect my family and home, and I am never going to give that up. I think before this man is out of office, You will see people in the streets by the millions. I know I will be one of them.

  • Ricky McKee

    I plan on buying me a couple more AK's after the CHRISTmas holidays, to add to my collection. I will not be told what I can or can't buy as far as guns. It is my right!! I enjoy, shooting as a sport and hunting also. I will not compromise my right to bear arms!! There is a evil agenda in the whitehouse and people of GOD who are true to HIS word WILL win!!!!! Read the Bible you dummies!!!

    • Jon Hagenow

      I think your reading the wrong part of the bible. Start in Revelations. Obama is the Anti-christ and he will wadge a war on this world never seen before. He will gain supreme power all will bow down to him or suffer his wrath. I will suffer his wrath. It is very scary

  • Issachar

    Who is going to stop this President from breaking the law? No one, that's who. He knows it and will push the ever expanding limits until we're Cuba or Venezula.

  • Philip

    We won't become Cuba or Australia! He must have forgotten that there's an army of 83 million gun owners in the US. Try it and Cairo Egypt would look like an afternoon street party in comparison. In the words of former NRA President Charlton Heston, they'll take mine from my cold "dead" hands!!

  • Jim


  • http://msn michael

    where is the vidio it won't open.

  • http://[email protected] JAKE

    This isn't about his race, its about what this jerk is doing to this great country, he has destroyed our economy,he ignores our constitution, which he swore to up hold, he ignores our laws which he swore to up hold, the sob lies with every breath he draws, he wouldn't know the truth if was staring him the face. every thing that come out of this administration IS corrupt, just look at the green B.S. that this jerk has wasted billions of the tax payers money, bengazhi, libya was a great move by the jerk, and he talk about his foreign policy which is zero, except giving billions of tax payers money to the muslim brotherhood. this jerk has been a fraud from day one. the big question, WHY HASN'T THIS JERK BEEN IMPEACHED. CLINTON WAS TAKEN DOWN FOR A LITTLE SEX IN THE WHITE HOUSE, AND THIS SOB IS DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY, YOU WILL NOT SEE THIS JERKS LIFE STYLE CHANGE, BUT HE IS OUT TO CHANGE OUR LIFE STYLE AND OUR CONGRESS IS LETTING HIM DO IT.

  • catherine howes

    You guys are all nuts….

    • Reaper69

      No Catherine howes, we're not nuts, we're just not willing to bow down to the most corrupt enemy the United States has ever seen, Barack_ Hussein_Obama! He has spent years destroying the freedoms this country was noted for! He ignores the Constitution, he breaks the law daily, and has issued new federal regulations that affect everyones life at the rate of huncreds per day, without evenm a nod to Congress, his co-EQUAL bravch of our government! He is a disease and the people of this country need to show him his limitations!

    • arealpatriot

      catherine howes, you are the one who is nuts since you keep your head in the sand!

  • catherine howes


    This law ALLOWS guns in national parks.


    This law ALLOWS guns on trains.

    Two laws expanding gun rights…. Odd moves for a dictator bent on taking our guns and destroying our way of life.

    I get many don't like Obama, however I would suggest you organize around facts and not fear.

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