Karen Harrington embarrasses herself with another classless move

Karen Harrington proved yet again that she has about as much class as the dumpster-diving Honey Boo Boo clan of reality TV fame.

Harrington, who made a career out of getting squashed like a bug at the polls by U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz for the last four years, announced her candidacy for chairwoman of the Broward County Republican Party not long ago. Today Harrington pulled out of the race just hours before the party’s Executive Committee was due to hold elections.

While Harrington talks a lot about “unity,” she couldn’t resist taking yet another shot at outgoing Chairman Richard DeNapoli.

DeNapoli is moving to Tampa to pursue a better career opportunity. He didn’t just decide not to run because a perennial loser like Harrington reared her head.

Harrington didn’t have the votes, and she would have lost big in yet another election.

Attacking an outgoing chairman who isn’t running and is moving away for a better job opportunity is typical of the classless Harrington.

Me. Me. Me. Me. That’s what she’s all about.

Broward Republicans can breathe a sigh of relief. Harrington’s 15 minutes of phony fame is over.


Full text of Harrington’s press release: 

When I was recruited to run for chair of the Broward Republican Party, there was a necessity and desire to change the leadership of our local party. Along with former BREC Chairmen Chip La Marca, Ed Pozzuoli, Kevin Tynan and Shane Strum it was agreed that the leadership of Richard DeNapoli lacked the vision and competence to recover from this years devastating election cycle.

We embarked on this journey to achieve two goals. The first was to bring new leadership to the BREC. The second was to remove Richard DeNapoli from his position as BREC Chairman.

But with the announcement that Mr. DeNapoli decided not to seek reelection, there was less of a need for me, and the fine individuals who were running on my slate to become officers of BREC. We have collectively decided that there is no need to divide the party further by having an election Monday evening, wherein we believe the result will be like the last BREC election – decided by a few votes – which left the party divided for the last two years.

In having achieved our goals to bring new leadership to BREC and removing Richard DeNapoli from his position, I and the candidates that were running on my slate of officers, have decided in the interests of party unity not to seek nomination as an officer of BREC. We wish each of the incoming officers of BREC the best of luck and promise our collective support as our party moves forward to unify and grow.

Karen Harrington

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Jack Furnari

President at BizPac Review
Jack Furnari is a founding partner, writer and CEO of BizPac Review.


  • Boris

    Sad :(

  • Starla

    Richard DeNapoli did a fantastic job as Chair and it was evident tonight as his supporters thanked him for being a great leader these past few years. I wish him success on his new venture. His wife and son are his best achievement in life. Congratulations to Rico – he and his board will do a great job leading the party into 2014!

  • SDelson

    @ Boris

    What's sad is that this article is even being written. Let's wish Rico well and move on. Stop all this crap and bickering! Who cares what Karen Harrington said Jack! You writing this article only shows that you obviously never liked her to begin with. How about this Jack? Why don't you start a Biz Pac Review for Broward? You really don't need to comment on the issues of Broward. I don't see you commenting on any other county. This also makes me wonder whether you are a close friend of Mr. DiNapoli. Maybe this is just personal…huh?

    • CD23 Resident

      SDelson…this was worth commenting on by BizPac because of what Harrington wrote. It truly was classless by Harrington and deserved the coverage above.

  • The Conservative Div

    Congratulations to Rico!! I am sure BREC will continue to do great things for Broward County! I want to wish Richard the best in his future endeavors! You were a fabulous BREC Chair nd I am sure Rico will be as well!!

  • http://None Realist

    Harrington is a total joke and DeNapolis team crushed her.

  • Janeen

    Good morning. I had to chip in because I'm really bothered by her statement. I've never met Karen Harrington, so I'm trying hard not to be personally offended by her words, but I'm struggling. For a Republican to make such a statement after the bloodbath on Nov 6 flabbergasts me. Goal was to remove Richard? Her intent to run was to unseat Richard? Is she trying to portray herself as a witch? Who says stuff like that when you should be focusing on what the party needs to move forward? Did the GOP not suffer enough damage?

    But the kicker is when she says she achieved her goal of removing him. Ring, ring…hello Karen. Richard is MOVING away. Out of the county. Across the state.

    The great news is that this odd lady didn't run. And hopefully, my party in my state will weed out weirdos like her who don't have the good of the party in mind as we try to regroup and learn lessons before 2014.


      We will miss you Richard and your family. Thank you for your hard work and dedication during your chairmanship. Thanks to Colleen for you past and future dedication to the party. We all tried hard to make this a sucessful election. It just was not our time. Let's not blame. This is not unity. We now have to work harder for solutions and come out with the correct message for all. Take the time time to heal. We must take our own inventory not others. God Bless. Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas. Enjoy your family.

  • Just an observation

    Interesting press release. Did she really write that or did one of the four stooges from her twice failed campaign? Either way the whole lot of them lost because Richard and his board were successful for the GOP. I speculate boy wonder blogger will continue to bash the republican party in Broward, and ignorant sheeple will continue to read his vitriolic lies, but he will have to find a new meal ticket to replace Harrington. I hope GOP candidates wise up & realize an association with him is a losing proposition. Somebody warn the governor please.

  • What Goes Around Com

    Smart move by Karen Harrington not show up last night. She would have been ignored by 95% of the people at the meeting. Hopefully that's the last we'll see of her and Javier Manjarres at our Republican gatherings.

    I think it was disgraceful the way she threw LaMarca, Pozzuoli, Tynan, and Strum under the bus. Where was supporter Jay Narang last night? Maybe he's seen his day also!

    Many thanks to the past board lead by Richard DeNapoli. Very successful two years. Good luck to the new board members including new Chairman Rico Petrocelli.

    Well it's time to UNITE our BREC after cutting out the cancer. BYE BYE KH & JM! Time to move forward!!!

    What Goes Around Comes Around

  • Margi

    So happy for Rico! Good luck to the new board!

  • John Griffith

    I believe this nutcase is just a Democrat in disguise!

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